Chapter 1064 - Do You Think You’re the Only One Who Can Predict the Future?

Ye Zichen restrained his money-grubbing tendencies, suddenly growing serious. Bai Xiaosheng felt the atmosphere in the guest room change dramatically; it was like night and day. 


Under this solemn, overpowering pressure, he couldn’t help but gulp. He obediently put his hands to his sides, lowered his head, and waited for Ye Zichen to speak. 


Suddenly, Ye Zichen laughed. “Haha, look at you, little guy!” The oppressive atmosphere disappeared completely. After that, he crossed his legs and chuckled, “I seem to recall you looking down on that Grandmaster Yi the clerk recommended. Tell me the truth: you can perform some divinations, right? You can tell me, I’ve already seen it.”


Ye Zichen’s sharp gaze seemed to pierce right through the scam artist. Bai Xiaosheng felt as if Ye Zichen could see into his very soul, as if he had no secrets left.


This level of skill made Bai Xiaosheng’s heart tremble. After a star descended into his body, it started protecting his soul. In the past, he’d encountered experts who wanted to examine the depths of his heart, but his protective star stopped every last one of them. 


But now Ye Zichen had broken through the star’s protective barrier without any apparent effort and started directly interrogating his soul. 


“That Grandmaster Yi simply works with the Hundred Daybreaks Inn. You could say that he’s a grandmaster they arranged for. It would be a bit unfair to say he had no skill whatsoever, but he’s nowhere near as good as they say he is,” said Bai Xiaosheng, rubbing his hands. He didn’t dare lie. 


“And what you said earlier is correct. As the Secretariat Star, I really can perform some divinations. Unfortunately, I’m weak, so my fortune-telling abilities are limited as well.” Bai Xiaosheng wasn’t lying about this last part. Predicting the future required the support of a sufficiently powerful cultivation. If he wanted to become omnipotent, he’d at least have to be strong enough to ascend to the Divine Mountains. 


Even if he now hosted a star, he could only catch the slightest glimpses of starlight.


As if afraid Ye Zichen wouldn’t believe him, Bai Xiaosheng closed his eyes. His body gradually started to glow. This light was none other than the radiance of the starry sky. 


After a while, he opened his eyes. Shockingly, his eyes each contained the imprint of a star…..


“In about half the time it takes to brew a cup of tea, someone is going to come looking for you.”


“For me?” Ye Zichen couldn’t help but arch his brows. He didn’t know anyone in Raging Flame City. Not even Wu Di knew where he was. Who could possibly come looking for him…..?


“This person has an axe emblem on their chest. Am I right?” asked Ye Zichen. 


Bai Xiaosheng, who was in the middle of his divinations, started, and the starlight enveloping his body dissipated. “Your Excellency, how did you know? Could it be that you…..”


“Hey, it’s just fortunetelling. To me, it’s nothing but a trifle. You didn’t think you were the only one who could do it, did you?” Ye Zichen waved disdainfully, looking just like an aloof and lofty expert. In his heart, however, he thought to himself, as expected. When he stepped into the Hundred Daybreaks Inn, he’d sensed someone tailing him and suspected they were from the Axe Gang. 


As a result, he’d guessed randomly. Who’d’ve thought he’d get it right? It’s just, it seemed the Axe Gang had come a little too quickly. The way Ye Zichen saw it, they ought to have waited at least a few days before making trouble for him.


However, his random guess sent waves through Bai Xiaosheng’s heart. For him, divinations took time, preparations, and help from his star, and even then he could only see things indistinctly. 


With just a wave of his hands, Ye Zichen had managed to predict the future. This kind of skill meant he was practically omniscient!


Instantly, Bai Xiaosheng’s estimation of Ye Zichen increased significantly. He was now even more determined to stick by his side. 


When he saw Bai Xiaosheng’s expression shift, Ye Zichen knew his profound, impenetrable demeanor had scared the kid into good behavior. 


