Chapter 108 The Conference in the Heavenly Court ended

Chapter 108 – The Conference in the Heavenly Court ended

Wu Deyou’s face instantly darkened.

Ye Zichen actually said that he was sick in front of so many people.

“I have been a doctor for so many years, could I be unclear about the condition of my own body? Young man, stop being demagogic here.”

“How am I demagogic? I’m doing this for your good,” Ye Zichen frowned helplessly. “ Of course, you are indeed a doctor. But haven’t you learnt that doctors don’t cure themselves after being a doctor for so many years?”

“Then say what sickness I have,”  Wu Deyou’s smile had completely disappeared,Ye Zichen still dared to claim he was sick in front of all these people, it would be strange if he could still be in a good mood after that.

“Alright, then I’ll go ahead and say it!” Ye Zichen pursed his lips and smiled. Huang Shengmei, who was by the side, wanted to stop him, but when she saw his confident gaze, she immediately stopped herself.

“Recently, have your eyes been swollen when you wake up? When you wash your hair, a large amount of hair falls out? When you drink a normal amount of water, you have to wake up to go to the bathroom more than three times during the night?”


Wu Duyou’s expression froze.

“It seems like you haven’t realized how severe the problem is yet. It was lucky for you to have met me, otherwise…” Ye Zichen shook his head with a sigh, as if he would have been beyond saving otherwise.

No one wouldn’t place an importance on their health and Wu Deyou was no exception. The three points he said earlier were indeed describing his situation, so he couldn’t help but reply seriously, “What sickness is this?”

“Now you believe that you’re sick, right?” Ye Zichen grinned playfully. “Try and press down on the right side of your stomach.”

Wu Deyou pressed down without thinking.

Nothing happened.

“A bit more down, and press it hard.”



A terrible stench instantly filled the restaurant, causing the customers within to all cover their mouths and noses as they ran out.

Wu Deyou’s face also turned green.

“You messed with me.”

“Who messed with you? As a doctor, you don’t even remember the uses of your acupoints and you’re saying that I messed with you? But I did it for your own good, it was to help you release some foul gas from within…”

Puu… Ugh…

“Brat, I’ve remembered you.”

Wu Deyou instantly ran away from the restaurant frantically. Meanwhile, Ye Zichen fanned in front of his nose a few times, then saw towards Huang Shengmei, “Let’s go as well.”


Your affability level with Huang Shengmei increased by 20. Current affability level: 535.

Ye Zichen smiled when he finally sent Huang Shengmei to the hospital, “I didn’t cause trouble for you, right? I just didn’t like the look of that geezer.”

“No way, I didn’t like the look of him either. If he really causes trouble for me and I can’t deal with it, then I’ll just change hospitals.” Huang Shengmei smiled. Suddenly, she bit her lips with a blush, then moved her head forward, and kissed Ye Zichen’s cheek. “I’ll be going to work now.”

After Ye Zichen sent Huang Shengmei off, Liu Qing floated out and said slowly, “You started picking up girls again.”

Ye Zichen was stunned, then said with a face of speechlessness, “How did I start picking up girls again?”

“You didn’t?” Liu Qing pouted and pointed at him. “You helped Huang Shengmei’s little brother cure his leg without asking for anything in return, don’t you know that actions like this are the easiest to move a woman? Just now, you helped her teach that guy a lesson as well. If nothing happens, then Huang Shengmei would definitely fall for you.”

She already fell for me, okay?

Ye ZIchen couldn’t help but retort in his mind.

They already had a marriage string and the affability level was through 500, it already surpassed the limit of a couple.

“Also, you got Huang Shengmei’s little brother to play professionally is for that girl called Jing Wan, right?”

Ye Zichen nodded, Jing Wan was the only person he knew that wanted to establish a team.

“See, isn’t that, right?” Liu Qing frowned and pouted. “That’s why I say you scheme a lot.”


How am I scheming?

“The biggest problem that Jing Wan faces right now towards the establishment of her team is the lack of players. Wouldn’t she be thankful if you bring a top laner to her?”

Hearing Liu Qing’s words, it really didn’t seem like it.

“You look rather harmless, but you are really good at playing hot and cold. This girl is impressed,” With that, Liu Qing bowed with her hands folded in front.

Ye Zichen instantly felt troubled. He swore to the heavens and earth that he truly didn’t think so much. He purely wanted to help Jing Wan, he didn’t think of anything else.

What did he sound like someone who committed countless sins from Liu Qing’s words.

“From what you say, then having you by my side and finding a chance to revive you and help you take revenge is courting you as well?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

Hearing that, Liu Qing twitched her mouth, “Wait till you actually do it.”

This damn chick.

Ye Zichen got annoyed when he looked at Liu Qing’s face. However, he was truly reluctant to hit or scold her.

After all, this girl was just so cute.


When Ye Zichen’s phone rang, he told Liu Qing that he’ll deal with her later, then picked up the call.

“Ye-zi, I did the supermarket stuff for you.”

Hearing that, Ye Zichen turned extremely thankful, “I’ll be right there.”

Half an hour later, Ye Zichen arrived at the supermarket in his car.

There wasn’t any signage for the supermarket. This was something that he had specifically told Su Yiyun to do.

His supermarket wasn’t going to sell stuff to people, it was to sell stuff to deities.

“How is it? Not bad, right?” Su Yiyun pointed at the stuffed supermarket with pride. He couldn’t be any busier these few days, but at least the result looked pretty good.

Ye Zichen had helped him solve the trouble with Commissioner Liu and saved their family’s old man.

Now, their entire family treated Ye Zichen as their savior.

He had always wanted to chance to repay Ye Zichen, but there was never the opportunity. This supermarket was the simplest thing he could do for Ye Zichen to pay him back.

That was why he worked full-heartedly these few days and sorted everything out as quick as possible.

“Great! It’s truly great,” Ye Zichen revealed a look of excitement. He didn’t think that Su Yiyun even would have helped him stock up. This truly saved Ye Zichen a lot of trouble.

“I have a friend that runs a food processing factory. I got this stuff from him. Here is his card, just go to him if you need to stock up with anything,” Su Yiyun handed Ye Zichen a card, which the latter received with a nod, while his gaze remained at the room full of snacks.

These treasures were all chips for him to get rich in the future.

Su Yiyun couldn’t help but smile when he saw Ye Zichen’s satisfied expression.

“Alright, stop being happy, I’ve been tired out these few days. Shouldn’t you treat me to something?”


Ye Zichen’s phone rang. His shoulders immediately shook, and looked at his phone, then saw the Monkey King and co. speaking in the group.

Monkey King: It’s finally over, that old kid, the Jade Emperor, bullshits way too much.

Erlang Shen: Outrageous!

Monkey King: My son, you’re unhappy when I speak about your relatives?

Canopy Marshal: Monkey King, True Lord Erlang, can you two stop arguing?

Monkey King: Retard, you’re helping outsiders now? Did you forget how Old Sun helped you back in the days?

Third Prince Nezha: Hehe, it’s so lively here, so much more than the other group.

Yue Lao: Stop arguing. Didn’t celestial friend Nameless tell us to inform him when we finish our conference in order to talk about the spokesperson matter?

Old Lord Taishang: Yeah.

Third Prince Nezha: @Only Idealism, our conference is finished.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but lick his lips and reveal a heated light from his eyes as he looked at the scrolling messages on the screen.

“Ye-zi, what is it?”

Hearing that, Ye Zichen came back to himself, then patted Su Yiyun’s shoulder with a laugh..

“Treating you to a meal is no problem, but it’ll have to wait a bit.”

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