Chapter 1083 - A Man’s Two Most Important Things

Zheng Yunan and Cai Renfei’s wedding was already settled. Their relationship with the Cai Family combined with their newfound qilin son Wu Di meant that everyone in Raging Flame City had to treat them with greater caution and respect than before.


After becoming the clan’s qilin son, his family arranged a new residence for Wu Di, and the clan’s elders showered him with praises.


His courtyard was piled high with congratulatory gifts. The clan had even sent elders of internal affairs to retrieve his mother’s remains to rebury them in the family’s ancestral hall and record her name in the family registers. 


It was fair to say that Wu Di had obtained everything he’d ever dreamed of, but he couldn’t bring himself to smile. 




Double blessings filled the entire Wu Family with excitement. In order to celebrate their clan’s rise to prominence, they partied late into the night. However, despite the commotion around them, two people sat quietly in their rooms and didn’t partake in any of the festivities. 


One was Zheng Yunan, the Cai Family’s bride-to-be. The other was the Wu Family’s qilin son, Wu Di.


Wu Di sat in a corner, listening to the endless commotion around him in a daze. After a while, he slipped out of the family estates without anyone noticing. 


After some hesitation, Wu Di arrived at the Hundred Daybreaks Inn and asked a waiter, “Excuse me, is there a ‘Senior Ye’ staying here?”


Before the waiter could say anything, a low voice echoed through his consciousness. “Bring him up.” The waiter asked no further questions. Instead, he smiled, and indicated for Wu Di to follow him to the fifth floor.


Wu Di gently pushed open the door and saw Ye Zichen seated beside a low table and pouring him a cup of tea. 


Wu Di stood in the doorway and cupped his hands respectfully. “Master.” 


Ye Zichen smiled at him and beckoned him over. “Come here and take a seat.”


The tea was piping hot and fragrant. This type of fragrant tea was only produced in the Earth Great District. It was called “Rapture.”


Just like its name implied, just smelling this tea was enough to refresh the heart and mind. 


As it entered your throat, it made you feel light as a feather, as if you’d shed the pain of mortal existence. 


When Ye Zichen left the Wu Family, the deacon of the Skyspan Trading Company had given it to him. Ye Zichen didn’t know why he’d received such a present, nor did he have time to concern himself over the matter.


“Try a sip. This tea’s not bad.” 


Ye Zichen took a sip, then pointed at Wu Di’s cup. When he saw his apprentice sit despondently, he smiled and set down his cup. 


“I almost forgot to congratulate you. Congratulations on becoming the Wu Family’s qilin son, and on reburying your mother’s remains in your family’s ancestral hall. You have everything you ever wanted. Congratulations.” As soon as he said this, Ye Zichen looked up and took note of Wu Di’s expression. All he saw his apprentice forcing a smile. Wu Di clenched his teacup, raised it, then lowered it without taking a sip. 


A long time passed, but Wu Di said nothing.


“It’s the middle of the night, so I’m going to get ready for bed.” 


“Master.” Just as Ye Zichen was about to leave, Wu Di finally broke his silence. However, just two syllables later, he stopped. His lips quivered, and he looked deeply conflicted.


“If you have something to say, just say it. I’m your master; you can tell me anything.” Ye Zichen stopped and smiled calmly at his apprentice. 


Wu Di fidgeted nervously for a while, but finally, he sighed and said respectfully, “If you need to rest, Master, I’ll leave you alone.”


As Ye Zichen watched his forlorn form fade away, he called out, “Do you know why I’m still awake? Do you know I waited here for you for so long?”


“I don’t know,” said Wu Di.


“Zheng Yunan is about to become the sacrificial lamb used to forge a marriage alliance between the Wu and Cai families,” said Ye Zichen. “I think she deserves better.” 


Wu Di, who was still bowing to Ye Zichen, suddenly shook from head to toe. A  jade hairpin fell from sleeves and clattered to the ground. Ye Zichen waved his hand, summoning it right to him, and examined it playfully.


“She’s about to get married. What are you holding onto this for? How about I break it for you?” 


Wu Di suddenly reached forward in a desperate attempt to stop him. “No…..” 


“Hah….” Ye Zichen chuckled, then walked up to Wu Di. He placed the hairpin back into Wu Di’s pocket, then patted his shoulders. 


After returning the hairpin, Ye Zichen looked out the window, a profound and solemn look in his eyes. “For a true man’s life to be considered worthwhile, there are two things he must take hold of. Do you know what they are?” 


Wu Di said nothing, so Ye Zichen continued, “the first is earthly power and authority. The second is a woman’s hand.” 


Wu Di, still silent, shook from head to toe. He looked up as if he wanted to say something, but saw that Ye Zichen had already vanished. 


“If you want her, go and take her. Don’t let your life be in vain. Don’t worry; your master will always support you. Alright then, it’s also late. Head on back and get some rest. Don’t forget to close the door behind you.” 


Wu Di respectfully bade farewell. The instant he closed the door, he clenched his fists, then bowed deeply towards Ye Zichen’s room. 


“Thank you, Master.”


Ye Zichen couldn’t help but shake his head and smile. However, shortly afterward, he sighed.


He could support Wu Di, but who could support him?


Earthly power, women’s hands….


He’d failed to hold onto either of them!


“‘Rule with an iron fist by day, rest your head on a beauty’s lap by night.’ Brother Ye, I’m surprised you’re so sentimental.”  At that moment, a woman suddenly appeared in Ye Zichen’s room, occupying Wu Di’s former seat.


Her eyes were bright, her brows curved, her nose arched and prominent, and her lips were tender and pink. She was simultaneously delicate and pretty and explosive. 


Her upper body was naked save for a few strips of white cloth covering up a few key locations. On her lower body, she wore skin-tight leather pants. 


Her reddish-brown hair hung over her shoulders. A pendant hung from her tender white neck, directly over her breasts. 


She held a teacup containing some of the tea Ye Zichen had brewed. 


“And here I thought you wanted to peep on me as I slept,” said Ye Zichen, not at all surprised by the woman’s sudden appearance. On the contrary; it seemed he’d known she was there the whole time. 


The woman didn’t respond. Instead, she lifted her cup to her lips and took a sip. “I never would have guessed I’d get the chance to taste Rapture here. It’s the real thing, too!” 


She licked her lips. Her seductive movements combined with her delicate beauty and intense gaze were so bewitching, her very move set men’s passions ablaze. 


Naturally, Ye Zichen was no exception. He instantly arrived at her side, cupped her dainty chin, and turned her head towards him. “It’s the middle of the night, yet you come here alone to a man’s room, and even move so seductively? Can I assume you’re trying to tempt me?”


The woman didn’t seem afraid at all. Instead, she intentionally moved her face closer to Ye Zichen, so close, their lips almost touched. 


“You can think that if you want.” The fragrant smell of orchids spread from her body, but at that moment, Ye Zichen pushed her away.


“I’m very sorry,” he said. “I know I’m so charming, you can't help but be infatuated, but you’re not my type. If you have something to say, spit it out. I want to hurry up and go to sleep!” 

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