He didn’t reveal the truth, however. He simply laughed, “do you know what this new arrival looks like?” 


“This…. Please forgive my ineptitude. The image I got from the stars was too indistinct. I couldn’t see him clearly. But I do know that he’s already here.” 


As soon as Bai Xiaosheng finished speaking, they heard a series of urgent knocks. Someone was banging on the guest room’s window!


“Senior Ye, are you in there?”  


The voice outside the was both polite and respectful, but also seemed somewhat labored.


When he heard this tone, Ye Zichen was startled despite himself. When had the Axe Gang become so friendly? Although to him they were nothing but adorable Children of Wealth, they’d always spoken rather aggressively. 


As he mulled this over, Ye Zichen gestured at Bai Xiaosheng, indicating that he could open the window.


After opening the windows, there was no one in sight. Just a single pair of hands. Bai Xiaosheng looked down and saw a scar-faced man scampering up the walls. 


“Screw your granddaddy….”




He shoved Scarface off the windowsill. Before long, they heard his desperate shriek. After pushing him, Bai Xiaosheng still had yet to recover from his earlier terror. He clutched his chest and said, “He scared the bejesus out of me.”


“Brother, shouldn’t you be more worried about whether the guy you just pushed is alive or not? We’re on the fifth floor, after all. 




They helped Scarface up. This Scarface really was thick-skinned and durable. He hadn’t broken any bones, not even after falling from the fifth floor. Only his but still ached. As a result, his gait was a bit unusual. 


Scarface didn’t dare so much as look at Ye Zichen. He rubbed his aching buttocks and gnashed his teeth. From time to time, he glowered at Bai Xiaosheng, who felt somewhat bad for him. 


“Consider yourself fortunate that you survived that fall,” said Ye Zichen. “It’s the middle of the night. What are you doing here? Are you here to give me money again? Brother, it’s okay if you want to donate to the poor, but you should find someone else to donate money to. I’m starting to feel a bit embarrassed.” 


Donating to the poor!


When he heard that, Scarface’s face twitched. His scar quivered like it was crawling with ants. At this point, he wasn’t sure which hurt more: his aching butt, or what Ye ZIchen had just said to him.


Instantly, his expression grew incomparably dark. “Kid, don’t talk nonsense with me. I’m here to issue you a challenge. Do you dare follow me outside of Raging Flame City for a duel?”




Ye Zichen was visibly baffled. Did getting robbed twice break Scarface’s brain? It seems he’s here to challenge me?


Are you certain? 


Other than having lost his wits, there was no explanation for Scarface’s behavior. Even Zhao Ye, who’d already entered immortality, had been robbed of everything he owned. Scarface hadn’t even reached immortality yet. Coming to challenge him….


Did he just not want to live any longer? 


“Hmph. My only question is: do you dare?” Scarface still played the part of troublemaker. He squinted like a vicious despot.


So this guy is here to get revenge!


Bai Xiaosheng stood to the side. He couldn’t help but frown. He’d only just decided to follow his new boss, yet already someone had come looking to settle a grudge. Moreover, from the look of things, this guy was with the Axe Gang.


He’d struggled for survival in Raging Flame City for so long, the name “Axe Gang” resounded in his ears like thunder. Although he had confidence in Ye Zichen, the Axe Gang was just too huge. He couldn’t help but worry.


How vicious!


Even Ye Zichen was startled by Scarface’s viciousness. But just as he was about to say something, he realized that Scarface seemed as if he were trying to tell him something. 


“Bai Xiaosheng, go shut the windows.” 


Bai Xiaosheng obediently got up and closed the windows, all the while wondering to himself, are they about to fight? 


If they really did fight, should he help out? 

Still hesitating, he shut the window. As soon as it was closed, Ye Zichen placed a seal around the room and frowned and Scarface. “Go on then. Say whatever it is you want to say.” 


Scarface, who’d been acting vicious and aggressive just moments ago, burst into tears and cried out, “Sir, I’ve come to make things up to you!” 

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