Chapter 1097 - The Armory

Ye Zichen had been keeping a keen eye on his surroundings for safety’s sake, and was certain that his current location was not within range of the quicksand. What left him speechless was, as he moved, the quicksand followed him and kept trying to drag him under.


Given his strength, he could naturally break free on an ordinary pit of quicksand, but this one was like a pair of hands grabbing him by the ankles and relentlessly pulling him in. 


Ye Zichen’s anxiety inexplicably disappeared.


When that final door mysteriously opened, he only entered because it dragged him in. Now the quicksand was trying to drag him in as well. 


In that case, he’d just let it. 


According to Ye Zichen’s judgement, there was definitely something hidden under there, but it was unlikely to threaten his life.


“I can’t imagine anyone would go to all the trouble of bringing me here just to smother in quicksand.”


As the quicksand gradually swallowed him up, he couldn’t help but feel somewhat on edge. When his head completely sunk into the sand, the quicksand disappeared without a trace. The desert was returned to its usual, peaceful state.




The Ye Zichen slammed to the ground, rose to his feet, and rubbed his aching buttocks. When he looked around…..


Just as he’d expected! After the quicksand swallowed him up, it didn’t simply suffocate him. Instead, he'd appeared in the hall of a palace.


Both sides were lit with torch-like objects, so he could see the entire room. He walked down the hall. On the other end, he discovered a secret room. 


An Armory.


As he pushed open the door and stepped inside, Ye Zichen’s was immediately astonished. 


Immortal artifacts, weapons, armor and supplies were piled on the ground like trash, filling the entire room. Based on his rough estimate, there were at least a hundred thousand full sets of weapons and armor. Furthermore, every single one of them was inscribed, which increased the treasures’ offense and defense by at least thirty percent.


This was only the outermost room; he’d only just opened the door when he saw this.


Even more dazzling precious treasures hung on the walls or lay displayed on the surrounding tables. Each was a full level higher than the piled immortal artifacts. They were even over a thousand sets of demigod-level artifacts.


In the corner of the room was another door. Based on Ye Zichen’s judgement, so long as he opened it, he’d find….


Divine Artifacts.


He pushed on the door, but despite his strength, he couldn't’ open it right away. This only strengthened his determination; the treasures behind such a door couldn’t possibly be ordinary.


He directed his immortal power into his hands, let out an angry shout, and pushed. Gradually, the door opened by a crack.


He slipped inside and saw ten peerless treasures!


This room only contained ten tables, each with a single treasure. There was an ice sword, a set of battle armor, and even a puppet.


He looked around, but saw no door. This was the final room, and these were the ten ultimate treasures.


As he approached them, he saw that each table had a written explanation of its treasure. 


The Profound Thunder Elemental Fire Sword, a mid-grade divine artifact. It was in four hundred and thirty seventh place on the Divine Weapons Leaderboard. It was formed of meteorites and forged with the profound fire and thunders of the nine heavens. It possessed incredible destructive powers.


The Sea-breaking boat, a lower-grade auxiliary divine artifact, ranked two hundred and seventeenth on the Auxiliary Divine Artifacts Ranking Board. It was forged from the spine of a River Styx Bone Dragon. 


The Hundred Dragons Battle Armor, a top-grade defensive divine artifact, in seventy-ninth place on the defensive divine artifacts ranking board. It was formed of a hundred full-grown dragon’s sinews and was extremely durable. 




All of these precious treasures were full-on divine artifacts, and high-ranked ones at that. In particular, the Hundred Dragons Battle Armor was in the top hundred. Any divine artifact capable of entering the top thousand was already nothing to sneeze at, but even diviners would fight over artifacts in the top hundred. Even rulers would take an interest in them.


Ye Zichen stood in front of the treasures and drooled. If he took these as well as the demigod and immortal artifacts in the last room, how much could he sell them for?


Even if he didn’t sell them, these weapons were enough to equip a hundred thousand elite soldiers!


His hand reached uncontrollably for the weapons, but halfway through, Ye Zichen smacked his hand down.


He recalled what he’d seen in the courtyard garden: a stone tossed at the herbs disintegrated in mid air.


There was over an eighty percent chance these artifacts were protected by similar formations. As he considered this, Ye Zichen took a few steps backward and pulled a gourd of alcohol from his spatial ring. He tossed it at the ten supreme treasures…..




 Before it reached them, the gourd exploded into pieces.


Ye Zichen gnashed his teeth, then tried the same thing with the immortal and demigod artifacts.


Both gourds exploded halfway through. 


A barrier was protecting every single weapon and armor here, as if it feared people would come in and steal these treasures.


“I frickin’ knew it!” Ye Zichen sat dejectedly in a corner and gazed longingly at the mountain of weapons, countless demigod artifacts, and ten supreme treasures.


The way he saw it, this was definitely the Five Elements Great Emperor’s work, but the more he thought of it, the pettier it seemed. 


The guy’s already dead, yet he’s still locked up all these treasures so no one can take them? If he didn’t want to share, why did he create the landscape paintings? Why did he promise to grant us good fortune……?


Good fortunate? That was nothing but dog farts!


“If you’re not going to give them to me, why’d you drag me down here? Are you just giving me a chance to feast my eyes on your wealth? I can’t take any of it! You said you’d grant me good fortune so can you please quit joking around? How is this good fortune……? Coming here scared the bejeezus out of me, the least you could do is give me a treasure, as well as my good fortune!”


Logically speaking, that inexplicable door, the invisible hands dragging him into the desert, and that patch of quicksand….


All of this seemed to imply that Ye Zichn was the chosen successor of the Five Elements Great Emperor. Furthermore, he really was one of heaven’s two chosen emperors; both he and the Five Elements Great Emperor had illuminated the North Star, and he even cultivated the Dao of the FIve Elements, too. 


Given all that, shouldn’t he give Ye Zichen something at least?


It was fine if he didn’t want to give Ye Zichen everything. Ye Zichen wasn’t that greedy! Half would be more than enough!


But he didn’t want to have come all this way for nothing. He couldn’t just sit tight out of fear, then go home empty-handed!


“FIve Elements Great Emperor, this is no wait to treat people! I’m risking the God Emperor’s wrath just being here. I’ve come this far in search of just a bit of treasure, and am marked with your karma, all so that I can avenge you. But you’re being way too petty! You haven’t given me anything at all, but you want me to get revenge for you? ……. You’re dreaming!” 


Ye Zichen rolled his eyes repeatedly at the mountain of treasure, and glanced torturously at the other room. He might still be able to make a profit off all this.


At that moment, the torchlight suddenly dimmed, casting the room into darkness, and a ghostly figure emerged from the walls.


The ethereal being leaned against the walls and laughed, “Then what do you want?”

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