Chapter 1052 - Don’t Think I Won’t

Ye Zichen, who’d broken through the immortal binding rope, the Skyspan Trading Company’s estate’s woodshed. He obediently allowed himself to be tied up once more. His face was a pitiful mass of black and blue welts. 


The woman in red held the end of the robe, dragged Ye Zichen to the door, and kicked him inside. 


“Sit tight and wait in here.” 


“Who treats their benefactor like this?” 


Ye Zichen sat in a heap on the floor and shouted angrily. This woman was truly an ingrate. He’d done her such a huge favor, yet she wasn’t at all appreciative. He was her benefactor, yet she talked to him so coldly? She’d even punched and kicked him!


The more he thought about it, the more bitter he felt. He wouldn’t let her defeat him when it came to cold demeanors and icy staring contents.


Little did he know that, if he hadn’t given her the ring, she likely would have beaten him half to death by now.


“Hah? It seems you’d like another beating?” 


He’d made flippant remark after flippant remark since the moment they met. Back in the carriage, he’d even touched her….


No man had ever touched her there before.


Even worse, just now, he’d intentionally said all that nonsense in order to trick Elder Che and the manor’s attendants into misunderstanding their relationship. That alone justified sentencing Ye Zichen to death. Sticking him in the woodshed was already a display of mercy. 


As she raised her hand, Ye Zichen hurriedly backed down. “Lady Warrior, please spare my life!” 


As she watched Ye Zichen bow and beg for mercy, her killing intent vanished. She lowered her hand, rolled her eyes at him, and turned to leave the woodshed. 


When he saw that she was about to leave the woodshed, Ye Zichen hurriedly called out, “Lady Warrior, please wait!” 


“What do you want this time?” 


Whenever she looked at Ye Zichen, she felt the urge to hit him. She unwillingly turned back around, her delicate furrowed, a cold glare on her exquisite face. From the look of things, it seemed even the slightest provocation would incite her to violence. 


Sensing her gaze, Ye Zichen shrunk back and laughed drily, then stuck out his chin and indicated to his apprentice.


“My apprentice is from Raging Flame City’s Wu Family. Their grand competition is in just a few days and it’s extremely important to him. I’m sure you’ve realized that we are not affiliated with the black-robed thieves. I know I’ve gotten on your nerves, but my apprentice has behaved himself this whole time, hasn't he? You can keep me here, but please let him return. How does that sound?”


As soon as Ye Zichen finished speaking, Wu Di, who was in the woodshed as well, spoke up. “I won’t leave, master.” 


“Why stick around? Are you stupid? I’ve suffered bitter hardship to raise you to your current state, all so that you could smack those guys hard in the face during your family’s grand competition. Have you forgotten your convictions? Didn’t you want to shock everyone with your performance?” Ye Zichen savagely rebuked his apprentice. When he saw that Wu Di had nothing to say in his own defense, Ye Zichen turned to face the woman in red. 


“Well, Lady Warrior?” he smiled obsequiously. “What do you say?” 


She was certain that these two weren’t affiliated with the black-robed thieves. She’d captured the wrong people. She wouldn’t learn anything by keeping them locked up here, and besides, she only bore a grudge against Ye Zichen. She couldn’t justify taking her anger out on Wu Di. 


“Come to me.” She called outside the woodshed. Before long, one of the Trading Company’s attendants appeared by the door. 


“First Miss.” 


“Remove this prince of the Wu Family’s bonds, unseal his spiritual sea, and return him to Raging Flame City’s Wu Family.” 


“Understood.” The attendant gestured for Wu Di to follow him and left the woodshed. Wu Di stood there motionlessly for a while and watched Ye Zichen in concern. 

“Go on. Your master absolutely won’t be in any danger. Hurry back to your clan. Whatever you do, don’t miss the grand competition.” 


When he saw Ye ZIchen’s mellow smile, Wu Di grit his teeth, bowed deeply, and followed the attendant out of the woodshed.


