Chapter 1066 - See You Outside Raging Flame City in Seven Days

Ye Zichen looked gravely down at the kneeling Scarface. A domineering aura started emanating from his body, as if he were a god descended to earth. His authority could not be defied!


“You know there’s a rift between us, but even so, you say you want to seek refuge with me? How can I trust you?” Ye Zichen’s eyes flashed. As he spoke, it was if the laws of Heaven and Earth trembled. Within the room, the five elements boomed and cracked in Scarface’s ears.


Off to the side, Bai Xiaosheng was so startled he couldn’t even speak. He’d known Ye Zichen was an indomitable expert, but hadn’t realized just how powerful he was.


Scarface knelt on the ground, his heart trembling. The booms echoing through his ears were like hammers relentlessly attacking his soul. 


By now, Ye Zichen was utterly furious. Although Scarface looked and sounded sincere, Ye Zichen could tell he wasn’t. All Scarface cared about was his own little life. He didn’t dare risk it going up against Ye Zichen.


An unreliable chess piece was no good to anyone. He’d only just entered the God Realm and had no powerful background to support him or mighty experts looking out for him. He might seem easygoing and unrestrained, but in truth, his path was littered with obstacles. He was already walking on thin ice. How could he possibly trust his back to a double-crosser? 


Ye Zichen was currently forcing him to choose. 


If Scarface sincerely and voluntarily pledged his allegiance, Ye Zichen would take him into his camp and train him. Otherwise, he could just send him back to the Axe Gang to help them wage an all-out assault against him. 


Ye Zichen didn’t place a mere Axe Gang in his eyes at all. 


A bead of sweat dripped down Scarface's jaw and fell to the guest room floor. After just a few breaths of time, he was drenched from head to toe in sweat.


This shouldn’t be happening. He’d already given everything he had into his performance. There shouldn't be any gaps. 


Ye Zichen was obviously already infuriated. A single thought could determine Scarface’s life or death.   


He didn’t want to die. He had his own convictions. He still wanted to truly stand above others and return to the clan that had once disdained him and make them regret the way they’d treated him. Moreover, he’d yet to marry and had no heirs to carry on his name….


“Your Excellency.” Beneath an endless wave of terror, Scarface took control of his racing thoughts. His pupils shook, yet his gaze was certain. “I, Wei Jie, swear on my very soul that I will obey you until the day I day, and never betray you.” 


He spoke solemnly, and his words came from the heart. Swearing on your soul was the most ruthless oath someone could make. Scarface didn’t swear his allegiance purely for the sake of survival. He really had thought this through. 


Ye Zichen’s strength far exceeded his imagination. His vast strength meant he could become a pillar supporting an entire organization. 


The Axe Gang had a powerful background, but given Scarface’s talents, he could work his whole life without becoming anything more than a local base leader. 


He had convictions. He wanted to return to his clan.


When he looked at Ye Zichen, he saw possibilities. Scarface was willing to put his faith in him. 


The world around them calmed down. 


Ye Zichen’s eyes revealed a hint of satisfaction and admiration. Scarface’s promise was exactly what he’d wanted; it was proof of his absolute loyalty.


“See you outside Raging Flame City in Seven Days.” 


Ye Zichen waved his hands. Instantly, Scarface felt a gentle spiritual power lift him to his feet. He knew that just now, he’d truly won Ye Zichen’s trust. 


“This humble one shall take his leave.” Scarface cupped his fist and turned to leave, but just as he was about to step outside, Ye Zichen called him back. “Wait a moment…..” 


This phrase had long since become part of Scarface’s nightmares. His shoulders trembled involuntarily, but when he recalled that they were on the same side now, he summoned his courage and smiled back at his new boss. 


“I have an old friend who’s got a scar on his face, and he’s surnamed ‘Wei’ as well….. Not bad.” 


Scarface returned to the Axe Gang and reported their agreement to meet outside the city in a week’s time. Immediately, every Axe Gang member in Raging Flame City sprung into action. 


Anyone capable of pummeling even Zhao Ye had to be at least a human immortal. The other captains spent the past few days buying top-quality treasures or entered seclusion to boost their cultivations. Even Huang Aogu….. His gaze was unusually solemn as he cleaned the profound-grade immortal sword the gang leader had given, his eyes flashing coldly. 


Ye Zichen, on the other hand, spent those seven days in wanton gluttony, eating and drinking all day. He’d once investigated Wu Di’s situation. When he saw that his apprentice’s mid-stage entering immortality cultivation had already stabilized and was approaching the peak of entering immortality, he finally relaxed.


In the blink of an eye, seven days passed. 


There was a sandstorm outside of Raging Flame City. A dozen or so experts, each at least at the entering immortality stage, stood amidst the sand. Their leader, Huang Aogu, was dressed entirely in place. He carried an immortal blade and sat astride a battle horse. 


When they saw this, everyone trying to enter the city carefully avoided them for fear of offending these local bandits. If the Axe Gang was angry, they might steal everything they had. 


“Scar.” Huang Aogu frowned slightly. Scarface, who stood at the very back, smiled appeasingly and walked up to him. 


“Base Leader.”


“You said he’d come here in seven days, but we’ve already waited an hour without seeing any trace of him. He didn’t trick you, did he?”


“No way, he’ll definitely come.” Scarface’s tone was utterly certain. Huang Aogu’s expression shifted somewhat. He looked his subordinate over. He was a bit suspicious. Where did Scarface’s confidence come from?


Scarface bowed slightly and returneed to his spot. Afterwards, he watched the city gates, his thoughts strange and unpredictable. 


Another hour passed…..


“He really dared show up.” 


Zhao Ye’s shoulders quivered. He watched the gates and gnashed his teeth. When Huang Aogu saw his beloved subordinate’s expression, he narrowed his eyes at the gates as well. 


About a hundred meters away, they saw a yawning man walking towards. 


There was still quite some distance between them, but judging from the way the man was walking right towards them, they could sense that this was their target. 




This was indeed Ye Zichen. Last night, he gave into Bai Xiaosheng’s needling and accompanied him to the pleasure district. 


The girls here could play for a much longer time than girls from the Modern Realm. Last night, Ye Zichen barely even had a chance to stop and breathe. But don’t get the wrong idea: they were just pure-heartedly playing games is all. 


Ye Zichen had stayed up all night. When he got back to the Hundred Daybreaks Inn, he'd slept for less than four hours before remembering that the Axe Gang was waiting for him outside the city. He had no choice but to reluctantly drag himself away from his beloved pillow and hurry towards the city gates, yawning all the while.


He kept walking until he was five meters away from Huang Aogu. He couldn’t help but yawn again, but he still used his shoddy acting to feign surprise. 


“Ah? What’s going on? You’ve brought so many people, you can already be considered an illicit gang. Don’t you know that? Who are you people? Show me your identification!” His acting was far too shoddy. Anyone could see that he was just putting on an act. 


Atop his horse, Huang Aogu was surprised by Ye Zichen’s composure, but he had no time to think things over. He viciously swung his immortal blade, cutting a line into the ground. Instantly, his sword energy carved a deep ditch into the earth. 


“Who are we? We’re the ones who’ll take your life!” 

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