Chapter 1081 - Dazzling

The instant the silver needle flew towards Cai Tong, several experts of the Cai Family roared, “Elder Cai, be careful.”


The needle was so fast that, if you listened closely, you could hear it piece through the air. The Cai Family experts wanted to charge forth, but their speed simply wasn’t enough to stop the incoming needle. 


However, Cai Tong was no ordinary old man, either.  He was a peerless earth immortal expert, or perhaps even a sky immortal. 


His fingers struck like lightning. Soon, a silver needle appeared in his hands. “Hmph.”


He flicked the needle back towards Ye Zichen, who seemed to have had enough. He slapped it out of the air, shattering it into pieces, then looked at Cai Tong indifferently.

The various experts of the Cai Family were overcome with fury. Fortunately, the needle hadn’t hurt Cai Tong at all, otherwise, they feared this incident would cost them their heads. Also, this person had injured several of them. Those who remained instantly charged at Ye Zichen.


“Stop it, all of you,” said Cai Tong, his voice hale and hearty for his age. The experts immediately backed down. “Your Excellency, what is the meaning of this? I don’t recall having a grudge against you. Why are you attacking me with hidden weapons? Did another of the Profound Great District’s family clans send you?”


Cai Tong had a dignified look in turbid eyes. When Ye Zichen heard his words, he couldn’t help but snicker. This geezer really knows how to act!


Ye Zichen chuckled, patted Wu Di on the shoulder, and shrugged in confusion. “Are all of you deaf? Didn’t you hear Wu Di address me as ‘Master?’ Look at you, it’s like you want to eat me alive. What are you doing? Are you trying to threaten me?” 


He rolled his eyes at Cai Tong and his subordinates, then laughed, “Just now, I was fixing my apprentice’s injuries. He said his spiritual energy vanished. I’ve cultivated for many years, but have never encountered such a thing, so I examined him and, to my surprise, found a silver needle stabbed straight into his spiritual sea.”


The surrounding clansmen’s expressions changed instantaneously. So there was a needle piercing Wu Di’s spiritual sea! This was obviously intentional.


Martial artists' spiritual seas were extremely vulnerable. The slightest carelessness could result in collapse and becoming an ordinary person. Sharp objects like needles were especially harmful. 


Even if Wu Di and Ye Zichen wanted to frame Cai Tong, they didn’t need to do something so risky.


Besides, given the strength Ye Zichen had just displayed, if he wanted to kill Cai Tong, he didn’t need to resort to assassination. 


When Cai Tong heard this, his expression froze. Before long, he regained control of his emotions, narrowed his eyes, and chuckled, “I’m afraid this is all a misunderstanding. I just don’t know who was bold enough to try something like this under the circumstances.”


“Who knows? This world has never lacked for shameless bastards, especially old, decrepit ones who love pretending to be venerable sages in public, then engage in all kinds of twisted, despicable behavior the moment others turn their backs. Ai, old man….. Don’t you think old bastards like that don’t deserve descendants? Their line ought to end with them, right?”


Ye Zichen’s lips twitched meaningfully, his face a mask of righteous indignation, as if he’d found a like-minded ally.


The corners of Cai Tong’s mouth twitched. “That sort of behavior is indeed shameless, but ending their family line seems a bit over the top.”


“Waaah, old man, you’re truly kind-hearted. From the look of things, you must be the just and virtuous type.”


Cai Tong smiled tightly, but Ye Zichen ignored him. Instead, he turned to Wu Di. “My dear apprentice, try again. Your spiritual power should have returned.


Wu Di didn’t doubt him. He inwardly murmured an incantation. Soon, vast spiritual power billowed out of his body. 

This spiritual power transformed into wave after wave of spiritual energy, creating winds so fierce, the others in the arena struggled to even open their eyes.


“The peak of entering immortality!" Wu Wenguang slammed the table and rose to his feet, his eyes flashing with undisguised excitement, while the onlookers, including those from local peak-level clans, were utterly astonished."


"Family Head Wu, how old is he this year....?" asked the Skyspan Trading Company deacon.


Wu Wenguang smiled in satisfaction. “Twenty-five.”


The other clan heads were astonished. The peak of immortality at twenty-five? And he wasn’t like Wu Qiang: this wasn’t simply the result of consuming lots of cultivation-boosting pills. 


“This level of talent can only be described as unearthly.” The deacon sighed to himself. 


The onlooking families cupped their hands in respect and congratulated him as well, “congratulations, Family Head Wu, on obtaining a qilin son.” 


A “qilin son” meant a genius of the younger generation capable of bringing glory to the family for a thousand years. Hitting the peak of entering immortality at twenty five meant that, barring unexpected accidents, he’d become an earth immortal or even a sky immortal within a thousand years. 


Although he hadn’t grown up yet, this sort of monstrous existence was enough to intimidate the other families.


“Brother Wu, congratulations!” Even the Liu and Wang Families had to say something. Although they had stronger foundations, today, the Wu Family obtained both a qilin son and a marriage alliance with the Profound Great District’s Cai Family. They’d likely become Raging Flame City’s top family clan within the next thousand years. 


“Ha ha ha, this is good for all of us!” Wu Wenguang smiled in delight. He never would have guessed Wu Di possessed such talent. Like this, returning to the clan would be no trouble aat all.


Even if Li Na wanted to object, the elders would override her. 


This competition’s first prize was a condensing immortality pill. With it, Wu Di would likely reach human immortality soon!


A twenty-five year old human immortal might make it to sky immortal in less than a hundred years!


This was absolutely splendid news!


Li Na’s expression was unsightly. She’d originally assumed that whelp, Wu Di, and his master would both die here. To her surprise, his master far exceeded her expectations, and moreover, that Wu Di brat revealed such shocking talent…..


He was going to be allowed back into the clan’s main estates, and would quite possibly become the next head of the family! 

In that case, all the years the Li Family had put into planning were for nothing!


She inexplicably glanced off into the distance and saw her family’s elders shake their heads. The Li Family naturally didn’t want to see Wu Di return, but the current situation was already out of thor control. They’d just have to wait for another opportunity.


“Peak entering immortality!” The Wu Family’s younger generation watched Wu Di’s vast and billowing aura in astonishment. A few of them had entered immortality, and Wu Qiang had even reached mid-stage entering immortality, but they were stunned nonetheless. 


It might seem like they were only a step away, but in truth, the gap was enormous. 


“How is this possible?!” Wu Qiang clenched his fists and gnashed his teeth. The Condensing immortality pill was supposed to be his! Yet now Wu Di, who he’d never once taken seriously, had actually……


“Interesting.” By comparison, Wu Hai’s response was much calmer. Even without Wu Di, that pill wouldn’t have fallen into his hands. He was naturally happy to see Wu Di snatch it from Wu Qiang.


“It seems I’ve got to get closer to Wu Di!” 


The Wu Family’s younger generation all reacted differently, but at the very least, the way they looked at Wu Di had changed. 

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