Chapter 1087 - Leaving Seclusion

Inside his private room, the leader of the Axe Gang, Jin Anlan beamed radiantly. Just moments before, he’d successfully broken through, going from the sky immortal level to an early-stage immortal king. His current strength was enough to absolutely suppress the rest of the Profound Great District. 


“Gang Leader!” The two elders had stood guard in front of his private room for a long time now. When they sensed their boss’s spiritual undulations, they hurriedly greeted him. “Congratulations, Gang Leader, on breaking through!”


“Hahaha, thank you!”


Jin Anlan was in an absolutely wonderful mood, so he took two pills from his spatial ring and tossed them to the elders. 


“Human immortal pills!”


Both elders were already earth immortals, so human immortal pills were no longer useful for them. However, they could still give them to their descendants. In the resource-starved seventy-two districts, this was already a generous gift. 


The elders put the pills into their spatial rings and bowed. “Thank you, Gang Leader.”


He chuckled and waved, but just as he was about to leave, he realized that the two elders seemed as if they had something to stay, but were struggling to get it out.


He hated nothing more than others keeping things from him, so his smile instantly frosted over. “What are you hiding from me?”


As Jin Anlan’s aura bore down on them, the two elders grit their teeth and said, “Something happened to Base Leader, Huang Aogu, who you sent to Raging Flame City, as his favorite subordinate, Zhao Ye. A little less than a month ago, their jade slips shattered.”




Jin Anlan’s vast aura instantly overflowed. Soon, his body crackled with lightning. 




The Axe Gang usually used their discussion hall for meetings. The decorations weren’t particularly luxurious, but they were extremely imposing. 


The room was completely black and somber. There were two coiling dragon pillars in its center. 


The dragons were missing their eyes, but they were still incomparably ferocious. 


The Axe Gang elders and visiting retainers qualified to participate in meetings all entered the meeting hall. Jin Anlan sat in front, his stalwart form crackling with pale white electricity as he glowered darkly at the man kneeling and trembling on the floor. This was none other than the janitor tasked with sweeping the ancestral hall. 




“Re...reporting to the Gang Leader. I’m the servant who sweeps the ancestral hall. A few days ago, this humble one was about to go sweep up as usual…..” 


“Get to the point!” 


“The jade slips containing traces of Base Leader Aogu and Captain Zhao Ye’s souls shattered.” 


The servant trembled incessantly. At that moment, the elder standing to Jin Anlan’s left took the two shattered jade slips from his spatial ring and passed them to Jin Anlan. 




When he saw Huang Aogu’s shattered spirit tablet, Jin Anlan’s body trembled violently.


In the entire Axe Gang, he liked Huang Aogu’s personality the most. Whenever he looked at him, Jin Anlan recalled himself when he was Huang Aogu’s age. 


He had no children. Although he’d never officially adopted Huang Aogu, their relationship was even closer than father and step-son. 


After establishing their base in Raging Flame City, there were numerous gang members more qualified to lead it than Huang Aogu, but Jin Anlan promoted him anyway.


His goal was to train him, so that in the future, Huang Aogu could take over as gang leader.


After exiting seclusion, he’d planned on transferring Huang Aogu back to the main base. As soon as Jin Anlan became an immortal king, he’d go the Green Gang to serve as an elder. He’d hoped to take this opportunity to instruct Huang Aogu in how best to lead the gang going forward, but then this happened…..


“Aogu!” As he clenched the shattered tablet, Jin Anlan lost control over his emotions. He set the jade slip aside, then glowered at everyone in the meeting hall.


“Who the hell did it? Who killed Aogu?” His roar was like thunder. Lightning crackled around him, filling the surrounding air and shooting toward his confidants. 


Terrifying pressure bore down on them. The others didn’t dare so much as breathe too loudly. Only the elder standing to his left could bear the pressure. He walked to the center of the meeting. “Reporting to the Gang Leader, after Base Leader Huang passed away, he started an investigation. Our base in Raging Flames City is now occupied by a new gang, Upheaval. This new gang is primarily composed of former members of our Raging Flame City base. Its leader is a former vice-captain, and its second in command was the base’s former second-ranked captain.” 


“It was them?” growled Jin Anlan.


“According to our investigations, no. Although the two of them are currently leading Upheaval, their strength is insufficient to threaten Huang Aogu’s life. After thoroughly examining the situation, we discovered that a month ago, Base Leader Huang’s trusted confidant provoked a mysterious expert surnamed ‘Ye.’ Base Leader Huang wanted to avenge his subordinate, so he went looking for that expert. Not long after, he died in battle. If I’m not mistaken, that Ye guy should be the true murderer. “


“Since you’ve already investigated, why didn’t you go ahead and avenge Base Leader Huang?” Jin Anlan’s gazee instantly darkened.  Beneath this icy gaze, even the gang’s grand elder was soon drenched in cold sweats. 


“Gang Leader, you had let to leave seclusion, so we…..” 


“Where is he now?” interrupted Jin Anlan before the elder could finish his excuse.


“He’s in Raging Flames City!” replied the elder.


“Alright.” Jin Anlan nodded coolly, then looked at his subordinates. “Take three thousand elites and go capture Aogu’s murderer. I want him alive. Also, about that Upheaval gang…. I don’t want to see it go on existing.” 


“Yes, sir!”


The meeting hall instantly grew cold and cheerless. Jin Anlan leaned into his chair and stared at the shattered jade slip…..


“Don’t worry, Aogu. I’ll avenge you. I’ll crush your murderer’s bones into pulp and tear his body into a million pieces so he’ll never, ever, ever be reborn!” 




“Sweetie, you’re so slow!”


On the ancient path outside Raging Flame City, Chi Mei was still feigning cuteness. When she spoke to Ye Zichen, she spoke as adorably as she possibly could. 


To tell the truth, this sort of childish, cutesy voice had no effect on Ye Zichen, who didn’t know quite what to say. 


“Can you please just act normal?” he pleaded helplessly. 


“If you take me as your dao partner, I can act normal again, okay, sweetie?” Chi Mei batted her eyes electrically. Clearly, Ye Zichen’s rebuke hadn’t dissuaded her. For the past few days, it was fair that she’d tried every technique she knew to get him to accept her as his dao partner.  


“I’ve seen all sorts of things before, but this is truly my first time seeing someone push so hard to become a stranger’s dao partner.” Ye Zichen shrugged helplessly. “Can you just quit pestering me already?” 


“No way! I’ve always been so cute. Why don’t you like me?”


“I already have a dao partner! Actually, I have more than one!”


“Then what difference does adding me make? Just accept me already!”


Were women of the God Realm all this open? Lil’ Honghong hadn't cared about his other women either.


“Tell me, what can I do to get you to act normal again?” Said Ye Zichen helplessly. “I’ll do anything, so long as I’m capable of it.”





“Then…. Sweetie, I want a Sea Condensing Pill!”


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