Chapter 1068 - Aren’t you Offering this out of Respect?

The sword pressed to Huang Aogu’s neck glinted with cold light. As it cut through his skin, he felt a sharp sting as his entire body stiffened.     


He squinted at the sword pressed to his throat. Cold sweat started flowing uncontrollably down his back. 


“What are you trying to do? I’m the head of the Axe Gang’s base in Raging Flame City. If you kill me, it absolutely won’t end well for you,” said Huang Aogu, his voice trembling. He tried to pull away, but found that wherever he went, the sword followed. In fact, it only pressed even deeper into his neck. His throat was already seeping deep red blood. The sharp pain was so terrifying, he dared not make any sudden moves. 


The other captains watched Huang Aogu nervously. This wasn’t out of selflessness, however. They were currently all in the same boat. If Huang Aogu said the wrong thing and infuriated this star of calamity, it likely wouldn’t end well for them either. 


Ye Zichen laughed calmly. He’d already heard more than enough of this sort of baseless, yet vicious nonsense. Besides, he wasn’t at all intimidated by the Age Gang’s headquarters. 


Even if the Green Gang backing them showed up, they’d at most be able to whip out a supreme, but was that enough to scare Ye Zichen?


To tell the truth, Ye Zichen was starting to be glad he’d ascended to the seventy-two districts. Here, he was at the top of the food chain. He could be as aggressive as he wanted. If he didn’t like the look of someone, he could just whack them.


This was way better than ascending directly to the Divine Mountains and constantly running into Sky Supremes and Diviners. On the Divine Mountain, he’d have no choice but to act as small and subservient as possible. 


“Can I interpret that as you threatening me?” He glanced coolly at Huang Aogu and pushed the immortal blade in even deeper. Blood slowly dripped onto the blade. Huang Aogu was practically mad with terror. This feeling of walking on the edge of the knife, just a hair’s breadth away from death, meant his mind was already on the verge of collapse. 


Especially when he looked into those cold, utterly emotionless eyes. Ye Zichen’s gaze made Huang Aogu feel as if he’d been cast into an endless, icy abyss. 


 What on earth do you want?!” Huang Aogu was so utterly terrified, he practically shouted. Every vein in his neck bulged. 


However, as soon as he shouted, he regretted it. What if Ye Zichen killed him…..?


His eyes darted about frantically. They brimmed with undisguisable terror. The longer someone lived, the more they feared death. Huang Aogu truly feared he was going to die here.


But to his surprise, Ye Zichen smiled at sheathed the immortal blade. He smiled broadly and patted Huang Aogu on the shoulder. 


“All I want is compensation for my psychological distress. Relax, I’m not the bloodthirsty type. Just now, I was just kidding around. Relax, Relax.” 


This sudden change left Huang Aogu and the captains dumbfounded. 


In response, Huang Aogu instantly started cursing Ye Zichen in his heart. This guy was treating his life and death like a joke? Did he think that was funny? 


Just now, he’d been so scared, he’d practically peed his pants. If this was a joke, it wasn’t funny at all. 


As Huang Aogu cursed to himself, he suddenly felt a cold gaze land directly on him. 


“You’re thinking nasty thoughts about me, huh?” 


Before they even had time to process those words, the Axe Gang members saw a flash of blood-colored light. When they came to their senses, they noticed Huang Aogu’s severed right arm lying on the ground. 


The stump was like a bloody geyser, spraying a seemingly endless amount of blood all over the place. 


Huang Aogu clenched his stump and shrieked in agony. His eyes widened as he stared intently at his severed arm. 


He was a sword cultivator, and had always used his right hand to wield his blade. Ye Zichen had just severed his right arm. That was essentially no different from shattering his cultivation.


The captains kept quiet out of sheer terror. This star of calamity was just too unpredictable. One moment he was smiling and patting Huang Aogu on the shoulder, the next, he’d chopped his arm right off. 


Also, although Ye Zichen said he “wasn’t the bloodthirsty type,” judging from how decisively he’d severed Huang Aogu’s arm, they had trouble believing it. 


“In truth, I’ve always been a bit ill-tempered. Consider this arm your punishment. Now, hurry up and compensate me for my mental duress so I can go home and rest.” 


He wiped his bloody blade on Huang Aogu’s black robes, cleaning it. Then he yawned in obvious exhaustion. 




One-armed Huang Aogu glowered hideously as Ye Zichen, but got only a cool glance in return. It was like someone suddenly poured a bucket of cold water over his head, startling Huang Aogu awake. 


Right now, he was like meat on a chopping block!


His little life was in Ye Zichen’s hands!


Despite his unwillingness, Huang Aogu lowered his head and said, “I’ll give you my entire fortune.” With that, he took off his spatial rings. When they saw this, the other captains followed his example. Although they hated to part with their treasures, they knew that where there was life, there was hope. So long as they survived, they could earn their treasures back.


Ye Zichen glanced meaningfully at Scarface, who took the hint and immediately gathered up all the rings. 


Even if this wealth didn’t belong to him, feeling the weight of all those treasure-filled spatial rings in his hands filled Scarface with excitement. 


Before long, he reached Zhao Ye. 


It hadn’t been long since Ye Zichen robbed Zhao Ye of everything he had. He was currently totally and completely broke. His pockets didn’t contain so much as half a spirit coin. 


Scarface deliberately feigned ignorance and roared, “What are you just standing there for? Hurry up and give me your money.” In the past, Zhao Ye had often bullied him and forced him to run all sorts of troublesome errands. 


Times really did change. Now it was Zhao Ye’s turn to be bullied.。


“Wei Jie, don’t take this too far!” Zhao Ye’s face was ashen. Just a few days ago, Scarface had been meek and subservient. How dare he talk to him like that now? 


“Screw your mom!” Scarface kicked Zhao Ye to the ground, as if venting all the fury he’d accumulated during his time in the Axe Gang onto Zhao Ye. 


“In the gang, you bullied me. I should’ve been qualified for a promotion to captain a long time ago, but you kept getting in my way for your own benefit. Zhao Ye, what even are you, you eggplant face? This isn’t your territory anymore. Here, you can be bullied too, yet you’re still acting tough?” 


The others watched, trembling with fear. None of them dared do anything to save Zhao Ye for fear that Scarface would vent his fury on them instead. With Ye Zichen there, Scarface had found himself a powerful backer. The other captains were all scared, but they were also jealous.


“That’s enough, Scar. come back.” Ye Zichen called him back. Wei Jie spat hatefully at Zhao Ye, then respectfully offered the rings he’d collected to Ye Zichen.


He’d briefly examined the treasures within, and, according to his rough estimates, they were worth at least a hundred million spirit coins. 


They were, at most, human immortals, yet they possessed such treasure. It was obvious that the Axe Gang had stolen this wealth from countless adventurers. 


When Scarface saw all that treasure, he grew even more determined to help Ye Zichen protect the populace.


“I’m rich!” Ye Zichen put away the rings, then approached Huang Aogu and reached out his hand. 


“What are you doing? You wanted compensation, and we gave it to you. What else do you want?” asked the terrified base leader.


“What are you talking about?” Ye Zichen feigned ignorance, then smiled inexplicably. “Didn’t you offer me all that out of respect? Now I still need compensation for my psychological damages!” 


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