Chapter 1095 - The Axe Gang Arrives

As Wu Di absorbed the final thread of spiritual power through his mouth and directed it into his spiritual sea, he stepped into the ranks of human immortals. 


“So this is the power of a human immortal.” 


For him to step into human immortality so easily was largely thanks to the Human Immortal Pill. 


Wu Di tightly clenched his fists, his eyes revealing faint traces of excitement. After stepping into human immortality, he was already a rare, high-level expert in Raging Flames City. 


He was now qualified to advance to the Profound Great District, and even there, he’d be able to find a place for himself. 


“I have to hurry and tell Master!” 


Ye Zichen’s place in Wu Di’s heart was incomparably high. When he broke through, he didn’t notify his family. Instead, his first thought was that he had to tell Ye Zichen and share his excitement.


He pushed open the door, and the servants outside all politely greeted him as “Young Master.”


He’d never experienced anything like this before. All of this…. To tell the truth, all of it was thanks to his master. Wu Di couldn’t help but feel even more grateful.


He nodded at the servants, but just as he was about to leave his courtyard, he saw a couple of retainers waiting for him outside the gates.


“Young Master, the Great Elder wants to see you.”


Wu Di frowned in confusion. The Great Elder was Wu Wenguang’s second uncle and lived a solitary life; he was no longer involved in worldly affairs. He was of the same level of seniority as Wu Di’s grandfather. 


However, Wu Di had never once seen the man, not even after becoming the Wu Family’s qilin son. 


Why is he suddenly looking for me?


Although he felt suspicious in his heart, the Great Elder was still his senior. It wouldn’t look good if he refused to go.


“Alright. Please lead the way.”


When they reached the great hall, the two retainers came to stop, cupped their fists, and called out, “Great Elder, we’ve brought Qilin Son Wu Di.”


“He’s here? Send him in,” said an aged voice from within the hall. Both retainers stepped aside, then gestured at Wu Di, inviting him to enter. “Young Master Wu, please step inside.” 


Wu Di stepped into the hall, and to his surprise, saw several elders sitting inside. 


Shockingly, more than half of them belonged to the Li Family. A white-haired, wrinkled old man sat in a chair at their forefront, his emotions indistinguishable. 


“Greetings, Great Elder. Greetings, Elders.”


Since becoming the family’s qilin son, Wu Di’s confidence had increased dramatically. Even with so many elders looking right at him, he still kept his cool.


“Not bad,” said the elder calmly. However, after praising Wu Di briefly, he continued, “Lil’ Di, I heard that your rapid ascent was thanks to your master?”


“That’s right,” said Wu Di, not denying it in the slightest. “I am where I am today thanks to my master’s teachings.” 


“”In that case, how about you invite your master to our Wu Family? I’ve been in seclusion lately. If that kid Wenguang hadn’t gone off to the Profound Great District, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have left. However, after leaving seclusion, I heard that our Wu Family had obtained a qilin son. I asked around about you, and would just love to meet that master of yours.” 


The Great Elder smiled, but it was obviously a little forced.


Wu Di had grown a lot since meeting Ye Zichen. He knew to look for the deeper meanings in others’ words and glean hidden information. The Great Elder’s behavior was clearly strange, no doubt about it.


“My master lives a solitary, nomadic life, and is unaccustomed to social mores. To avoid putting him on the spot, we’d be better off not inviting him.” 

Shockingly, Wu Di was willing to disregard even the Great Elder’s face for Ye Zichen’s sake.


“Lil’ Di…..” The Great Elder seemed inclined to persuade him, but at that moment, the two men standing behind him strode forth. Each had an axe emblem pinned to their lapels.


“How troublesome!” The speaker was the younger of the two. When the Great Elder saw them move, he hurriedly stood up and bowed obsequiously. “Your Excellencies.”


The Axe Gang!


Wu Di frowned. His master had already obliterated Raging Flame City’s division of the Axe Gang. Others might not know the inside scoop, but as Ye Zichen’s apprentice, Wu Di knew all about it. 


The two who'd appeared at the Wu Family were obviously sent from the Axe Gang’s main headquarters in the Profound Great District. 


“This isn’t good. They're here to make trouble for Master.” 


He had no time to consider the matter any further. The instant they appeared, Wu Di raced out of the hall. When the older of the two Axe Gang members saw this, he immediately swung the door tightly shut. 


The room instantly darkened. At the same time, the younger Axe Gang member swiped at Wu Di.


Wu Di met his attack with his fist. He poured all of his power into that attack, and his human immortal strength instantly flooded outward.




That younger Axe Gang member was only a mid-stage human immortal. He naturally didn’t dare take Wu Di’s attack head-on. His swipe hit the air as he retreated several steps backward.


Wu Di’s punch flew through the air, stirring up winds and cracking the hall’s stone pillars. When the elders sensed his aura, they couldn’t help but gasp, “A Human Immortal!” 


It had only been half a month since they’d last seen him. Their clan’s qilin son, who’d been incomparably eye-catching at the grand competition, had already stepped into human immortality. 


The younger Axe Gang member, who hadn’t dared take Wu Di’s fist directly, tried to rush him, but his older companion stopped him. 


“Forget it. Let me deal with this.” WIth that, the elder swung at Wu Di.


This punch was simple and unadorned, but it bore down on Wu Di with overwhelming pressure. Wu Di gnashed his teeth and met the attack head-on, only to hear a loud crunch as his arm snapped completely in half.


“Kneel before me.” The elder roared angrily. Wu Di felt as if the world around him was bearing down on him, compelling him to kneel. Despite his best efforts, he couldn’t resist the urge to kneel. 


After subduing Wu DI, the man smiled calmly, but his chest was heaving and his eyes were brimming over with fury.


“You’re that Ye Zichen’s apprentice, Wu Di, right?” said the old man. “I’m the Profound Great District’s Axe Gang’s deacon of external affairs, Feng Taihua. I’m an early-stage earth immortal. Now then, I’m here to ask you this: where is your master? Just how strong is he? Is he the one who destroyed our base in Raging Flame City?”


Feng Taihua waited for a while, but when Wu Di said nothing, he couldn’t help but nod and smile. 


“You won’t talk? You’re tight-lipped, but that doesn’t mean those Upheaval gang members won’t talk. Your clan was only our first stop. We’ve already sent people to Upheaval. Are you sure they won’t say anything? If you talk, I might be able to spare your life, and your family, too….. Think about it. Will you talk? Or not?”


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