Chapter 1043 - This Money. Is Tuition

A beam of spiritual light swept through Wu DI’s room. As the light dissipated, Wu Di, who was sitting cross-legged atop his bed, opened his eyes. 


“Mid-stage entering immortality.”


As he felt his abundant spiritual power fill his body, his eyes shone with delight.


“I have to tell my master. He’ll be so happy!”


Ye Zichen was now the most important person in Wu DI’s life. Whenever anything good happened, he wanted to tell Ye Zichen right away.


His current breakthrough was no exception. He leaped into the air and dashed to Ye Zichen’s room.




There was no one there!


When he reached the courtyard, he saw no trace of Ye Zichen, but he could sense the sound-proofing barrier Ye Zichen had left behind. 


At that moment, he heard a shout from outside the residence. “Wu Di, what are you doing here? Senior Ye is off fighting some guys from the Axe Gang. Shouldn’t you be helping out?” 


He immediately hurried outside. “What did you say?  My master is fighting with the Axe Gang? Where are they now? 


“Past the north gate, I think. I heard the news from a friend. They’re still…..”


Before they could even finish their sentence, they watched as Wu Di transformed into a beam of light and disappeared before their very eyes. As Wu Di hurried away, the passerby sensed his spiritual pressure…..


Mid-stage entering immortality.


Before Ye Zichen appeared, Wu Di’s strength was negligible. Everyone knew his status as a member of the Wu Family, but no one had ever looked at him with any serious attention.


It wasn’t until Ye Zichen showed up that, thanks to his status as an expert's apprentice, the people of Black Ox Town started paying attention to Wu Di.


To think that in just two short weeks, Wu Di would become a mid-stage entering immortality expert!


“Senior Ye really is incredible!” 


The passerby sighed inwardly, then transformed into yet another beam of light no weaker than Wu Di’s and flew towards the northern gates.


“Bro, what are you doing!?”


When he saw that Zhao Ye and his subordinates had him surrounded and, moreover, Scarface and his subordinates were actively threatening him, Ye Zichen sighed helplessly.


“If we want to live in a harmonious society, we have to maintain good moral development. I’ve already done what you said, but look at you? What are all of you surrounding me for? Hurry up and let me go back to the city. When my apprentice realizes I’m missing, he’ll be worried.” 




Zhao Ye snorted darkly and contemptuously. He left the circle surrounding Ye Zichen and approached him, then patted Ye Zichen on the face. 


“Nevermind other people;  you should worry about yourself first. Don’t worry too much, though. Your disciple ought to be the Wu Family’s Wu Di. Once I’m done with you, I’ll naturally go looking for him too. 


“It sounds like there’s no room for discussion?”


“We were willing to discuss this at first, but you wasted the opportunity.”


Zhao Ye sneered, took a step back, and waved at his subordinates……


“Get him.”


Within  Black Ox Town, a beam of light hurtled toward the north gates. This was none other than Ye Zichen’s apprentice, Wu DI.


To tell the truth, Ye Zichen had absolute confidence in Ye Zichen. Nothing would go wrong.


However,  it was still best to be careful. His master was in trouble. Even if Wu Di was weak, as Ye Zichen’s apprentice, he had to stand by his master’s side and help him overcome this challenge.


He moved as fast as he possibly could. When he reached the outskirts of Black Ox Town…..


“At ease!”




“Dress right!”


“Eyes front!”


A series of familiar commands resounded through Wu Di’s ears. He’d hurried over just in time to see three rows of swollen-faced, grimacing men with axe emblems embroidered on their chests standing at attention. 


There were also two men standing in front, separate from the others. One was a dark-skinned man. The other was none other than Scarface, the man who’d tried robbing him earlier.


Their wounds were obviously far heavier than the others’, especially Scarface’s. His entire face was a mass of bruises, so swollen his eyes were nothing but thin slits. 


Ye Zichen stood before them like a drill sergeant and coldly examined them.


At the same time, Wu Di heard the onlookers exclaim, “Senior Ye is really fierce!”


“That’s right! You didn’t see it clearly, but he defeated them all in less than three seconds.”


“It seemed like he didn’t even use any immortal spiritual power.”


“He’s really way too strong! I think he’s at least an earth immortal!”


“Pff, an earth immortal? He’s at least a sky immortal!”


“Do you think he might be an immortal king?”


As much as they worshipped Ye Zichen, as soon as those words left the man’s mouth, the other onlookers calmly shook their heads.


