Chapter 109 Old Lord Taishang got kicked

Chapter 109 – Old Lord Taishang got kicked

Ye Zichen ignored Su Yiyun’s shouts of protest, then pushed him out of the supermarket before locking the door.

Ye Zichen watched Su Yiyun indicate some stuff for a while before his phone vibrated.

“You grandson, you’re burning the bridge after you crossed the river!”

Ye Zichen laughed, and replied him with “we’ll talk later”, causing Su Yiyun, who was outside, flip him a middle finger before leaving.

“Did the deities come find you?” Liu Qing, who was always around Ye Zichen, knew all his secrets, so Ye Zichen wasn’t surprised that she could guess it.

Ye Zichen nodded and sat down, while Liu Qing floated behind him and stared at his phone with a curious look.

“Cough, cough, this sovereign is here.”

Monkey King: You’re too slow, I, Old Sun, was about to return to Mt. Huaguo.

Third Prince Nezha: Hehe, I finished my Nutri-Express. <insert a row of drooling emojis>

Canopy Marshal: Celestial Sovereign, what do you want Old Pig to do?

Erlang Shen: Feeding the dog right now. Keep chatting, I’ll just look at the history later.

Yue Lao: Celestial friend, we finished the conference, shouldn’t we talk about the stuff from the other day?

Old Lord Taishang: Hurry.



Ye Zichen smiled coldly, then directly kicked Old Lord Taishang out.

“Ya, why did you move him out of the group?” Liu Qing covered her mouth and exclaimed in shock.

Ye Zichen looked at her and cursed, “Did you forget that this old guy was raising the price with me at the police station the other day? Can I spoil someone like him?”

“But he’s Old Lord Taishang, isn’t him amazing in the Heavenly Court!” Liu Qing clearly already accepted Ye Zichen’s secret. More importantly, she completely believed in the existence of the Heavenly Court now.

“The heck use is being amazing? Which one in my group isn’t amazing in the Heavenly Court?” Ye Zichen laughed.

Not long later, he saw Old Lord Taishang sent him a question.

“Celestial friend, what was that for?”

What was that for!


Ye Zichen waved his hand and directly deleted Old Lord Taishang from his contact list.

When Ye Zichen returned to the chat group, he saw the people in the group all ask. Thus, he could only reply.

“I just cleared out the parasite in the group, let’s continue.”

Yue Lao: Celestial friend, are you talking about Old Lord Taishang?

Ye Zichen: Yeah, him.

Third Prince Nezha: What did the grandpa do?

Monkey King: Mm, good kick. Old Sun didn’t like the look of this geezer since ages ago.

Canopy Marshal: Old Pig doesn’t care about that much.

Erlang Shen: Woof, woof…

Around the South Heaven Gate [1] in the heavenly Court, Old Lord Taishang looked at the chat on Yue Lao’s phone in anger.

“Old fellow, don’t be too angry, I’ll get the Heavenly Sovereign to add you back in,” Yue Lao smoothed his beard and chuckled.

Meanwhile, Old Lord Taishang glared, “Heh, no need.”

With that, Old Lord Taishang called a cloud over and left.

Yue Lao: Old Lord Taishang is angry.

Monkey King: Hey, what does him being angry or not have to do with us?

Monkey bro’s words truly spoke out Ye Zichen’s thoughts. What could he do if he was angry?

One less of his type didn’t matter.

“Just let him be angry, we’ll chat ourselves.”

Everyone replied continuously, clearly having forgotten about Old Lord Taishang.

Ye Zichen looked at the price list of the snacks on the supply list and smiled.

“Everyone, please wait a moment, I’ll make a price list.”

It was very simple to do, all he had to do was add a 0 at the end of the unit price.

For example, a bottle of sprite was 3 yuan, then it would be sold for 30 cultivation experience in the Heavenly Court. Of course, this was all an estimate, the actual price would depend on the sales later on

If the sales were high, then he’ll raise the price.

Every market did exactly what Ye Zichen does.

It could be said that Ye Zichen had completely cured his disease of dragging everything along for the flowing cultivation experience in the future.

Within a short hour, he finished making the price list, then went out to photocopy a few before  he returned to the chat group.

“Cough, cough, is everyone still here!”

Monkey King: You’re too slow, everyone would be gone soon.

Canopy Marshal: Sky Sovereign, you have to pay more attention to the time.

These were the only two that replied.

“Where is Yue Lao, Third Prince and Erlang Shen?”

Monkey King: Nezha is acting moe over there, Yue Lao is playing Go with a bunch of geezers, Erlang Shen is showing off his muscles with the fairies.

Canopy Marshal: Hee, they all stay here, but Monkey Bro and I aren’t very familiar with the people in the Heavenly Court.

Ye Zichen immediately understood.

@Third Prince Nezha, @Erlang Shen, @Yue Lao.

Erlang Shen: Bro, you’re finally back. I would have been taken advantage of completely if you made us wait any longer.

Monkey King: <smirk emoji> I think you enjoyed it quite a bit just now.

Third Prince Nezha: Hehehe, everyone likes me so much.

Yue Lao: Celestial friend, you’re finally back. This old one can’t take it much longer.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but feel a bit moved when he saw the deities helping him so full heartedly.

“This sovereign will remember everyone’s aid. I won’t say too many words of thanks. Everyone can enjoy three thousand cultivation of goods from this sovereign.”

Yue Lao: Celestial friend is courteous.

Third Prince Nezha: Hehehe, how many bottles of Nutri-Express can three thousand cultivation experience buy?

Monkey King: Stingy.


Ye Zichen couldn’t help but feel speechless when all the deities in the group were happy, but Monkey King felt that he was stingy.

Ye Zichen directly scanned the price list in his hand.


Canopy Marshal received your red packet.

Yue Lao received your red packet.

Monkey King received your red packet.

Erlang Shen received your red packet.

Third Prince Nezha received your red packet.

Yue Lao: What is this, it is actually so thin, but there are characters printed on it.

Erlang Shen: It’s the same texture as the book bro gave me.

Monkey King: What treasure is this, it doesn’t seem like it can be eaten.

Third Prince Nezha: It can’t be eaten.

Canopy Marsah: Cries… (He seems to have eaten it already)

“This is the product price list of the products this sovereign will sell in the future. You are my spokespeople as well as my commercial agents. You can choose to import goods from me, then sell it at a higher price, or bring customers to buy from my store. I will give you guys discounts when you buy it products from me in the future.”

Yue Lao: So, celestial friend means that we can get treasures from celestial friend, sell it in the Heavenly Court and earn the difference?

Third Prince Nezha: That’s good too. Can all of these be eaten?

Canopy Marshal: Heh, I, Old Pig, isn’t going to do this. If I import the stuff, I finish it very quickly.

Older people were truly wiser. Just look at the geezer Yue Lao, he already understood everything without any explanation.

“Yeah, Yue Lao is right.”

Yue Lao: Where are the products? How can we sell without the products?

“Wait a moment.”

As he said that, Ye Zichen walked down to his basement storage.

He looked at the organized products many kind that filled the entire storeroom.

These were all money.

This entire storeroom of goods had to have cost at least several tens of thousands yuan.

Ye Zichen clenched his teeth!

If you don’t take risks, then you won’t get any huge rewards.

Send them all.

  1. The front fate to the Heavenly Court

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