Chapter 107 You’re sick

Chapter 107 – You’re sick

“You’ve recovered pretty well. It’ll be pretty much done when I come treat you next Monday. Now, you can try to get your legs to take more burden and try to stand up.”

Ye Zichen patted Huang Yi’s waist and stood up from the chair.

Ye Zichen’s qi manipulation was also becoming more and more fluid through his treatment of Huang Yi.

For one ting, he didn’t sweat like he had just been fished out of water.

“Ye Zichen, wipe your sweat,” Huang Shengmei handed the towel over.

Ye Zichen smiled with a nod.

Meanwhile, Huang Yi, who was on the bed said excitedly, “I can really stand up?”

“Of course, would Zichen-ge lie to you?” Ye Zichen smiled without denying it.

Huang Yi rolled around and looked up at the ceiling with a smile, “Oh yeah, Zichen-ge, what was with the question about asking me if I wanted to go pro?”

“My friend started a team, and they’re lacking a top laner. If you want to go pro after you recover, then I can introduce you. Of course, it would depend on your wishes, if you don’t want to…”

“Of course I want to,” Huang Yi slammed the bed with his both his hands and a resolute expression, “Going pro has always been my dream. I have only watched them play at home before, it would be amazing if I can play as well.”

“Then I’ll bring you over to have a look when you recover,” Ye Zichen patted Huang Yi’s shoulders, then pulled Huang Shengmei out of the room.

“Huang Yi recovered really well. I recommend you to ask for leave from the hospital and take care of him completely at home for a week. He should be able to stand up when I come next Monday. Of course, you would have to help him do some physical therapy for his leg.”

“Doesn’t that mean that I can’t treat you to dinner again?” Huang Shengmei frowned.

Ye Zichen let out a helpless long sigh, then knocked her on the head, “The point you grabbed onto doesn’t seem right, is eating a meal with me more important than your little brother standing up now?”

“Of course it’s important,” Huang Yi, who was in the bedroom, suddenly said loudly. “Zichen-ge helped us so much, it’s far too normal for sis to treat you to a meal. Don’t worry about me, I have stayed at home by myself all the time before.”

Huang Yi’s assistance caused Huang Shengmei’s eyes to brighten as she looked at Ye Zichen in anticipation.

Since they said all that, it would be a bit wrong for Ye Zichen to refuse.

Thus, Ye Zichen could only nod and accept it without any other choice.

Since Huang Shengmei still needed to return to the hospital to work, the two of them just found a restaurant near the hospital.

Actually, when he was with her, Ye Zichen felt rather…


The tying of their strings came too randomly and their intimacy level rose way too randomly. The promotion of their status to lovers was not natural at all.

Instead, it felt rather forced.

Ye Zichen sat on the chair, unsure of what to do, after ordering a few dishes. Meanwhile, Huang Shengmei held her head with her hands and glanced over his body.


“What happened?” Huang Shengmei raised her eyebrows.

Ye Zichen licked his lips with a brief hesitation, then laughed softly, “Did you just graduate form the University of Medical Science?”

“Pretty much.”

“That’s pretty amazing, you managed to become a resident just after graduation…”

“Perhaps I was rather good at the classes in class, and I was taken care of by Elder Deng when I came to have my internship at the hospital.”

“Elder Deng, Deng Cheng?”

“Mhmm, that’s him,” Huang Shengmei nodded with a smile as admiration shone from her eyes. “Elder Deng is a figure with a huge amount of authority in the medical realm. I was rather lucky to gain his favor.”

Then, she looked over at Ye Zichen with a smile, “But you’re even more amazing. You actually saved someone that Elder Deng couldn’t.”

“I just got lucky!”

“It shouldn’t be. Shortcuts can’t be taken in order to save a patient. The fact that you managed to save him means that you have the ability,” Huang Shengmei’s tone was filled with admiration towards Ye Zichen. “Oh yeah, are you a student at the University of Medical Science, or…”

“I study veterinary medicine.”


Huang Shengmei was shocked.

Veterinary medicine!

Could vets save people now!?

Ye Zichen also understood how much impact his reply had. It was fortunate that the waiters brought the dishes over at that moment, so they were able to move on from the topic.

During the meal, Ye Zichen found that Huang Shengmei was kind of different compared to the girls around him.

Compared to Xiao Yumei’s sexiness, Su Yan and Xia Keke’s youthfulness, her beauty was a more intellectual one.

“Shengmei!” A laughter sounded out.

When Huang Shengmei heard that, she immediately frowned.

Ye Zichen also looked back when he saw this. He saw a chubby man, who wasn’t very tall, walk towards them from the staircase of the second floor.

“You know him?”

“He’s the vice-supervisor of our hospital, Wu Deyou! He is essentially half a boss towards me,” Huang Shengmei frowned. “This guy often hints at a rather affable attitude towards me, but I have played dumb since he didn’t make it clear.”

Unspoken rules!


Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. At the same time, Wu Deyou also walked in front of them with a smile.

“Eating with your little brother?” Wu Deyou laughed softly when he noticed Ye Zichen, causing him to phrase his question in a testing manner.

Huang Shengmei pursed her lips, while Ye Zichen stood up with a smile, “You really know how to crack a joke. Let me introduce myself, I’m Shengmei’s boyfriend, Ye Zichen!”

“Lil’ Huang’s boyfriend,” After a brief tensed expression, the smile returned to Wu Deyou’s face. However, his tone and manner of addressed changed. “Lil’ Huang, you just graduated from the University of Medical Science. It wasn’t easy for you to become a resident. Of course, you performed pretty well in the hospital recently. Actually, I had wanted to step you up towards an attending physician, but you…”

Wu Deyou sighed, then looked meaningfully towards Ye Zichen, “You are at the climbing part of your career, you can’t be like this. Of course, I’m not telling you not to get a boyfriend, it’s just that a boyfriend will cause you to lose concentration. Say, you are always in the surgery room, if anything happens…”

“There is no need for Supervisor Wu to worry about it, I know what I’m doing,” Huang Shengmei stood up from the chair with a peaceful smile.

A light flashed across Wu Deyou’s eyes as he snorted, “Fine, if you don’t listen to your elders, then you’re just going to suffer!”

With that, Supervisor Wu shook his head as he walked towards the outside. As he walked, he muttered to himself, “It seems like you have to calm down for a few years before becoming an attending physician.”

“Supervisor Wu, wait,” Before Huang Shengmei spoke, Ye Zichen suddenly raised his hand and stopped him.

“Hmm?” Wu Deyou stopped after hearing that and looked towards Ye Zichen.

“Supervisor Wu, did you know? You’re sick!”

Ye Zichen replied sternly.

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