An immortal king?


That was an unparalleled existence even in the sky great district. Although Ye Zichen’s lightning-fast victory shook them to the core, and immortal king….. They didn’t even dare consider it.


“Hey, isn’t that Senior Ye’s disciple, Wu Di?” When the crowd discovered Wu Di’s presence, they quickly surrounded him and peppered him with questions. 


“Just how strong is Senior Ye?”


“An earth immortal? A sky immortal? Or an immortal king? As his apprentice, you ought to know!”


“Go on, tell us! Why won’t you tell us?”


Facing the oncoming swarm of people, Wu Di instinctively unleashed his full entering immortality aura to sweep them away, then rushed to Ye Zichen’s side. 


“Mid-stage entering immortality!” 


“Does anyone know what level he was at before Senior Ye appeared?”


 “Spiritual body, it seems!”


The onlookers were so stunned, they could barely speak. Going from spiritual body to mid-stage entering immortality in a month? Could Ye Zichen truly be an immortal king?


The onlookers’ gazes instantly brimmed over with respect and admiration.


Meanwhile, Ye Zichen had no idea he’d just achieved god-like status in the eyes of Black Ox Town. At that moment, he was still busy “educating” the Axe Gang members.


Whack! Whack! Whack!


He whacked each and every one of the back. Even after he hit them, none of them dared so much as gasp. 


“Tell me, was this really necessary? I told you repeatedly to let me go, but you refused to listen. What, do you enjoy getting beaten up?”


Zhao Ye smiled obsequiously, but on the inside, he was cursing that blasted Scarface. Of course, some of his curses were aimed ast Ye Zichen too. 


What the hell are you, an esteemed expert well above the earth immortal level, doing in a place like Black Ox Town? 


And you feigned cowardice this whole time? Weren’t you just tempting us to attack you?


Of course, Zhao Ye absolutely didn’t dare say that out loud. He could only bow and nod repeatedly in submission.  


“As for you, Scarface….” Once he finished with Zhao Ye, Ye Zichen approached Scarface and helplessly patted him on the shoulder. “You still haven’t learned your lesson? I already punished you once. Don’t you have any shame? Oh Child of Wealth, have you come to throw more money at me?”




At that moment, Ye Zichen heard Wu Di call his name. A smile instantly bloomed across his face. 


“What are you doing here?”


“I just left seclusion. When I heard you were fighting the Axe Gang, I came as fast as I could.” Wu Di smiled tightly, then pointed at the group of swollen-faced gang members. “Is that them….?”


“It’s just them, isn’t it? Don’t you think I have enough on my plate already?  And now I have to teach them every day too? My dear apprentice, don’t you think your master is just far too kind-hearted? They aren’t my subordinates, yet I’m going to such great lengths to instruct them.”


Ye Zichen put his arm around Wu Di’s shoulder. This was nothing like how a master was supposed to act, but Wu Di understood Ye Zichen’s temperament. This is just how he was. Wu Di, however, knew better than to break the rules.


He removed Ye Zichen’s hand, stepped backward, and bowed in greeting. “As you say, master.”


   “This kid….”


Ye Zichen knew Wu Di was warning him. They were master and apprentice and there were so many people watching; he couldn’t be too casual. 


Ye Zichen shrugged helplessly, then his gaze landed on Scarface and Zhao Ye once more.


“Let’s call it a day. My apprentice, you’re here just in time. Go take all the treasures they have on hand.”


Wu Di had long since predicted this kind of result. He walked towards them and started feeling around for treasure.


“Bro!” Scarface’s expression darkened. He couldn’t give away his treasures! He was fond of money and practically always carried his entire savings with him. If he gave them away, he’d lose everything he’d built up over the past few hundred for nothing. 




To his surprise, Wu Di whooped him upside the head and started berating him.   


“My master told you to hand them over, so hand them over! Don’t waste time arguing. What, did your beating leave you brain damaged? Let me tell you, you’re not giving up this money for nothing. This is tuition, don’t you get it? If you can rob other people, they can rob you back, right? Also, stop with the ‘Brother Ye,’ nonsense. Is someone like you worthy of calling my master ‘brother?’”


After spending so much time with his master, Ye Zichen’s nature had started to rub off on him.

When he heard Wu Di’s explanation, Ye Zichen was amused, but at the same time, he nodded in satisfaction.


“My apprentice is right! This money…. Is your tuition!”


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