Chapter 1088 - Pay Me For My Labor

When he saw Chi Mei’s expectant expression, Ye Zichen put his head in his hands. He didn’t know what to say. It’s just a pill, isn’t it? Why didn’t she just say so earlier? This isn’t particularly troublesome. Was this really worth fussing over for days?


When she saw her “Pill Refiner Sweetie’s” expression shift, Chi Mei assumed he was unwilling…..




In truth, this wasn’t her original personality at all. She was generally haughty and disdainful, yet facing Ye Zichen, she couldn’t find it in her to behave that way.


She really had no choice; a sea condensing pill was just too important to her. 


She already stood at the peak of the Sky Immortal Level. After leaving the Five Elements Great Emperor’s tomb, she was all but guaranteed to break through and become an immortal king.


However, if she wanted to become a supreme, she needed to transform her spiritual power into divine power, then condense her spiritual sea. Afterwards, her spiritual sea would no longer be a mere vessel for power. Instead, it would become her spiritual core. 


However, condensing your spiritual sea into a spiritual core was risky. The failure rate was rather high.


Any damage would shatter a nascent core. If that happened, you’d lose all your cultivation. Who knew how many immortal kings constantly scattered their spiritual, keeping themselves on the edge of condensing a core but never actually taking that final step for fear of failure?


Of course, if you succeeded, you were like a phoenix undergoing nirvana. Success meant that you could ascend to the Divine Mountains. 


There were also many immortal kings who were willing to risk it all, but without a Sea Condensing pill’s support, failed in the end and frittered away their remaining years. 


Sea condensing pills increased the spiritual sea’s elasticity and durability, which made it easier to condense into a core. 


Chi Mei had watched far too many people fail to condense their spiritual seas. She was scared; she still had far too many things she wanted to do, but to succeed, she first had to step onto the Divine Mountains.


She had to succeed, and the Sea Condensing Pill was a key part of raising her chances. She needed to obtain one.


"Sweetie, sweetie, just say yes already!"


They were obviously on their way to the Five Elements Great Emperor's tomb in search of good fortune, yet when this crazy lady saw that Ye Zichne's expression was off, she simply sat on the ground and through a coquettish tantrum, shaking his hands back and forth.


By now, it was fair to say that he was terrified her. He smiled helplessly and pulled his hand away.   


"Fine, fine, I'll do it."


"Really? You're such a kind-hearted little dear." The way Chi Mei saw it, Ye Zichen was nowhere near as obnoxiously arrogant as other pill refiners.


The ones she'd seen before lived in the Sky Great District. Peak sects and family clans would fight over even class-six refiners and would offer them enormous gifts and unrestricted freedom to lure them to their side. Pill refiners would walk without fear or restrictions anywhere in the Sky Great District.


This was only natural, of course. Class-six pill refiners could manufacture vast quantities of human immortal medicines. They could provide a family or sect with endless human immortal experts; it was only natural that others treated such existences cautiously.  


Also, any pill refiner could be considered a small, but imposing faction in their own right. So long as they opened their mouths, countless warriors were eager to flock to their side. They wouldn't even ask for money; just getting a pill refiner to owe them a favor was enough. 


"Sweetie, you're such a great guy.... you really don't want a dao partner?" 


Chi Mei's eyes sparkled as she feigned infatuation. Ye Zichen, who'd assumed she'd return to normal after he agreed to refine the pill, was stunned. She's still acting like this? 


He decided to simply wash his hands of the matter....


"If you keep going on like this, you can forget about that pill."


"What a dense man. Don't you know how to flirt?" When she heard his threat, Chi Mei really didn't dare keep up the act any longer. She rose from the ground, dusted herself off, and curled her lips, as if displeased by Ye Zichen's coldness. 


She had confidence in her appearance, and her figure was absolutely enough to make men covet her.....


Nevermind throwing herself at a man, normally, just hooking a finger was enough to lure quite a few men to her side, yet Ye Zichen seemed to despise her.


She subconsciously glanced at Ye Zichen's "important parts," as if she were questioning his sexual orientation.


Ye Zichen noticed her unusual gaze, but he ignored it. Instead, he arched his brows and said, "Right, what about my compensation?"


Chi Mei's disdainful glare instantly froze. She raised her head in a daze and looked at Ye Zichen as if she suspected there was something wrong with her ears.....


"What did you just say?"


"My compensation!" Ye Zichen shrugged and repeated himself. "You'll need to provide the ingredients. We'll follow the usual rules: you provide three sets of ingredients and I'll provide you with a single pill. If I fail, I accept no responsibility. You'll still have to compensate me for my time and my labor." 


In the God Realm, this is just how overbearing pill refiners were. The customer had to provide the ingredients,  and in the event of a failure, they not only didn’t take responsibility, they’d even demand compensation.


It was a little like doctors from the modern world. They wouldn’t help a patient unless they paid, and if the surgery failed, they’d just say…..


We tried our best!


Chi Mei froze, her lips quivering. A long time passed before she said anything. So I didn’t mishear him! This bastard really wants me to compensate him for his trouble!


She'd acted cute for three days and relentlessly tried to seduce him, but in the end, she mattered less than compensation for Ye Zichen's labor.


She suddenly felt deeply humiliated. She glowered hatefully at Ye Zichen, gnashed her teeth and said, "I'll provide three sets of ingredients. What kind of compensation did you have in mind?" 


"Labor costs for a sixth-grade pill start around fifty thousand. Increasing a single rank means increasing the cost many times over. How about this? We don't need to fuss about the details. For a ninth-class pill like the Sea Condensing Pill, thirty million is enough," said Ye Zichen seriously. He was currently deeply preoccupied with money. 


If he were on his own, he might not care. But establishing Upheaval was like throwing money into a pit, spending money as if it were water. As the head of a gang, he needed to consider its future. 


In truth, this price was already quite low. If it were any other pill refiner, they would have charged tens of millions for an eighth-class pill, much less a ninth-class pill as important and troublesome to redefine and as a Sea Condensing Pill. 


Nevermind thirty million, even if they were ninety million, many immortal kings would still want to buy them. 


Her face was ashen and pale. She bit her pink lips, and her fists clenched instinctively. 


If not for the fact that Ye Zichen was her sweetie and a pill refiner, she might have slapped him to death.


"If you say thirty million, I'll give you thirty million!" She said,  practically spitting between her teeth. Chi  Mei was a solitary cultivator. She had no family clan supporting her. Even though she was at the peak of the sky immortal level and had encountered quite a bit of good fortune, her savings were just barely enough to buy three sets of ingredients for a Sea Condensing Pill.


As for that thirty million, she feared she'd need to borrow money from her friends before she could afford it.


But no matter how explosive Chi Mei's temperament, Ye Zichen ignored her displeasure. He simply smiled, nodding, and shook her hand. "In that case, I'm looking forward to working with you."


"You're so black-hearted, sweetie!" She shook his hand, clearly unwilling. Ye Zichen simply smiled. Money! He would never give up on any opportunity to make money! For his gang.... and so that he had the capital to establish himself on the Divine Mountains, he had to stay black-hearted and ruthless. 


Kindness couldn't lead armies! Duty couldn't earn fortunes!


The more he thought about it, the more it seemed he could make a killing starting a medicine shop and selling pills in the Sky Great District. 

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