Chapter 1085 - Don’t Want to Go? You’re Going Anyway

Ye Zichen had heard people say, “the bigger the breasts, the smaller the brain.” He hadn’t believed it in the past, but he was starting to. 


In Ye Zichen’s eyes, Chi Mei was a total moron. What was she thinking just now? If he hadn’t stopped her, she would have already said Zhou Wu’s name. 


Zhou Wu was the God Emperor! The ruler of the entire God Realm!。


If he wanted to kill small-fries like them, he could do so with a single thought.


What the hell was that brainless woman doing? Wasn’t she afraid to die?


When Chi Mei sensed Ye Zichen’s nervousness, a crafty light flashed through her eyes.


Opening the Five Elements Great Emperor’s tomb required all three landscape paintings; they couldn’t miss even one. Ye Zichen had already won the emperor’s approval, so even if Chi Mei stole the painting, it wouldn’t work for her.


She’d initially intended to move him with reason and emotion and convince him to follow her.


But now it seemed there was a better way, an absolutely perfect counter strategy. 


Some time passed, but the sky didn’t change, so Ye Zichen calmed down. However, whenever he considered what that idiotic woman did, his heart thudded in his chest.


“Hurry up and scram. Don’t ever show up in front of me again. Let me tell you: I haven’t decided whether I want to go to the Five Elements Great Emperor’s tomb or not, but even if I do go, there’s no way I’d leave now. Also, if you want to die, go find some place without other people. I haven’t had my fill of living yet!” 


As he recovered from his nervousness, he vented all his emotions onto Chi Mei.


However, to his surprise, she smiled. Her smile was so radiant, it seemed to overshadow the heavens and make flowers lower their heads in shame. 




That smile was definitely suspicious!


As soon as these thoughts popped into Ye Zichen’s head, he heard…..


“The Five Elements Great Emperor was righteous and dutiful, Zhou….wuh…..” Hands clamped over Chi Mei’s mouth once more.


Ye Zichen looked at her, red-faced with anger, aura billowing around him, and shouted, “You’re doing this on purpose, aren't you? I told you not to say his name!  You keep doing it, so I’ll say it again. Don’t speak his name, or at least, don’t do it with me here. Nod if you understand.” 


Chi Mei nodded without hesitation. Ye Zichen looked into her eyes, hesitated briefly, then relaxed his grip. 


“Zhou…. Wuh…..” 


The moment he relaxed his grip, Chi Mei opened her mouth and started to shout. Ye Zichen had predicted this, so he immediately clamped his hand back over her mouth. “Stop it! If you shout his name one more time, I’ll…..” 


“Do whatever you want!” Chi Mei pushed his hand away, puffed up her chest, and glowered at him. “Let me tell you: you’re going to the Five Elements Great Emperor’s tomb whether you like it or not. If you really don’t want to go, fine….. I’ll just call that guy’s name. Even if I die, he'll definitely see that you’ve got one of the Five Elements Great Emperor’s landscape paintings, so you’ll die too. See you in the River Styx!” 


“Don’t….. Fine, consider me afraid of you. I’ll give you the painting! Take it and go off and do whatever you want. Let’s just pretend we never met. Okay?” 


Ye Zichen pulled the painting from his spatial ring. When the two paintings encountered each other, they each emitted faint, five-colored light. 


Chi Mei glanced at it indifferently, then shook her head. “That’s no good. You have to come with me.”


The landscape painting him had acknowledged him as his master. She couldn’t use it, not even if he gave it to her. She couldn’t enter the tomb unless Ye Zichen accompanied her.




What was she thinking? Was there no logic left in this world? He’d even offered he the painting, but she still wanted him to go with her?


He didn’t want to go!


“Aren't you being a bit unreasonable?” Ye Zichen felt his temper rising. He slammed the table, pointed at the painting, and roared, “You want to go looking for treasures? Fine, I won’t stop you. I gave you the painting. That’s all I can do for you. Don’t push me any further. Girl, everyone has their own ambitions. I’m not overly concerned about the distant future, nor am I ambitious. I just want to live out my days in peace.”


“I don’t care about the grudge between the God Emperor and the Five Elements Great Emperor,” he said,” nor do I want to care. Of course, I feel pity for the Five Elements Great Emperor, and have considered getting his revenge, but before going out to avenge someone, you need to know your own strength. The God Emperor stands at the pinnacle of the God Realm, while I’ve never even stepped foot on a Divine Mountain. Do you think I can avenge the Five Elements Great Emperor? Are you insane?”


“Take the landscape painting with you. I won’t go to the Five Elements Great Emperor’s tomb even if it kills me.”


These words absolutely came straight from the heart. Of course, Ye Zichen had insured some intentional acting too. After revealing his emotions so openly and sincerely, Chi Mei ought to let him go.


Although he was reluctant to part with the painting, when he considered his own little life, he decided it was better this way.


Ye Zicheen already got up to hand her the painting but to his surprise….. 


Even after hearing his sincere plea, Chi Mei looked at him as if she were already dead, then nodded. “Fine, let’s die together, then. Zhou… Wuh……” 


Ye ZIchen thought he’d convinced her; he never would have anticipated this result. He covered her mouth once more. By now, he was on the verge of tears. 


“Miss, no, boss….. I’ve said so much already, and expressed everything I want to express. You still can’t let me go? Tell me, then, what do you want? Money? I’ll send my subordinates to get it for you. So long as your demands aren’t too unreasonable, I’ll give it to you. Pills? You long as you have the recipe, I’ll make anything within the limits of my abilities. How can I convince you to leave me alone? Just tell me….”


Chi Mei, who’d been immune to all his prior attempts at persuasion, felt a sudden wave of emotion after Ye Zichen brought up pill refining.


“You’re a pill refiner?” It seemed she didn’t quite believe him. She looked Ye Zichen up and down a few times. She’d seen quite a few pill refiners before. Every one of them was arrogant as can be, and most of them had bushy little mustaches. 


No matter how she looked at him, Ye Zichen didn’t seem anything like a pill refiner!


“Yes, yes, that’s right! Untalented as I am, I am capable of refining medicine,” said Ye Zichen with a nod.


“What level?” 


“Ninth level, it seems. If I were to refine a Sea Condensing Pill, I’d have about an eighty percent success rate.”


Ye Zichen spoke without too much confidence. He’d researched local pill refining, and anyone capable of refining the Sea Condensing Pill, which was used to help peak immortal kings breakthrough and become supremes, was considered a ninth-level pill refiner. Although he’d never actually produced such a pill, he’d simulated it in his head and performed various divinations. According to his estimates, his success rate was around eighty percent. 


Chi Mei was stunned. An eighty percent success rate at refining Sea Condensing Pills?


This could no longer be considered a ninth level pill refiner. It would be difficult for even tenth level pill refiners to accomplish such a feat.


She’d encountered sixth-level pill refiners before. Within the Seventy Two Districts, they were already formidable existences. Now she’d suddenly run into a tenth level, or possibly even eleventh level pill refiner….. 


Did pill refiners like that really exist in the Seventy Two Districts?

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