Chapter 1047 - Even if your Maiden’s Heart Secretly Longs for me.

On the red-clad woman’s orders, two full teams of sixteen men surrounded Ye Zichen and Wu Di.


Ye Zichen had originally planned on signing an autograph. His hand still hovered expectantly in mid-air. When he saw this group of aggressive, powerful warriors draw near, he fearfully retracted his hand and laughed, 


“Hey, what are you doing? This is only our first meeting. Even if you think I’m a handsome adonis of extraordinary poise and even if your maiden’s heart secretly longs for me, sending all these people to kidnap me and force me into marriage is no good. How about this? Give me some time to prepare first. When I’m ready, I’ll naturally come to your family estates and propose to you in person. How about it?” Ye Zichen said flippantly, as if he hadn’t noticed the red-clad woman’s frosty glare.


A young woman with her hair in a bun stood by her side. The two of them looked somewhat similar, but unlike the woman in red, the girl had her hands on her hips. 


“Impudent!” she fiercely berated Ye Zichen. “How could my big sister possibly fall for a lecher like you? You’d better take back everything you said just now or else I’ll cut out your tongue. See if you can still spout such frivolous nonsense then!” 


She looked as if she’d yet to reach adulthood; her face still had a certain youthfulness. Although she had her hands on her hips and looked utterly infuriated, her cute, loli-like face made it hard to take her rebuke seriously.


Ye Zichen smiled broadly, then reached out and patted the girl on the head. “Little girl, how old are you?”


“Don’t touch me with your filthy hands. Do you have any idea who I am? How dare you pat my head.” The girl smacked his hand away, her blue eyes ablaze with fury. 


“Then do you know who I am?” A little girl had knocked his hand away. Ye Zichen’s eyes flashed with amusement. 


“Tch. Do I care who you are?”


She rolled her eyes in irritation, only to see Ye Zichen raise his hand at pat her head once more.


“Let me tell you, I’m your brother-in-law. How dare you call your brother-in-law’s hands ‘filthy?’ I’m afraid your big sister’s going to scold you.”




The young woman was obviously infuriated. She wanted to argue, but at that moment, the coldly glowing red-robed woman called her to a stop. “Lil’ Bei, go back and wait in the carriage.”


“But Sis……”


“You won’t listen to me? Then I’ll send you back myself.”


“Oh, fine.” 


She reluctantly returned to the carriage. Before stepping inside, the girl gave Ye Zichen a dirty look. Once inside, she lowered the curtains. 


“Little kids are too immature; there’s no way she can understand your feelings for me. Beauty, what do you think of my offer just now? If it suits your fancy, please leave your contact information and wait for my proposal. I trust you won’t laugh, but this is actually my first time too….. In my heart, I’m a bit nervous as well.”


Wu Di stood by Ye Zichen’s side, his heart thudding violently in his chest. The way he saw it, the woman in red was absolutely the heir of a major family clan from a high-ranked district. 


Yet this master of his stubbornly pretended not to notice and worse, actively teased her…..


Didn’t his master realize that they’d already been surrounded and that the situation left little room for optimism? 


Wu Di tried warning Ye Zichen, but regardless of whether he shifted his feet or coughed meaningfully, his master ignored him. 


Of course, he was suspicious as well. The woman had ordered her subordinates to capture them right at the start. Why hadn’t they done so yet?


‘You’re rather interesting.”


To everyone’s shock, the woman in red smiled in response. She drew closer to Ye Zichen, then plucked the ruby ring straight out of his hands. 


Ye Zichen allowed her to take it without any resistance. 


“I know you’re secretly pining for me, but if you praise me so openly, it’ll go to my head.” 


“Hmph.” The woman’s smile instantly faded. A cold wind swept past them. “What on earth are you all doing? Why haven’t you seized them yet?”


The next moment, both teams of mounted soldiers surrounding them charged forth. Wu Di almost instantly unleashed his entire entering-immortality-level strength, but before long, his heart sunk. 


Human immortals!


Even the weakest of the soldiers was a human immortal and their ranks even included sky-immortal-level experts. 


Of course, it wasn’t that Wu Di could sense their power level. Rather, when some of them released their spiritual pressure, he couldn’t work up even the slightest urge to resist. Given his reaction, he was certain they faced sky immortal experts. 


“Behave yourselves."


In the blink of an eye, someone sealed Wu Di’s spiritual sea and bound his body in chains. 


The chains were obviously some type of spiritual treasure. When the soldiers first took them out, they were nothing but ropes. Moreover, they were less than ten centimeters long. However, the instant they touched Wu Di’s body, they bound him tightly.


Those ropes are actually somewhat similar to the Heavenly Court’s Immortal Binding Rope,” Ye Zichen watched the ropes and murmured despite himself. Who knows? They might very well be immortal binding ropes. However, although they’d become splendid treasures in the lower realms,  in the God Realm, they were merely ordinary precious artifacts.


Just as Ye Zichen was pondering whether these treasures really were immortal binding ropes or not, he found himself bound as well. Moreover, a wave of spiritual pressure bore down on his spiritual sea. 


Given his strength, there was naturally no way for the red-clothed woman’s subordinates to seal his spiritual seal. In order to cooperate with them, he had no choice but to voluntarily seal himself instead.  


From the outside, sealing himself didn’t look any different, especially since he hadn’t broken the seal they’d placed in his spiritual sea. The only difference was that, since he’d sealed himself, he could unseal himself at will. 


If he was going to play the part, he had to be thorough. After sealing his own spiritual sea, Ye Zichen instantly feigned terror.


“What are you doing? Didn’t you just want to kidnap me and get married? There’s no need to seal my spiritual seal, much less tie me up. Could it be……. Is this one of your ‘special interests?’”


He’d seemed scared out of his wits mere moments earlier, but now Ye Zichen’s flippant attitude returned. 


“I’m actually not really all that interested in being tied up,” he said bashfully, “but if you’re into it, I’ll definitely submit.”


“Take him away!” shouted the woman in red. Although she’d pretended she didn’t care this whole time, by now, she was utterly furious. 


She was a woman, after all. How could she truly remain unbothered even after enduring all those flippant remarks?


“Miss, we didn’t bring any extra horses with us……” the woman’s subordinate responded with the utmost caution. At that moment, the woman in red recalled that they’d left in a hurry. They only had a limited number of battle horses on hand.


But this person was of the utmost significance to her…...


“Put them in the carriage!”


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