Once Wu Di was gone, the woman in red crossed her arms and shook her head repeatedly. “I never would have guessed that such a well-mannered youth had a person like you as his master.”


Ye Zichen couldn’t help but chuckle, “and what’s wrong with me? Can’t you see my noble air of righteousness?” As he spoke, he deliberately puffed up his chest. 


“I’ve yet to see any ‘noble air of righteousness,’ but I have witnessed the depths of your disreputable hooliganism. Sit tight and enjoy yourself. I hope you’re still alive next time I visit.” 


She abruptly turned to leave, but before she’d gotten far, Ye Zichen called out once more,  “wait up…..” 


“What is it this time?” She crossed her arms and turned back around. The motion happened to cup her “enormous mountains,” making them even more prominent. Ye Zichen paused mid-sentence, stunned by this sudden and beautiful scene. He gulped repeatedly.


When she noticed his gaze, her face instantly grew ashen. Heavy spiritual pressure instantly flooded out of her body. “It seems you don’t need those eyes anymore!” 


“Hey, hey….. Don’t! Stop! Stop….. Why are you so temperamental? Does me taking a quick look or two hurt you in any way? Besides, I’m an ordinary man too. If I’ve got a chance to take a peek, why shouldn’t I?” 


Ye Zichen said this as if it were obvious, but his tone only increased the woman in red’s fury. “Shut your mouth!” 


Her tone was extremely threatening. As she unleashed her spiritual energy, the ground cracked beneath her feet.


This woman was truly explosive. She was outrageously vicious! She had quite impressive “assets,” though, so why did she have such a temper? 


Ye Zichen’s lips curled in contempt. He could only smile helplessly and say, “fine, fine, fine, calm down. Getting angry will throw your system out of whack and make you age faster….. If you want to maintain your beauty, you’d best get control over your emotions. Little Sister, you’re a Leo, aren’t you? I can tell you’re a bit overbearing.”


“I….. I have no time to waste on you!” She stamped in anger, gnashed her teeth, and turned to leave. 


“Wait up…..” 


“Don’t be mistaken! I’m truly not afraid to kill you!”


Her foot had just stepped outside the woodshed when she came to a sudden stop, turned back inside, and violently stamped against the shed’s floor. There was a boom as her aura reached its peak once more. 


She really seemed as if she were about to explode. She never would have guessed she’d run into such a scoundrel.


Ye Zichen paid her fully-unleashed spiritual pressure no heed whatsoever. His gaze contained a veiled smile. He wore a faint grin on his face, but he also seemed somewhat bashful. “Just admit how you really feel! You don’t want to leave me….. Haha…. I’ve captured your heart. I’m just saying, when you first saw me, I saw secret longing in your eyes. It was love at first sight. You want to hide it, but you can’t keep it a secret…..” 


His playful tone practically drove the woman in red mad with fury, but just as her rage hit its peak, she stopped. “I shouldn’t pay this sort of person any attention. Give a guy like this an inch and he’ll take a mile. All I can do is ignore him. Xue Honghong, you have to endure no matter what. This person is foul-mouthed, but he isn’t evil. You have to repress your fury. You can’t really hurt him.” 


Xue Honghong was the woman in red’s real name. She’d come extremely close to losing herself in fury. In her heart, she repeatedly warned herself: you have to endure. You have to maintain control…...




“Hey, little sister….. Even after all this time, I still don’t know your name.” 


“There’s no need to tell you.”


By now, she didn’t even need to see his “just-begging-for-a-beating” face of his. The sound of his voice alone was enough to kindle the flames of rage burning in her chest.


She had to hurry up and leave. 


Xue Honghong didn’t hesitate. She turned to leave. She’d already decided that she wouldn’t turn back this time, no matter how Ye Zichen tried to call her back.




“Little Sister, don’t even try to resist your true feelings. I’ll leave my door unlocked for you tonight…..” 




“I’m going to kill you!” 

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