Chapter 1051 - This is Intimacy!

Raging Flame City. 


This was the most important city in the Mortal Great District’s Thirteenth District. It was so large, ten Black Ox Towns could fit inside with space left over. Almost everyone of high status in the Mortal Great District lived here.  


It was said that the city’s name came from the Great War of Demons and Gods. After the war, the gods had to plan and rebuild their domain. At the time, intense flames raged within the city limits, so intense that even supreme-level experts found them hard to approach.


Then water from the Northern Divine Mountain’s Sea of Innocence rained down and quenched the flames. 


In order to commemorate the Great War of Demons and Gods and in order to prevent the citizens of the god realm from forgetting the grievous losses they’d suffered, the city was named Raging Flame City. Furthermore, the Divine Mountain prioritized its development. That’s why, after the war, it became one of the most representative cities of the Mortal Great District. 


It’s long history led to countless family clans establishing themselves and multiplying within its walls. Even now, they were still there.


As a result, Raging Flame City was almost prosperous enough to rival major cities of the Profound Great District. However, it was still limited by the level of its great district, so it was ultimately just a mortal-level city.


It’s worth noting that this city had three great family clans and a few major powers.


The Liu Family lived in the southern part of the city. They’d been there since the city was first established and were amongst Raging Flame City’s oldest family clans. Outsiders had no way of knowing whether their clan possessed any experts above the sky immortal level or not. However, given their age, no one dared say for certain that they didn’t. As a result, it was rare for anyone to provoke the Liu Family in the Mortal Great District, or even in the Profound Great District. 


The Wang Family lived in the east. Their family head was the current city lord of Raging Flame City and a sky supreme expert. They controlled a large portion of Raging Flame City’s resources.


The last of the great family clans was the Wu Family, who lived in the northern part of the city. This was Wu Di’s family. It was no exaggeration to say that, one hundred years ago, they were the top family clan of Raging Flames City. However, just a few dozen years ago, their ancestor passed away…….


In the years since his death, they’d yet to produce a sky immortal. Currently, their strongest clansmen were only a few elderly peak human immortals. This level of strength might be intimidating to outsiders, but it obviously wasn’t enough to secure their spot as one of the top three family clans. 


In the west, Axe Gang eyed them hungrily, so the Wu Family was currently in a tight situation. If they didn’t produce a sky immortal soon, they feared they’d lose their position.


However, none of the family clans could be considered true overlords of Raging Flame City. There was an organization that truly transcended all three peak family clans: the Skyspan Trading Company located in the city center. 


At this very moment, outside a manor house under the jurisdiction of the Skyspan Trading Company……


The woman in red’s team of merchants had already entered the manor. One by one, they went off to attend to their own affairs.


At the same time, a middle-aged man of unexceptional height approached Xue Beibei’s carriage.


Don’t be fooled by his homely appearance; he was the team’s only peak sky immortal expert. 


On this expedition, his job wasn’t to protect the goods up for auction. Instead, he was there to ensure the two young ladies’ safety.


“First Miss, Third Miss, we’ve arrived at Raging Flame City,” he put his hands behind his back and called softly. He waited for a while, but no one exited the carriage. 


He suddenly recalled that the two suspects accused of working for the men in black were inside. He immediately set aside all concern for propriety and pushed the door curtain aside. 


In an instant, he froze in place. 


Inside the carriage, the woman in red faced away from the door. She was sitting on top of Ye Zichen. From the back, it was impossible to tell what exactly they were doing. All the elder knew was that their position was awfully ambiguous. 


Xue Beibei was visibly frightened; she pressed herself into a corner and trembled. She’d grabbed Wu Di, who was still bound by immortal binding ropes, and was using him as a shield. It was as if she didn’t dare so much as look at what was happening, but at the same time, she sneakily peered through a gap and silently evaluated the situation. 


“Ah….oh….. Stop it…..I….. Ah……..” 


Ye Zichen, who was pressed beneath her body, let out a constant series of strange cries. Outside the door, the elder’s expression instantly grew ashen.


