Chapter 1065 - Please Give Me a Chance to Forsake the Dark and Pursue Righteousness

Scarface knelt on the floor, sobbing. This scene was enough to make someone’s eyes widen. One moment, he was so aggressive, it seemed he wanted to fight to the death. The next moment, he was kneeling on the floor and begging for forgiveness. What was going on?


Bai Xiaosheng felt as if his brain couldn’t quite keep up with all this. He watched Scarface in befuddlement. 


“Sir, I know how much I offended you earlier. That was all my fault. However, you didn’t suffer any losses, and you even stole all that money from Zhao Ye…..” 




Ye Zichen suddenly slammed his fists against his chair, startling Scarface so badly, he almost bit off his tongue. He’d thought of countless explanations on his way here, but now he was so scared, he’d forgotten them all. 


“Sir…..”  Scarface’s voice trembled somewhat. He knelt on the ground, his legs quivering uncontrollably. 


Just now, he didn’t say anything wrong, did he? How did he provoke this mighty expert? 


“What did you say just now? Steal? When did I ever steal from you?” Ye Zichen’s expression was extremely unsightly. Accusing him of theft was insulting his character. He was such a good, law-abiding citizen. How could he possibly steal from others?


This Scarface was truly too sinister and vicious! To think he’d slander others like this!


“Are you telling me you didn’t offer that money to me out of respect? Are you saying I stole it? When a gentleman wants money, he has proper ways of acquiring. I’m a good and righteous man, how could I possibly steal others’ possessions. Scarface, when you talk, you have to pay more attention.” 

So that was the problem!


Scarface inwardly cursed his own carelessness. He hurriedly nodded his agreement. “As you say, sir. We offered all those treasures to you out of respect.” 


Ye ZIchen’s expression finally softened. He drooped into his chair and looked at the kneeling Scarface. “What did you mean when you challenged me to a duel earlier?”


In response, Scarface smiled obsequiously, then instantly, feigned righteous indignation. “Sir, you might not know this, but the Axe Gang is plotting against you. They had a meeting just now and said you stole Zhao Ye’s treasures. They want to get revenge. Just hearing them filled me with fury! Sir, you’re such a good and righteous man, yet they made you sound like an irredeemable scoundrel. I couldn’t take it, so I asked that bastard Huang Aogu for a mission to lure you out of the city, but in truth, I wanted an opportunity to come here and warn you.” 


“Bold and reckless!” Ye Zichen shouted suddenly, his aloof expression instantly replaced with fury. He slammed his armrests once more. This sudden transformation startled both Scarface and Bai Xiaosheng.


“They want to get revenge? They’re lucky I didn’t seek revenge against them first!” 


When he heard this, Scarface nodded furiously as well, as if to highlight their common enemy. “Who could possibly disagree? Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been so angry. As for my behavior just now, that was actually just a matter of expediency. You might not know this sir, but there are actually several people outside……” 


“The Axe Gang’s informants.” Ye Zichen smiled, totally unconcerned. “Their petty methods of hiding themselves are nothing to me.”


“You’re absolutely right.” Scarface nodded obsequiously. His intentions were already rather obvious. He was clearly a member of the Axe Gang, but he referred to them as “them,” as if they had nothing to do with him. He was obviously trying to separate himself from the Axe Gang. 


The Axe Gang wanted to harm Ye Zichen, while Scarface had come here to warn him. This was no different than betraying the gang.


He’d hurried here in the middle of the night to make up for his misdeeds, and now he was even flattering him….


Ye Zichen would have to be stupid not to see what was going on. But he couldn’t take the initiative to say this out loud. It was better to let Scarface say it for himself. 

“Hey, aren’t you also a member of the Axe Gang? You’re even a vice-captain…. Coming here to warn me is a bit over the line, isn’t it?”


Ye Zichen intentionally pointed out this issue. Scarface’s eyes lit up. 


This was the moment he’d been waiting for!


He puffed up his chest, a determined, upright look on his face, and washed his hands of his former allies. “Sir, in truth, I’m already planning to leave the Axe Gang!”


“Oh?” Ye Zichen arched his brows. “So, you were planning to leave the Axe Gang. Don’t you know how many people long to join the Axe Gang but can’t find an opportunity? And now you want to just leave?” 


“Before I met you, I was proud to be a member of the Axe Gang, especially after becoming a vice-captain. However, after you educated me twice, I understood: the Axe Gang is a scourge on the people of this world. They’re unrighteous and inhumane; I shouldn’t devote my life to them.” Scarface’s expression was sincere, his every word revealing disdain and rejection for the Axe Gang.  


“To think I’d unwittingly help you realize the error of your ways. So long as you’re willing to change yourself, it’s never too late to repent. You still have time,” said Ye Zichen, smiling calmly as he affirmed Scarface’s words. He’d taken on the role of an emissary of justice. 


His fingers drummed against his armrests. “I’ve long-since investigated the Axe Gang. On the surface, they’re a proper organization, but in truth, they’re a bunch of bandits. They’re like a poisonous tumor festering in Raging Flame City. I was just getting ready to go take care of them. Your realization of the error of your ways means that you’ve avoided sharing their tribulation.” His tone was indifferent, as if eliminating the entire Axe Gang would take no effort at all. 


When Scarface heard this, his heart trembled violently. He had no doubt everything Ye Zichen said was true. He was just glad he’d come to his senses in time. If he opposed Ye Zichen any longer, it might cost him his life.  


The more he thought about it, the more wise and farsighted the thought himself. Those morons were shouting about making trouble for Ye Zichen, but in the end, they’d just end up in tears. 


It was just, this expert still hadn’t said anything about taking him on as his subordinate. He’d already made it clear that he wanted to leave the Axe Gang. That obviously meant he wanted to join forces with Ye Zichen!


Scarface licked his lips nervously, then looked up. He cupped his fists, a sincere look in his eyes, and said, “Sir, this humble one has an unreasonable request.” 




“Please give me a chance to forsake the darkness and pursue righteousness. I want to follow you. Your righteousness has inspired me to break free from my stupor. Like the brightest star of the night sky, you’ve lit my way forward. The way I see it, I’ll only be able to reach my full potential by following you. I know we’ve had conflicts in the past, but given your character, surely you won’t bear a grudge against a petty figure like myself? Please, give me an opportunity. Let me work for you!” Scarface wasn’t a particularly cultured man. He was just a coarse, uneducated person. Otherwise, he would never have joined something like the Axe Gang. What he’d said just now had required every last drop of literary talent he heard. He’d already said everything he could say. 


As soon as he finished speaking, he lowered his head. He didn’t know if revealing his true feelings would be enough to move Ye Zichen. 


“You want to follow me?” Ye Zichen laughed playfully, but the next moment, he snorted, “you brat, you’re not just trying to trick me, are you?” 


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