Chapter 1098 - That’s just what I wanted

“Who are you?” That sudden, ghostly voice set Ye Zichen’s heart completely on edge. He stood in the center of the armory and looked around. Finally, he saw a shadowy figure on the wall underneath the lamplight.  


His heart clenched. A long time passed before he gulped  and addressed the ethereal figure. “Did you say something just now?”


Throughout the room, the torches waved back and forth. As the fire’s glow shook, the ghostly figure distorted. 




So it really was that ghost on the wall who’d spoken! Back in the Modern Realm, Ye Zichen had met his fair share of ghosts, but this was the first time he’d seen this sort of ghost appear, and in such a fashion at that.


He didn’t quite understand where this figure had come from or what it wanted. Ye Zichen gulped once more. A fireball gradually lit  up in his hands as he took a few steps towards the exit.


“Are you the Five Elements Great Emperor? 


“There’s no need for you to concern yourself with my identity,” said the figure, shaking back and forth. “I heard everything you said just now. I came here to ask you: what do you want?”


Ye Zichen couldn’t see the figure’s face, nor could he glean anything from its voice tone.


He had no idea what on earth this apparition was up to.  If this was really the Five Elements Great Emperor’s soul, well, he’d said all those rude things about the emperor earlier. Maybe his ghost was here to get revenge…...


“I’m very sorry. I hadn’t realized I’d disturbed you.  In truth, I don’t really want anything. All of these treasures have destined owners, but I’m afraid I’m not the fated person.  How could I possibly covet these treasures? Let’s just end this now. You’re resting here, so I won’t disturb your peace any longer. I’ll head out right away.” 


At a time like this, greed was his worst enemy. If he really let desire override his sensibilities and demanded anything, who knew what would happen? Maybe this apparition, which seemed like the Five Elements Great Emperor’s lingering soul, would simply smite him.


He was willing to give up on divine artifacts, but he had to stay alive.


The old saying was right: “If they’re life, there’s hope.” So long as he was alive, he could get what he wanted in the future. 


He smiled drily and tried to leave the armory, only for the iron door to slam shut with a bang.


“Boss, I’m sorry about what I said earlier. My apologies. But  you’re one of heaven’s chosen emperors, a figure at the peak of the God Realm. Surely you’re not  hung up on such a small matter?


The door closed before his very eyes! Ye Zichen’s entire face turned as green as a winter melon.  If the  apparition slammed the door, it surely wanted to make trouble for him. 


It must have heard the way he’d insulted the Five Elements Great Emperor earlier.


If you’re dead, just  die  properly!  Why linger here as a remnant spirit? Was it  to scare future  generations, or to stay here and choose a suitable successor?


If that were really the case, all Ye Zichen could say that it was too late to take back his words.


He should have extolled the Five Elements Great Emperor’s praises! He should have presented himself as a polite youth and a go-getter.


This was just great. Nevermind inheriting anything; he was going to pay for this with his little life. 


Of course, things weren’t over yet. How could Ye Zichen give up so easily?


“Senior, when I saw your landscape painting, a blazing fire lit in my heart. The God Emperor is a self-righteous hypocrite. How dare he plot against an honest person such as yourself? My heart has known no peace ever since I witnessed his vile deeds. I decided that I couldn’t put off avenging you another minute. The God Emperor’s  mask should have been torn off long ago, and his wicked deeds revealed to the public! That’s why this junior traversed countless obstacles to find the owners of the other two paintings and entered the world of the painting in search of good fortune. All of this is for the sake of avenging you!”


“Perhaps it's because I’m too overcome with thirst for revenge, or perhaps because I’m too foolish. Either way, I failed to enter your good graces. When I couldn’t obtain any of the treasures you left behind, I was a bit indignant which is why I said all that. But please believe me; I was thinking of you the whole time.”


“This junior trusts that Senior is a highly principled man. Of course, if this junior truly offended you, you may dispose of me as you wish. However, at the very least, please leave my soul behind so I can remain in this mausoleum and serve you in death.”


This was retreating to advance! His emotions were on full display!


His speech was enough to move absolutely anyone, especially that last bit about “leaving his soul behind” to “serve him in death.” This was a direct show of Ye Zichen’s zeal and reverence for the Five Elements Great Emperor. 


Unless the Five Elements Great Emperor was truly bloodthirsty, after encountering such an honest and sincere junior, he’d surely at least spare his life, right? 


“Alright, your suggestion suits me perfectly. Then you can just stay here to accompany me.” 


Against all expectations, the ghost in the armory agreed to his proposal. Ye Zichen’s resigned, ready-and-willing-for-death expression instantly stiffened.


“Senior, you……” Ye Zichen was afraid he’d misheard, so he couldn’t help but ask for clarification.


“Didn’t you say you wanted to stay here to accompany me? That’s great; I’ve been here far too long. I’m lonely! Having someone stick around to chat with me sounds pretty good, actually.” 


The apparition suddenly emerged from the wall. Looking through it, Ye Zichen seemed to see a mouth full of sharp fangs……


“Senior, I’ve always been poor with words, and am clumsy and inept. If I stay, I might displease you.”


“That does matter. If you offend me, I can simply destroy your soul.” When it seemed like the ghost had made up its mind to destroy him, the flame in Ye Zichen’s hand expanded to protect him as he shouted madly, “Senior, I’m here because I want to avenge you!”


“Senior, I’m one of heaven's chosen emperors, just like you!” 

“Senior, I practice the Dao of the FIve Elements as well!”

“Senior, I don’t want to die!”


The ghostly figure’s lips curved upward, as if it were smiling. It returned to the wall. “Then why didn’t you say so earlier?”


Ye Zichen curled up in a corner, so nervous his heart practically jumped out of his chest. When he heard the ghost’s words and saw it return to the wall, he realized that it was just trying to scare him. 


It seemed his speech had no effect. His acting skills were clearly too grandiose and exaggerated to trick this sort of crafty old fox. 


“Senior, you scared me half to death!” Ye Zichen clutched his chest, laughed bitterly, and collapsed to the ground. His breathing was ragged from lingering panic.


“Just that was enough to scare you? Then what are you thinking, talking about getting revenge?” The ghostly figure on the wall sighed. “Earlier, didn’t you say you wanted half the treasures here?


“No, no, I was just joking…..”


Asking for half was nothing would be nothing but a joke; that was already obvious. After all, he wasn’t the one the Five Elements Great Emperor chose to inherit this place. 


If he was, that ghost would have noticed and dispersed the seals. 


Since he wasn’t the inheritor of this place, asking for half…...


He’d have to be brainless to do that!


“Even if you did, I couldn’t possibly give you that much. However, I can let you pick any treasure you like and take it with you. However, you can only choose one!” 


When he heard the ghost make such a generous offer, Ye Zichen’s eyes instantly lit up. “Senior, are you serious?” 

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