Chapter 1048 - Call me “Brother-in-Law”

“Go inside.”


Once Ye Zichen and Wu Di were thoroughly bound, the woman in red ordered them stuffed into the carriage.


Her little sister was waiting in the carriage. When she saw them, surprise flashed across her face. 


When he saw her, Ye Zichen chuckled, “we meet again, Little Sister-in-law.”


Ye Zichen’s sudden appearance obviously came as a big surprise. The young woman’s eyes widened as she stared at him for a full half-minute. Finally, when Ye Zichen took a seat on the carriage cushions, she put her hands on her hips and yelled, “you’ve got guts. Who said you could sit there?”


Wu Di had yet to take a seat. He glanced at his master nervously. He was currently in extremely low spirits. He’d initially assumed his master was capable of handling the situation, but now, his master was tied up as well!


He feared this trip was just one disaster after another!


Of course, there was absolutely no way he’d blame Ye Zichen for this. The way he saw it, although his master was flippant and impulsive by nature, he always kept his goals in mind. Startling as his behavior was just now, he naturally had his reasons. 


Moreover, he had some understanding of his master’s capabilities. Given that his master still seemed calm and utterly unconcerned, maybe….. They’d still have a chance to turn things around later. 


As he considered this, he noticed that his master hadn’t made space for him, so he just took a seat directly next to him.


The little girl’s rebukes weren’t even the slightest bit intimidating to Ye Zichen. He sunk into the leather seat cushions with obvious relish. He couldn’t help but sigh to himself…..


Finally! I don’t have to travel on foot any longer!


“Hey! Hurry up and get out. Who said you could get in our carriage?”


The girl still had her hands on her hips as she chastised him. When he saw how adorable she was, Ye Zichen felt the urge to reach out and ruffle her hair, only to remember that he was already tied up.


Ye Zichen sighed somewhat helplessly, then lowered his head dejectedly.  “Wasn’t it your sister?”


“My sister? What happened?” she asked, batting her eyes. 


"Your sister wants to kidnap me and force me to become her husband," Ye Zichen said indignantly. "Hey, girl, do you come from a family of bandits? I'm nothing but a humble scholar, too weak to even truss a chicken, yet you treat me like this? Although I'm gloriously handsome, talented, gallant, and possessed of extraordinary poise, kidnapping me and forcing me into marriage is a bit over the line, isn’t it? I want respect too!"


"Nonsense!" The girl glowered back at him. "If all of my sister's outstandingly talented suitors formed a line, it would stretch from the Northern Divine Mountain all the way to the Southern Divine Mountain, yet you’re telling me she fell for you? You’re not good-looking, nor do you have any character….. Moreover, you’re obviously bound with immortal binding rope and it seems they even sealed up your spiritual sea. You’re obviously nothing but a prisoner!” 


The Divine Mountain. 


When children spoke they obviously weren't as cautious as adults. For instance, she’d just brought up the divine mountains. When ordinary people spoke, they generally talked in terms of great districts. For here to mention the divine mountains.... could it be..... Had they come from a divine mountain? 


Ye Zichen smiled in delight, set those thoughts aside, then shrugged helplessly. "Tell me, then: why am I in this carriage with you?"


Since this girl refused to believe him, Ye Zichen had no choice but to throw her question right back at her. 


“You’re saying that since my spiritual sea is sealed and I'm tied up, I’m nothing but a prisoner?  Okay, but why would a mere captive get to sit in the same carriage as a distinguished young lady such as yourself? Does that make any sense at all?”

The girl’s momentum weakened somewhat. That lecher was right. If he were really nothing but a prisoner,  he shouldn’t be sitting in her carriage. 


Yet it was her sister who’d put him here. Could it be…..


As she considered the implications, her eyes widened. 


No way! Their family had introduced her sister to so many talented youths, yet she refused to even look at them. Had she really taken a fancy to this lecher?


When he saw the uncertainty in her gaze, Ye Zichen seized the opportunity to swindle her.


“You’re still young. You still don’t understand fully what goes on between men and women. In truth, there’s more to love than just seeking out an appropriate match. There’s also something called ‘love at first sight.’ Your sister’s feelings for me fall into this latter category. The moment she first laid eyes on me, I sensed a certain emotion in her gaze…….”


“What was it?” asked the girl. 


“Longing!” Ye Zichen’s gaze was utterly sincere, as if he meant every word. “I saw the light of longing in her eyes, a longing that seemed to permeate her very soul. She wanted to acquire me at any cost. Judging from my current situation, it’s obvious she succeeded.”


“But there’s no way our family will agree!”


By now, the girl was about seventy-percent convinced. Ye Zichen’s acting and expressions were totally on point, so she really did find herself increasingly believing what he was saying. 


But what about their family? How could they possibly let Ye Zichen and her sister be together?


“Your family? In the face of love at first sight, what does that matter? In the face of longing desire, ‘family’ is nothing but dog farts!” 


Ye Zichen was so worked up, he started spouting nonsense. He was currently tied up and unable to move. Otherwise, his acting absolutely would have been even more convincing. 


“Also, consider your big sister’s personality. She’s a woman capable of tying me up to force me into marriage. Is she the type of person to quietly accept whatever her family arranges for her?”


“She isn’t.”


If her sister really was the type to obediently obey the family's wishes, she would have been married off a long time ago. It was only because of her stubborn refusal to let their family control her that she’d remained single for this long.


The more considered it, the less she dared believe it. Had her big sister truly…..




“You’re too young to understand; it’s perhaps too early to discuss such matters with you. You’ll understand when you’re a bit older.” Ye Zichen sighed disconsolately. “I’m afraid I’ll be forced  to take your sister’s hand this time.” 


“What’s going with that? There are countless people interested in my sister. Even if she tied you up and tried to marry you without asking permission, you ought to feel honored!” 


“Is that so?” Ye Zichen’s eyes flashed. He laughed, “it seems you believe me now?”




“What’s your name?”


“Xue Beibei.”


“Alright, Lil’ Bei. My name is Ye Zichen. Now, isn’t it time you called me ‘brother-in-law?’”


Xue Beibei was obviously still somewhat hesitant, but after mulling it over for a while, it seemed that what this lecher was saying really did make some sense.




As soon as the words left her mouth, Ye Zichen felt a profound feeling of satisfaction. To his side, Wu Di’s admiration for his master had already reached the heavens. This master of his really was incredible!


However, the instant Xue Beibei called out, “brother in law,” the door curtain opened. The woman in red stood in the doorway, her chest heaving violently. Her exquisitely beautiful face was frosty as she glowered at Xue Beibei.


“What….,. Did you just call him?”


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