Chapter 1086 - Sweetie!

She didn’t know why, but regardless of how shocking this news sounded from the outside, Chi Mei didn’t doubt the veracity of Ye Zichen’s words. 


She rose from the table, her shining eyes narrowed into slits, her eyelashes fluttering as she circled Ye Zichen.


To think I ran into someone who’s at least a tenth-level pill refiner!


The more she thought about it, the faster Chi Mei’s heart thudded in her chest. This was an enormous treasure! If she captured him, couldn’t she make an absurd amount of money?


Of course, she didn’t think herself capable of such a thing.


But now Ye Zichen said that, so long as she let him go, he’d make any pill she asked within the limits of his abilities?


What kind of idea was a tenth-level pill refiner? 


As soon as this news got out, the entire seventy-two districts, and even immortal kings from beneath the other mountains would all come clamoring for Sea Condensing pills. Now, all she had to do was ask.


She might even be able to get a few earth supreme-level pills out of this. 


It would be a lie to say she wasn’t tempted, but the Five Elements Great Emperor’s time was still more important. However, since Ye Zichen was a tenth-level pill refiner, it was still best to make friends if at all possible. 


Ye Zichen was like a rare and precious animal. The light in Chi Mei’s eyes as she looked at him set his hair on end.


He really was a bit afraid of this woman who threatened people with death with no warning at all. More importantly, he had no way of resisting her threats; this was truly hard to bear.


“Do you need me to refine anything for you?”


“Of course I do,” she whispered seductively. “I know I’m not so talented that I can condense my spiritual sea without any obstacles. It would naturally be wonderful to have a Sea Condensing Pill to help me out.” 


“Then I’ll make you a batch right now!” Ye Zichen didn’t dilly-dally; he immediately pulled his pill furnace and various supplies from his spatial ring.


However, Chi Mei cocked her head to the side and said, “But you still have to come with me.” 


Ye Zichen had already turned on the flames, but when he heard this, he froze solid. He put his head in his hands. The flames lit up his face, making him look even redder than before.


“You’re still on about that?”


“Aiya, Mister Pill Refiner, Sweetie, don’t get angry,” said Chi Mei indignantly. She grabbed Ye Zichen’s hand and swayed her body as she explained, “The landscape painting has already recognized you as its master. Even if you give it to me, I can’t use it. I don’t want to put you in danger either, but I have no other choice!” 


It recognized him as its master.


So that’s why!


Ye Zichen glanced at the painting on the table. For the first time, he realized that it did seem to have a faint connection with him. However, he had no idea just when the painting acknowledged him as its owner.


“Sweetie, just come with me! I can guarantee you won’t encounter any danger. The Five Elements Great Emperor said it too: so long as you don’t accept the good fortune he left behind, you won’t have to get revenge for him. All you have to do is help me open the tomb. Consider it nothing but a vacation!”


By now, Chi Mei was acting as cutesy as possible. Ye Zichen, who was still fixated on the painting, didn’t notice at first. When he came to his senses and saw Chi Mei’s suddenly childlike and cutesy behavior, he felt goosebumps all over his body. 


“Act normal already. Quit acting cute.”


“You’re so bad, sweetie. I’ve always been this way,” she said coquettishly. She grabbed Ye Zichen by the arm and batted her eyes at him repeatedly. 


Seeing this, Ye Zichen’s expression darkened. His eyelids drooped as he forced an uncomfortable smile. “What do you want?”


“Sweetie, do you have a dao partner? Don’t you see how cute and beautiful I am? How about I become your dao partner? How does that sound?” 


“No way!” 


“Sweetie! Sweetie!”




After Ye Zichen shouted at her, Chi Mei started acting normally again, but when she looked at him, her gaze was bitter, as if she was angry he’d yelled, or perhaps, upset that she’d been unable to become his dao partner.


In any event, she glowered like a woman thwarted in love, her face brimming with killing intent.


Ye Zichen simply ignored her glare. She was undeniably pretty, but her personality was too strange and too inconsistent. Becoming her dao partner would undoubtedly be unbearable psychological torture. 


Besides, Little Honghong was still waiting for him, and he’d yet to find Keke and the others…..


Really, he already had far too many dao partners. If he accepted her too, how many would he have in total?!? 


“Fine, I’ll accompany you to the Five Elements Great Emperor’s tomb, but I’m no solitary cultivator; I have to make arrangements first. Give me three days. I’ll get as much done as I can in three days, then meet you outside Raging Flame City.” 


“That’s no good…..” She drew out her words, staring directly at Ye Zichen as she said, “I can give you three days, but I’m going to stick with you the whole time. Otherwise, you might run away. Then how would I find you?


In truth, Ye Zichen really had considered doing just that.


Although she said that, so long as he didn’t accept the Five Elements Great Emperor’s fortune, Ye Zichen wouldn’t need to avenge him, he still felt uneasy. He wanted to escape this mad woman and run as far as he could. 


It seemed she’d seen through his plot. Ye Zichen snorted irritably, “You can just stay here then. In any event, as a man, it’s no loss for me.” 


With that, he got up, waved his sleeves, and went to bed. However, as soon as he lay down, he heard Chi Mei’s laughter.


“Go on and sleep. Once you’re unconscious….” 


Ye Zichen immediately tensed up and shouted, “What do you want to do?”


This atmosphere was just a bit off. Ye Zichen gulped frantically and looked at Chi Mi nervously. She was sticking her tongue out and coyly licking her lips. 


“Sweetie, I’d just love to become your dao partner. Once you fall asleep, I’ll have my opportunity!” 


That night, Ye Zichen got no sleep at all. He lay there, covered in blankets, but every time he found himself drifting off to sleep, he woke with a start. It was only when he realized that Chi Mei, that mad woman, was fast asleep that he drifted off as well. 


Three days.


Throughout this three day period, Chi Mei stuck to Ye Zichen like a shadow. When they saw her, the clerks and waitress of the inn were stunned, but they quickly started referring to her as “the boss’s wife.” 


Chi Mei didn’t object at all. In fact, she even nodded sweetly in acknowledgement. Ye Zichen dared not explain for fear of this madwoman’s revenge. If he pissed her off enough, she might yell Zhou Wu’s name!


During these three days, Ye Zichen made both Wu Di and Wei Jie lifesaving jade slips. 


He didn’t know how long he’d be gone either, so he had no choice but to wrap up what he could and delegate the rest. This was the only way he’d be able to relax.


Once everything was really and truly settled, three days had passed. It was the middle of the afternoon. 


Ye Zichen stood outside the city gates with Chi Mei. He looked longingly back at the city; he really didn’t want to leave. 


But when he saw the vicious pest beside him, he deflated like a balloon and shook his head helplessly. “Let’s go.” 


Little did they know, shortly after they left Raging Flame City, something happened in the thirty-sixth district’s Axe Gang headquarters.


The gang leader left seclusion!

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