Chapter 1067 - No Sense of Shame

Huang Aogu let out a long shout, then his spiritual energy exploded outwards stirring up fierce winds. The gusts picked up sand, creating a mighty sandstorm which swept towards Ye Zichen.


“You really are unfriendly.” 


As he dodged, he seemed panicked, but Ye Zichen’s gaze was actually fixated on Huang Aogu’s blade.


Since using the Xuan-yuan Sword to seal Denglong’s soul, he’d yet to run into any particularly valuable weapons. In this new world, he was just too poor. If not for Gu Zichen, he might have worried about starving to death. 


“I want that immortal sword.” Ye Zichen snorted to himself, then stabilized his body without the massive sandstorm. He covered his mouth to keep the sand out and said, “don’t you know that this is a harmonious society? What are you doing, always killing and fighting others? Can’t we just sit down and talk things over?”


When Zhao Ye heard this familiar tone, his expression darkened. He clearly remembered: this is how Ye Zichen had behaved when they’d gone looking for him in Black Ox Town. As a result, they’d underestimated Ye Zichen’s true strength. Then, as soon as the Axe Gang made their move, Ye Zichen struck like lightning, slapping them in the face. These memories were still clear as day. After all he’d been through, Zhao Ye naturally didn’t want Huang Aogu to fall for Ye Zichen’s tricks.


“Base leader, whatever you do, don’t let him deceive you. This bastard acted weak in front of me, then struck like lightning. The way I see it, we shouldn’t waste any time talking to him. Let’s all attack together. He might be strong, but he’s outnumbered. Even if he were stronger than he already is, can he possibly defeat all of us?” 


If this were anyone else, Huang Aogu might have been displeased, but Zhao Ye was his favorite subordinate. He naturally had to listen to his advice. Besides, he himself wasn’t particularly fond of cracking wisecracks. He’d become head of the gang’s base in Raging Flame City on account of his lightning-quick sword arm. 


Huang Aogu decided to cut the small talk. He hefted his sword into the air, pointed it at Ye Zichen, and charged. “Kill him!” 


When they saw their leader take action, the base’s captains dared not dilly-dally. They immediately charged forward as well. 


“Hey, come on, you guys.” When Ye Zichen saw that the Axe Gang wasn’t even willing to talk to him, he frowned helplessly. He liked nothing more than exchanging words before a battle. This way, they could improve their friendship, and ensure that if and when they did fight, it wouldn’t be so awkward.


If he just straight-up knocked them over, wouldn’t the atmosphere get all tense?


Whatever. This actually worked out. He was feeling rather sleepy. He’d handle this as fast as possible, then return to the inn and sleep. 


With that, Ye Zichen made up his mind. He didn’t hold back any longer. 


Bang! Bang! Bang!


They didn’t even have time to scream before they found themselves tossed into the air. Afterwards, they slammed hard back into the earth. 


One after the other, they fell to the ground. Before long, they’d formed a small mountain. 


“Last one.”


Ye Zichen intentionally left Huang Aogu for last. After all, he was their boss. He ought to show him some respect. He casually flung Huang Aogu, tossing him directly atop the heap. From a distance, it looked just like a pyramid. 


“Not bad, not bad.” Ye Zichen admired his own handiwork and nodded in satisfaction. Of them, the only person Ye Zichen hadn’t attacked was Scarface, who now rushed to his side.




“Scar, you betrayed us?” Atop the pyramid, Huang Ago glowered hideously. Ever since Scarface returned to the Gang, he’d felt something was amiss. 


However, for the fast few days, the entire gang had been busily preparing to rob Ye Zichen. Add that to the fact that Scarface hadn’t slacked off in any obvious way, and Huang Aogu had decided to set his doubts aside. But now that he saw Scarface submissively run up to Ye Zichen’s side, he couldn’t help but hate himself. Why hadn’t he killed this traitor earlier? 




A slap flew through the air. Huang Aogu spun atop the pyramid like a top. When he finally came to a stop, his entire face was swollen.


“What are you shouting about? Are you trying to show off how loud your voice is?” Ye Zichen proudly chastised Huang Aogu, then, hands behind his back, approached the pile of gang members…..


“What are you just sitting in a haep for? Are you pretending to be a woodpile? Get down and stand in a line.” 


All sixteen captains, and even their base’s leader, Huang Aogu, obediently left the pile and formed a line. 


“Little comrade Wei, you ought to know what to do next!” Ye Zichen glanced at Scarface. Scarface had already been through this twice, so he naturally already knew what was the next step. 


“At ease!”




When he saw that some of them weren’t standing upright, Wei Jie kicked them. “Stand up straight!” 


The captain he’d kick glowered at him but dared not object. He could only straighten his back. In order to avoid sharing his fate, the other captains straightened up as well. 


“Face right!”


“Face forward!”


Wei Jie smoothly and comfortably shouted these commands. As he watched them obediently carry out his every command, he couldn’t help but laugh. In the past, all of them had been utterly arrogant. They’d relished disregarding and disrespecting Scarface, but now they were obediently following his every command.


As they carried out their drills, the captains were deeply bitter. It wasn’t because Scarface betrayed the gang. Rather, they were angry that he hadn’t invited them to join him. 


Based on Ye Zichen’s aura just now, he was at least a sky-immortal expert. 

After playing a few times, Scarface tired of this game and walked to Ye Zichen’s side. “Sir, they’re all taken care of.” Ye Zichen glanced at the captains and base leader, who were all still standing at attention, and nodded in satisfaction. 


Hands behind his back, he walked towards them. “You want to kill me? I just wanted to talk to you, yet you brought a whole group of men to attack me? Feh!”


He smacked Huang Aogu on the head. Huang Aogu didn’t resist or get angry. He simply obediently endured the blow. 


Then Ye Zichen walked up to Zhao Ye. When Zhao Ye saw the incoming star of calamity, he was so scared, his legs trembled. 


“What are you trembling for? Stand up straight!” 


His shout scared Zhao Yao so much, he immediately stood at attention. Ye Zichen reached out, then slapped him repeatedly. 


“I’ve already taught you a lesson once. Didn’t you learn anything? Shameless! Shameless!”


Afterwards, he circled the other captains. None of them dared look him directly in the eye. “Did I provoke you? Why do you insist on making trouble for me? Do you think I’m an easy target?”


Whap! Whap! Whap!


Ye Zichen smacked every single captain of the Raging Flame City base. Afterwards, they piped down. These Axe Gang members, who’d once walked the streets of Raging Flame City without fear, now stood outside the city, so scared they didn't even breathe too loudly. 


Perhaps Ye Zichen had tired himself out. He sighed, walked to the end of the line where Huang Aogu was standing, and picked the immortal sword off the ground. Then he held it to its former owner’s neck. 


“Go on, then. Tell me: how are you going to compensate me for my psychological distress?” 

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