Chapter 1082 - A Double Blessing

Wu Di was just too dazzling. Although the Li Family had given up on acting against him, Li Na couldn’t help but ask, “Husband, how about we have Wu Di test his power with the spirit stele?” 


That Condensing Immortality Pill was supposed to be for her son, but now that little beast showed up and snatched it from right under their noses.


How could she possibly bear this?


“No need,” said Wu Wenguang. He rarely disregarded Li Na’s face, but he did this time, snorting, “Wu Di is now our Wu Family’s qilin son. Li Na, I know you detest Wu Di, but you’d best not make any trouble for him in the future, or I won’t let your Li Family off.” 


His imposing aura as head of the family had fully surfaced. Li Na looked at the sharp and imposing Wu Wenguang. He seemed almost like a stranger.


In the past, she wore the pants in the family. Wu Wenguang never dared say no to her, but now he was threatening her, and so heavy-handedly, too!


“Wu Wenguang.” Li Na gnashed her teeth furiously. Normally, she got what she wanted when she rebuked him, but this time, her words had no effect on her husband. 


“Sit down obediently and smile nicely for the crowd. Otherwise, nevermind you…… I’ll uproot your entire family. Don’t think I don’t know how many of Wu Di’s resources your Li Family has secretly swallowed up. After this, I, Wu Wenguang, will make your family spit all of them back up.” 


Wu Wenguang snorted coldly at Li Na, then softened his expression and smiled at Cai Tong. “Senior, Wu Di is now our clan’s qilin son. Please, show mercy on him and spare his life. I can guarantee that he will have no contact with Yunan in the future.” 


A qilin son was a symbol of a clan’s future prosperity. They couldn’t simply abandon him. Even if the Cai Family was powerful, they had to ensure Wu Di’s safety.


Cai Tong knew full well how important such a talent was to a clan, and besides, he couldn’t see through Wu Di’s master’s strength. 


“Wenguang, since he’s your family’s qilin son, I naturally won’t say any more about this. However, please ensure that I won’t see any ‘unpleasant’ situations occur.”


“Of course, of course. That’s only natural.” Wu Wenguang smiled obsequiously, straightened up his lapels, and strolled proudly up to Wu Di.  


However, when he saw Ye Zichen, his heart thudded nervously. 


This was an expert who dared mock even Cai Tong, and who attacked without warning. 


“Senior, you’re Wu Di’s master, right?”


“Mm. Don’t mind me. Do you whatever you need to do. Do mind if I borrow your seat for a bit?” asked Ye Zichen.”


“No problem. Please take a seat.” How could Wu Wenguang dare refuse him? Nevermind sitting in the family head’s seat. If Ye Zichen had insisted on acting as family head for a few days, Wu Wenguang still couldn’t possibly say no!


Ye Zichen smiled calmly, then sat atop Wu Wenguang’s chair. 


However, just as he was about to sit down, he glanced at Cai Renfei and Cai Tong and smiled. Then, without saying anything at all, he took a seat.


“Why is he here too?” Cai Renfei furrowed his brows. He was at odds with Ye Zichen. However, judging from his behavior just now, Ye Zichen had no intention of greeting him.


In that case, it was best to ignore him. He had no urgent need for revenge. That guy dared attack his Cai family’s experts, and even came close to injuring his grandfather, Cai Tong. 


Even so, Cai Tong kept his silence. Obviously, he was trying to avoid further trouble.


After politely seeing Ye Zichen off, Wu Wenguang looked at Wu Di, his gaze complicated. He wanted to pat his son, who he’d never spent any time with, on the shoulder, but Wu Di instinctively avoided his touch.


“It seems you really hate me.” Wu Wenguang smiled bitterly at his son. In his heart, he let out a melancholy sigh, but he made no attempt to explain himself. Instead, forced a smile, then turned to onlookers and announced, “Wu Di has taken first place in this year’s grand competition.”


As soon as he spoke, someone approached from the side carrying a tray draped with red cloth.


“The prize for first place is a Condensing Immortality Pill. I will now present it to Wu Di personally.”


He lifted the red fabric, revealing the pill bottle below. When the onlookers heard that this was a condensing immortality pill, they were stunned. The Wu Family really put a lot of money into this.”


“Lil’ Di, take it. You deserve this.” He slipped the bottle into Wu Di’s hands. Off to the side, Wu Qiang gnashed his teeth bitterly. Those pills were supposed to be his!


Wu Di was twenty-five already, but this was his first time experiencing the warmth of his father’s hands. He felt a painful twinge in his nose, but when he considered the way his mother had died, he suppressed it. He clenched the pills, then removed his hand.


Sensing his distance with Wu Di, Wu Wenguang couldn’t help but sigh inwardly. He understood his son’s emotions, however. He really had mistreated him and his mother.


After delivering the prize, the onlookers started congratulating them.


“Thank you for your kind words, everyone,” said Wu Wenguang. “Obtaining a qilin son is truly a blessing for the entire Wu Family. Perhaps this is truly our lucky day we’ve enjoyed great two blessings in one day!”


A double blessing!


Everyone, from the spectating family clans to the younger generation of the Wu Family, revealed strange expressions. One of the two blessings was obviously Wu Di, their Qilin son. The other….. Was probably their marriage alliance with the Cai Family.


However, they still didn’t know which member of the Wu Family would become this marriage alliance’s sacrificial lamb.


Wu Di clenched his pill bottle, his expression solemn. Among the crowd, perhaps only he and Ye Zichen hadn’t already known about the Wu Family’s upcoming marriage alliance with the Cai Family. 


“In three months time, our family’s Zheng Yunan will marry into the Cai Family, forming a marriage alliance and connecting our two families.”


As soon as he spoke, a slender and graceful figure appeared before the crowd. Zheng Yunan wore a long red dress. Zheng Chenggong took her by the hand and led her to Cai Renfei’s side.


“Zheng Yunan. So it was her!”


Zheng Yunan’s name was somewhat familiar to the people of Raging Flame City. Of course, since she was a junior, they only knew about her because of her grandfather, Zheng Chenggong. 


But even if the Wu Family wanted an alliance with the Cai Family, how could they possibly use her…..?


The Wu Family’s younger generation all froze in astonishment. They never would have guessed she’d be the one used to form this marriage alliance. 


Standing by Wu Wenguang’s side, Wu Di froze in astonishment. He instinctively reached into his pocket and saw the jade hairpin Zheng Yunan gave him. He suddenly recalled the conversation they’d had back in the corner of the arena before the contest started.


Why did she come here in a dress?


Why did she pull him aside and ask him those questions?


Why did she remove the hairpin she’d always treasured and return it to him?


When he saw Zheng Yunan reappear in her long red dress, walk up to Cai Renfei’s side, and force a polite, artificial smile, her gaze hollow….


Wu Di understood completely. 


She was about to get married.

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