“Miss!” He let out a dignified shout, sudden as a thunderclap. Xue Beibei shoved Wu Di to the side, then hurried to the elder’s side. 


The woman in red was still sitting on Ye Zichen. The elder’s thunderous angry roar startled her, too. 


When she turned around, she saw an ashen-faced peak sky immortal expert standing just outside the door. The veins bulged in his neck as he pressed his hands over Xue Beibei’s eyes. 


“Elder Che, what’s going on?” The woman in red said without thinking. She simply saw the elder’s grave expression and wanted to know what was going on.


To her complete surprise, Elder Che glowered darkly at her.  “The third miss is still a minor,” he said furiously, “yet you let her watch such something so intolerably filthy? First Miss, have you no shame?”


The team of soldiers had already dispersed, but when they heard the elder shout, they turned back. They watched secretly, curious to see what was happening. 


“Grand Elder, what are you talking about? What ‘ intolerably filthy’ thing did I let my sister see?” What she’d done just now was indeed a little on the violent side. Even so, her sister had witnessed far more intense violence in the martial arts competitions at the family estate. 


To her astonishment, Ye Zichen chose that moment to object as well. “That’s right! Watch what you say! What we were doing is called ‘intimacy.’ How is that ‘intolerably filthy?’”


“Although the third miss is still young and has yet to reach adulthood, she’ll experience this for herself sooner or later. That’s why, as her elder sister’s husband, I want to teach her about it in advance so that she’s mentally prepared for this later. Everything we did was an expression of our love for Beibei!” 


Ye ZIchen spoke clearly and logically. He didn’t get up, so his body was still completely obscure by the door curtain. 


Elder Che stood outside the door, obviously infuriatde. When he saw the woman in red’s disordered clothing…...     


“Behave yourself!” He glowered at her, grabbed Xue Beibei by the hand, and led her away. 


The woman in red would have to be truly stupid to not realize what had happened by now. She tightly knit her brows and hurriedly covered Ye Zichen’s mouth. Still sitting on top of him,  she turned her head, bit her lip, and called out, “Elder Che, it’s not like that, let me explain……” 


The elder didn’t even pause. As for the onlookers, as they watched the old man leave, they hurried off to attend to their own affairs. However, from time to time, they glanced surreptitiously towards the woman in red and the carriage with strange looks in their eyes. 


“This is rather interesting. The young lady of the Skyspan Trading Company is in someone else’s carriage…. Hee hee. Hey, are your subordinates discreet? You can’t let this matter spread. If this makes headlines in Raging Flame City, it’ll ruin my innocent reputation. I’ve always been thin-skinned, so I don’t want people to gossip about me,” Ye Zichen lay in the carriage and snickered. This was his revenge!


He was this woman’s benefactor! All he’d done was get a little too into his performance. He’d just squeezed a little but…. of an important part of her body.


But so what? Squeezing it briefly didn’t do her any harm. 


If she really felt she’d suffered a loss, Ye Zichen didn’t think of himself as the petty type; he was completely willing to let her take a quick squeeze as well. 


But what had this woman done? She’d completely ignored his status as her benefactor and walloped him without letting him get a word in edgewise!


He upheld the belief that good men don’t hit women, so he didn’t fight back at all. 


But was he the sort to passively take a beating? 


Obviously not!


It doesn’t matter if you hit me!


I can find other ways to get back at you!


Just now, he’d made no effort to keep his voice down. He was sure this woman’s attendants had heard him as well. 


If things went as expected, her subordinates had already formed countless different interpretations of things. And yet, despite all their different interpretations, none of them had come up with anything respectable. 


The eldest daughter of the Skyspan Trading Company had fallen for a stranger at first sight, then the two of them gave into their burning mutual passion and put on a live erotic show for the third miss.   


Ye Zichen made it clear that this was fine with him…..


He was thick-skinned. He didn’t care!


Just thinking about how people would criticize that unreasonable woman behind her back made him excited! Moments later, a cold light shot towards him and interrupted his satisfaction at his plan’s success.


A moment later…..


“Lady warrior, please spare my life!”


This carriage was already full of stories. Now, yet another was about to start!


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