Chapter 1084 - Prince, I Have a Humble Request

Ye Zichen had sensed this woman since his departure from the Wu Family estates. At first, he’d been on high alert, but she stayed hidden and didn’t seem to have any ill intentions, so after a while, he decided to just ignore her.


He hadn’t expected her to follow him all the way to the inn, though. 


Now she was suddenly using seductive arts to tempt him. Although Ye Zichen was young and vigorous, it was better not to touch a woman who popped up out of nowhere. 


“You’d address a fair maiden with such vulgar language? Prince Ye, I’m afraid you’ve lost your manners,” she said, feigning coquettish anger. Her voice was like an incarnation. Even though Ye Zichen was already alert, as it echoed through his ears, his heart and mind shook. He almost fell for her wiles. 


“Gentlemen love money too, but they earn it properly, while petty people…. Wait, no, this has nothing to do with money…..” Ye Zichen stood by the window, murmuring nonsense like the famed monk Xuanzang. His true purpose was to focus on something else, anyone else, and distract himself from that entracing voice. 


“Prince…..” He looked away, but still heard her seductive murmurs from behind. The next moment, they broke through his last psychological barriers. Eyes red, he loosened his robes and charged at her.


She didn’t reject his advances in the slightest. She even wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling them even closer together.


“Come to me, my prince!” She called to him, urging him on. Ye Zichen’s breathing grew ragged as he brushed his hand against her cheek.


The moment he touched her face, his lustful, mindless gaze chilled. His tender caress instantly transformed into a fist as he viciously attacked her.


When his fist landed, the woman lying on the bed transformed into a line of bubbles and disappeared.


Ye Zichen’s gaze regained its usual calm. He straightened up his clothes, then sat against the wall and looked at the woman, who was watching him in amusement.


He smiled calmly at her and laughed, “That’s a decent illusion.” He fished a gourd of alcohol from his pocket and took a few quick swigs.


Although he’d already broken free, his heart was still in turmoil. His willpower alone wasn’t enough to steady his emotions, so he had no choice but to rely on an outside object – alcohol – to ease his nerves and quench his lingering passions. 


After he shattered her illusion, the woman looked at Ye Zichen, seemingly pleased. “As expected, Brother Ye. You’re no ordinary man.”


“Since you’re capable of breaking my illusions, it seems we’ll be able to work together,” she said. “Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Chi Mei.” [1]


Upon hearing her name, any ordinary person would have panicked. Chi Mei? She was extremely famous throughout the seventy-two districts, and even in the territories beneath the rest of the Divine Mountains. 


Her illusory arts were unparalleled. Ordinary sky immortals, upon entering her illusions, would only harm themselves and spend the rest of their lives trapped in a dreamlike state. This wasn’t the main reason she was so famous, though. Her fame started a few dozen years ago….


The head of the Sky Great District’s Skyspan Sect wanted to take her as his concubine. She refused, instead trapping over three hundred sect members, including several immortal kings and the sect leader, in illusions for over ten years before finally letting them go.


Afterwards, the Skyspan Sect Leader went into his final seclusion; he wouldn’t leave until he died. No one knew what he’d been through while trapped in her illusory world, but they never again heard tell of him trying to take her as a concubine. 


However, Ye Zichen had only just arrived in the seventy-two districts. He’d been there for less than two months; was completely ignorant still. 


Chi Mei!?


Never heard of her!


He rolled his eyes at her, took a swig of booze, and burped. “Do whatever you want, it has nothing to do with me! You came in here and tempted me, got me to drop my pants, and trapped me in an illusion. Now you’re trying to convince me to cooperate with you? Little girl, I’m afraid you’ve lost your wits. Go home and eat some walnuts; I’ve heard they’re good for brain development.”


His words were barbed, but Chi Mei didn’t seem to mind. Her fresh, pure-looking face was entrancing, and her soft figure pressed against Ye Zichen. “If you’re unsatisfied, I can serve you with my body, my prince.”


“Again….?” Ye Zichen instinctively clenched his fists and was about to swing when he sensed something warm pressed to his body. His fist froze in mid-air. “You’re real.”


“Of course I’m real. My illusions are of no use against you, my prince, so only my true body can satisfy you.”


As she spoke, she stroked his arm. Each touch sent ripples through his heart.


Before long, Ye Zichen smiled a perverted grin. He reached out to touch her face, but Chi Mei stopped him halfway through.


“But before that, could you agree to a favor?”


“Go on, nevermind one favor, even ten thousand favors would be fine.”


“Please accompany me to the Five Elements Great Emperor’s tomb…..”


“Piss off.” He shoved her away, sending her several meters backward. He was now on high alert. 


The Five Elements Great Emperor.

This woman…. Had a landscape painting!


“Prince, are you dissatisfied with me? That doesn’t matter. So long as you agree, I have many sisters. How about we serve you together?” 


After he pushed her away, Chi Mei simply reclined on the floor. Her exquisite curves were like stimulants. Just looking at them filled men with thirst.


However, no matter how enticing her offer, in Ye Zichen’s eyes, beauty wasn’t worth dying over. 


“Quit spouting nonsense. Who the hell are you and why are you here?” 


“Didn’t I tell you? My name is Chi Mei, and I came here to make a request of you, my prince,” she laughed alluringly.


“Alright,” said Ye Zichen. “Then let me tell you, I can’t fulfill your request. Find someone else to help you.”


With that, he pushed her out of his room. This woman was far too suspicious. He’d only recently obtained the Five Elements painting and been stained with the Five Elements Great Emperor and God Emperor’s karma. 


He’d only left the painting for half a day, but this woman had already come looking for him. 


“That’s no good.” 


Chi Mei suddenly rose to her feet. Her former coquettish mannerisms disappeared in an instant. She sat across from him at the tea table and pulled out a scroll. 


The landscape painting!


When he saw it, Ye Zichen’s expression instantly shifted. 


As expected, Chi Mei had a piece of the painting too!


“If you recognize this painting, you’re connected to it by destiny. Ordinary people look at it and see nothing but a landscape painting, but I’m certain you saw its contents. Since you saw the Five Elements Great Emperor and Zhou….wuh……”


Chi Mei got about halfway through Zhou Wu’s name before a large pair of hands clamped over her mouth. She struggled her way free, then saw Ye Zichen furrow his brows. 


“Are you insane? Die you want, but don’t drag me down with you!” 

[1] This is the name of a type of man-eating demon, not a real human name. 

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