Chapter 1096 - Who Do You Think You Are?

“Wu Di, just go ahead and say it. At the end of the day, your master is an outsider, while you are surnamed Wu. Our Wu Family’s blood courses through your veins. Wu Di….. for the sake of our family, do as His Excellency says.” 


The Great Elder urged him on earnestly. They truly couldn’t afford to offend the Axe Gang. This was an earth immortal expert! With a wave of his hand, he could wipe out the entire Wu Family.


The other elders echoed his words. The constant stream of exhortations was deeply irritating, like a swarm of flies buzzing around his ears. 


“All of you, shut up,” shouted Wu Di. His words were infused with his full human immortal level strength. After stunning those elders, who were buzzing around him like flies, he looked at the Great Elder and the others in utter disdain and laughed, “Who do you think you are? That goes for you too, Wu Honghua!”


Wu Honghua was the Great Elder’s real name. When he heard Wu Di address him directly by name, his aged face instantly grew ashen.


“You say my master is an outsider and that the blood of the Wu Family courses through my veins? You say I should give in for the sake of our family? Screw that! Wu Honghua, let me tell you: if you want me to betray my master, who granted me a second chance at life, just for the sake of the Wu Family, you’re insane. That’s nothing but the ravings of a madman.”


The earth immortal expert, Feng Taihua, watched this play out coldly.


Wu Di laughed maniacally and continued, “Don’t even try to discuss ‘familial love’ or ‘duty’ or any of that nonsense, either. This family’s survival…… in my eyes, the Wu Family is worth less than dogfarts. You’re telling me the same blood flows through our veins and trying to scare me with the destruction of the family? Why didn’t you say that when you expelled me from the family’s ancestral home? When my mother was sick and on the verge of death, I knelt before the family gates and begged for medicine for a whole month, until she passed away. You didn’t so much as look me in the eye.”


“Now you’re saying that my master is an outsider, but when I was on the brink of death, he’s the one who saved my life. He’s the reason I’m here today. Family? What a joke!”


“Now that I mention, you’re the ones who seperated Wu Wenguang and my mother, aren't you? You’re the ones who arranged his marriage with Li Na. You thought my mother was nothing but a debase servant girl of low status, while Li Na was the young miss of the Li Family. Marrying her would increase the family’s power. Speaking frankly, all you old farts care about is short-term profit.”


Wu Di laughed madly, his words vicious, as he pointed furiously at everyone in the hall. He was so angry, even his pores seemed to widen.


“I’ve already fulfilled all my deepest desires. I can ask for nothing else. If I could, then maybe…”


His voice suddenly grew hoarse, but after a few bitter laughs, Wu Di shook his head and smiled. “There’s nothing else. I have no regrets! These past few months have been carefree and relaxed. Although they were short, they were like a dream. I’m satisfied. Are you worried? Are you afraid? ….your lives are now in my hands, but I refuse to give you people any hope.


Wu Di madly whipped out the jade slip Ye ZIchen made for him and warned him of the danger. The next moment, his body started to swell up.


“You want to self-destruct? Hmph…..”


Feng Taihua had been watching the whole time specifically to prevent this. He reached out and forced him down. The next moment, his spiritual power transformed into countless threads which sealed Wu Di’s spiritual sea.


When his self-destruction failed, Wu Di’s eyes revealed a hint of despair. Feng Taihua had even snatched the jade slip from his hands. 


“Were you sending Ye Zichen a signal?” He pursed his lips, then composed yet another message and sent it.


“If you want to save your apprentice, come to the Axe Gang!”


With that, he flung the jade slip on the floor and crushed it to pieces, then turned to his younger companion and said, “Take him back with us.” 


With his spiritual sea sealed, Wu Di was nothing but an ordinary person. Even if he wanted to resist, he couldn’t possibly outfight a human immortal expert. A hand chopped the base of his neck, and he crumpled to the ground unconscious. 


“Your Excellency.” At that moment, the Great Elder strode forth. “Didn’t you say that you wouldn’t harm our family’s qilin son? We’re forming an alliance with the Cai……”


“Shut up,” Feng Taihua glowered at him coldly and snorted, If you bring up the Cai Family again, see if I don’t destroy your Wu Family right now. I naturally won’t kill your qilin son. So long as Ye Zichen comes to our Axe Gang headquarters, we can let him go. If you want to make a trade, bring us Ye Zichen.”


At almost the same time, Raging Flame City’s Upheaval gang received a fatal blow.


In less than three days, the newly established Upheaval was completely destroyed,


The Axe Gang captured the Gang Leader and vice-leader, injured or scared off the human immortal experts, seized all of Upheaval’s resources, and sent the regular gang members scrambling away like monkeys rushing for the trees. 


However, to the Axe Gang’s immense displeasure, neither Upheavel’s leaders nor Wu Di was willing to talk. They refused to say even a single word about Ye Zichen.


“Why am I always the one to suffer?”


Ye Zichen grumbled disconsolately as he trudged through an endless desert. He had no idea just how long he’d walked. All he knew was that he’d almost consumed all the alcohol stores in his spatial ring – almost half the ring’s capacity.


Yellow sands filled the sky. There was no end in sight.


When the mysterious door first opened, Ye Zichen sensed it. Without saying another word, he up and ran, only to feel a pair of invisible hands grab him and pull him inside. 


Just like that, he found himself in this sandy yellow region. 


“Why did that gate open on its own? I even said I wouldn’t go in. Why did it have to drag me in here? I really…..”


There were no longer words to describe Ye Zichen’s indignation. Also, after entering, he noticed something…..


Without going through the door, there was definitely some other way to leave. Otherwise, how had Chi Mei and Wu Yi left when they’d visited without him?


They couldn't enter these doors without all three paintings, so they couldn't possibly have left through here. Also, they seemed to understand this place a little too well. No matter what Ye Zichen asked, they knew the answers.  


“I really got myself into trouble this time!” He repeatedly complained to himself. What made Ye Zichen angriest of all was that it was impossible to fly here, so he had no choice but to walk through the sand. However, walking through sand was extremely tiring……


“Don’t you dare let me outside. If you do, the second I step outside, I’ll teach you a thing or two, you nasty little girl!”


Getting revenge on Chi Mei was perhaps the only thing keeping Ye Zichen’s spirits from crumbling. His steps were heavy as he trekked through the endless desert. However, at that very moment, a whirlpool appeared amidst the sand……


A pit of quicksand!


This was the first quicksand he’d discovered. He couldn’t restrain his curiosity, so he found a safe place to examine it from. However, to his astonishment…...


“F*ck, are you kidding me?” 


The quicksand reappeared beneath Ye Zichen’s feet!

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