Chapter 1072 - Who Hit Him?


The innkeeper of the Hundred Daybreaks Inn was an honest, kindly-looking middle-aged man. He ran multiple inns, so he wasn’t usually on premise. This time, another employee had gone l booking for him. After hearing their report, the innkeeper dared not delay. He immediately rushed over.


An arrogant looking youth stood across  from him. He was handsome and lavishly dressed, but his eyes were sunken and his temples were overly prominent. His steps were weak and shaky, as if he’d had a bit too much to drink. 


He was currently waving his hands, his eyelids drooping and his mouth twitching. He was accompanied by several attendants. Every one of them was big and strong, and was at least a human immortal. This was obviously no ordinary group. 


“Young Master Cai, I’d like to apologize on behalf of my employee. He didn’t know that you had a year-round reservation. Also, it’s been years since your last visit to Raging Flame City, which is why he rented out your room. It’s my fault for not discussing it with him earlier. Please, for my sake, show mercy on him.” The innkeeper pled non-stop for mercy on the clerk’s behalf, but the youth showed him no respect at all. 


“‘For your sake?’ What are you, even?” he laughed darkly, “Why should I give you face? This clerk of yours sold my room to someone else. Did any of you give me face?” With that, he glanced meaningfully at his attendants. “Beat him up!”


The attendants didn’t hesitate. They rolled up their sleeves and stepped towards the clerk. 


Hey, everyone…… are you having a party in front of my room?” Ye Zichen stepped outside and yawned. “Can I ask you to change locations? I’m a light sleeper. If there’s a  commotion outside, I won’t be able to sleep.”


With that, Ye Zichen turned around and went back inside. When the innkeeper saw him, he frowned. He hadn’t been at this location much lately, and didn’t recognize Ye Zichen. However, now that this room’s owner was here, this problem had become much simpler. “Dear guest, you’re the one staying in the heaven suite, correct? This clerk of ours is a new recruit and doesn’t know the rules. In truth, Young Master Cai has a standing reservation; we can’t rent his room to others. If it’s not too much trouble, please vacate the room.  We’ll give you ten times its cost as compensation.  How does that sound?”


Ten times was no small sum. The innkeeper said that in hope of resolving this dispute as soon as possible.


Ye Zichen was just about to return to his room. He froze, then arched his brows at the innkeeper. “You’re the boss here?”


“That’s right.” The innkeeper smiled. “I’m Kong San, the owner of the Hundred Daybreaks Inn.”


“Mister Kong, I apologize for not greeting you earlier.” Ye Zichen smiled and greeted him courteously. “You said that this young master pre-booked this room. Did he place a deposit?”


“This….” Kong San wanted to say something, but stopped. Given his experience, he naturally understood what Ye Zichen was trying to say.


“Brat, are you a guest here?” One of the bulky men accompanying Young Master Cai shouted furiously, “Let me tell you, our family’s young master has a standing reservation for this room. If you know what’s good for you, hurry up and vacate the room, then clean it thoroughly. If you do, we might spare you on account of your ignorance.”


Ye Zichen glanced at him. It was immediately obvious that he was nothing but a brainless meathead. He wouldn’t lower himself by talking to an attendant. Instead, he smiled warmly at the young master. “Did you place a deposit?”


Young Master Cai wasn’t as brainless as his subordinates. Nevermind that he’d already reserved this room, anyone who could afford the Heaven Suite had to be at least somewhat capable.


He could tell that Ye Zichen was no ordinary man. He had someone accompanying him too; he might be another family’s young master. He himself was here on business, so he’d prefer to avoid trouble if he could.


Young Master Cai thought it over, then smiled and greeted Ye Zichen respectfully. “I am Cai Renfei of the Profound Great District’s Cai Family. Please forgive my attendant’s rudeness just now. It’s true; I never placed a deposit on the room, but Innkeeper Kong knows that this room is my…..”


“Without a deposit, what good is a verbal promise? I bought my way into this room with cold, hard cash. First come, first serve. You’ll need to wait until I’m done with this room before you can move in. This inn has lots of other rooms; just stay in another one. What on earth are you bothering me for?”


With that, Ye Zichen shoved Cai Renfei aside, using so much force, he slammed the young master into the walls of the hallway.


“Look at this weak body of yours. If you have time to treat others ruthlessly, you’d be better off spending it cultivating.”


“Impudent!” As soon as Ye Zichen spoke, several of his attendants charged Ye Zichen, who simply glanced back at them….


Bang! Bang! Bang!


The attendants rushing him were swept back into a corner. The other attendants, who’d gone to help Cai Renfei to his feet instead, were immediately infuriated. They wanted to rush Ye Zichen as well, but before they could, Cai Renfei shouted, “Stay your hand.” 


Once they’d stopped, Cai Renfei stood, supporting himself against the wall, and laughed, “You’re right, Senior. My physique is indeed somewhat lacking. I ought to train harder. If you like this room, I’ll leave it to you. This junior will simply go find another.”


Cai Renfei smiled. When Ye Zichen first pushed him, he was overcome with fury, but after watching Ye Zichen take out a whole group of attendants in a single swing, he calmed down. This was obviously a peerless expert.


This wasn’t the Profound Great District, nor his Cai Family’s estate. It was better to keep a low profile.


He smiled modestly and nodded at Ye Zichen, then turned to lead his subordinates in search of another room.


“Wait a minute….” When Ye Zichen saw that Cai Renfei was about to leave, he called him to a stop, then approached the clerk who’d always treated him so well. He put a hand on his shoulder. 


The clerk sensed someone touching him and struggled to open his eyes. They were both so puffy, he could only see through a tiny slit. “Sir….”


Ye Zichen nodded, his heart aching, then narrowed his eyes at Cai Renfei and his subordinates. “Who hit him?”


Cai Renfei said nothing. Given his status, there was naturally no way he’d hit a servant himself. At that moment, an early-stage human immortal attendant stepped forward and snorted arrogantly, “I hit him. He was rude to my family’s young…..”


 Before the human immortal attendant could finish his sentence, he felt a sudden impact slam into his chest. There was a loud crunch, then he toppled over backwards.


He coughed up a big mouthful of fresh blood. He was visibly dispirited….


“Senior.” Cai Renfei grew increasingly infuriated. He thought he’d already given Ye Zichen plenty of face, yet now he went and hit his attendant over a mere servant?


“This clerk is my bro. How can I just watch you beat him for no good reason?” He glowered coldly at Cai Renfei, startling him. His gaze was simply far too intimidating. Cai Renfei had been about to say something, but he immediately swallowed his words.


“Also, I don’t have a particularly good temper. I’m a little worried that if this goes on, I won’t be able to resist beating you all up to vent my anger. For the sake of your safety, I encourage you to stay somewhere else and never appear in front of me ever again!”

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