Chapter 1041 - Axe Gang Members Are All Such Great People!

Scarface’s entire aura billowed outward. His face was purple with rage. That, combined with his fierce glare, made his scar unusually hideous. 


He flared his nostrils and snorted, then pointed to a road leading outside Black Ox City’s gates.


Scarface’s sheer gall left the onlookers scared out of their wits. Since that incident with Li Wan, it had been a long time since anyone in Black Ox Town dared speak to Ye Zichen in such a way.


The soldiers looked at each other. They knew these were Axe Gang members, yet they dared provoke a star of calamity like Ye Zichen? Those poor gang members would have to look out for themselves and hope for the best. 


When he saw Ye Zichen standing there silently instead of responding, Scarface assumed he was afraid. He puffed up his chest and roared angrily, “do you dare?” 


“They’re really seeking death.” 


The citizens of Black Ox Town snorted inwardly. How strong was Ye Zichen? Even a human immortal like Li Wanlong was beaten so soundly, he was too scared to even fart.


This Scarface had only just barely entered immortality, yet he dared yell at Senior Ye like that? 


“Senior Ye, follow them outside and show them a thing or two!”


“That’s right! Senior Ye, teach them a lesson!” 


The onlookers started yelling. After the first yell, countless others shouted in agreement. The citizens of Black Ox Town had no love for the Ox Gang whatsoever…..


Of those who’d been in the Thirteenth District for a long time, who dared say they hadn’t been robbed by the Axe Gang at least once?


Even those who’d only been here a short time had heard Axe Gang’s name and knew that although they pretended to be righteous, they secretly worked as bandits


“Shut up!” Scarface furrowed his brows and chastised them. His subordinates glowered at the people of Black Ox Town as well, but failed to intimidate them. All they got in return was a chorus of “boos.” 


By comparison, Zhao Ye was much calmer. As the crowd booed, he only smiled calmly, then used this as a pretext to urge Ye Zichen on. 


“It seems Brother Ye is rather famous in Black Ox Town. The people have spoken, so how about you follow us outside?” 


“Is this really okay?” 


Ye Zichen scratched his head in apparent distress. It had only been a few days since he robbed Scarface. To tell the truth, Ye Zichen didn’t have the heart to rob him again.


Especially since this time, Scarface hadn’t just brought himself. He’d even brought someone who looked a good deal richer!


Axe Gang members really were great people!


“Are you afraid?” When he saw Ye Zichen scratch his head, Scarface assumed he was afraid and started mocking him. 


Zhao Ye smiled calmly as well, then pointed at the crowd of onlookers. “Everyone’s waiting for Brother Ye to follow us outside the city,” he said. “If you refuse, I’m afraid they’ll be disappointed.” 


Ye Zichen was still visibly distressed. He furrowed his brows at the Axe Gang. These guys were so eager to give him their money!


“If I let you force me outside of the city, won’t I lose a lot of face?” he asked hesitantly.


“Then how do you want to do this?” 


Scarface's anger had already reached the peak. He took a step forward. In truth, he really was worried that Ye Zichen would just turtle up in Black Ox Town. If that happened, they really couldn’t touch him.  


Although Ye Zichen’s tone clearly indicated that he was on the verge of giving in, Scarface feared any delays could lead to trouble. He grit his teeth, fished a spatial pouch from his breast pocket, and tossed it over.


“Ten thousand spirit coins. So long as you exit the city, this money is yours.” 


Ye Zichen hefted the money in his palm. His spiritual awareness examined its contents and found that there really were ten thousand spirit coins inside. Ye Zichen was already so overcome with emotion, words could no longer express his feelings.


The Axe Gang was just too great!


They actively threw money at him as soon as they arrived. Where else could you find such wonderful people?


To his surprise, just as he was marveling about how wonderful the Axe Gang was, Zhao Ye tossed yet another bag of money at him. 


“There’s another ten thousand.” 


Twenty thousand spirit coins!


Ye Zichen stood there in a daze, a bag in each hand. He already had no idea what to say. He was so moved, he had to fight back tears.


Hee no longer hesitated. He put the bags of money away, then, hands behind his back, walked towards Scarface and Co.


It would be rude to refuse such kindness!


They’d already gone so far. If Ye Zichen denied them any further, wouldn’t it damage their reputations?


He sighed helplessly…...


“Let’s go!” 


The Li Family Residence. 


The past few days hadn’t been anywhere near as comfortable for Li Wanlong. With a walking disaster like Ye Zichen by Wu Di’s side, he was truly concerned that Wu Di would complain and bring that star of death to his gates. 


He’d already sent his elder sister a message but still hadn’t gotten a response.  As a result, he’d been on edge for the past few days. 


“Deacon Li.” 


A family servant hurried through the gate and into the courtyard.  Li Wanlong was already feeling irritable. When he saw this servant barge in without any advance notice, his face darkened.


“You have to notify me before entering, “he chastised the servant, “Don’t you know that?”


The servant hadn’t expected Li Wanlong to reach so explosively. He stopped by the gates, dazed and uncertain of what to do. Lu Wanlong faced him and snorted coldly, “speak! What is it?”


“Reporting in, Deacon,” said the servant hurriedly, afraid to delay any longer. “A group of Axe Gang members has entered Black Ox City.


“If they’re here, they’re here. Black Ox Town isn’t the Wu Family's private territory. So what if the Axe Gang is here?” Had this man barged in just to report such a minor matter? As he considered this, Li Wanlong’s expression grew extremely dark


The servant’s legs trembled beneath the weight of Li Wanlong’s gaze. In order to preserve his little life, he finished his explanation as fast as he could.


‘They’re not simply here to relax. They’re here for that star of calamity living in the northern part of the city. It seems the Axe Gang bears a grudge against him. They shouted and swore at him, but since our Black Ox Town absolutely forbids private duels, he wound up following them out of the city. They ought to be outside the city by now. You said to report all news of that walking disaster to you immediately. That’s why I….. I deserve death. Deacon, please spare my humble life.” 


The servant could no longer bear the weight of Li Wanlong’s gaze. He knelt to the ground and kowtowed repeatedly.


“The Axe Gang has come looking for trouble with Ye ZIchen? Who exactly did they send?”


“I heard that Vice-Captain Scarface as well as Zhao Ye, their top captain in Raging Flames City, have arrived, along with around thirty of their subordinates.” 


“So it was the two of them!” 


Li Wanlong ignored the kneeling servant.  Inwardly, his mind was racing. 


The Axe Gang had come looking for Ye Zichen?


This was wonderful news!


As a local of the Thirteenth district, his understanding of the Axe Gang wasn’t something ordinary people could compete with.


He knew about Scarface. That scumbag had only been in the Axe Gang for a few years, but he had quite a few tricks up his sleeve. In just a short amount of time, he had already been promoted all the way to captain. 


He typically moved in a mysterious land not far from Black Ox Town. In the past few years, he might not have robbed a thousand Black Ox Town citizens yet, but he’d at least robbed eight hundred or so. 


Earlier, he’d even heard that Scarface wanted to rob Wu Di, and had come extremely close to killing him in the forbidden region. He knew all that, it was just that he’d deliberately not sent anyone to his nephew’s aid. 


As for Zhao Ye, he understood him even better. He’d been there since the Axe Gang first established a base in Raging Flame City. Since he was the oldest person there, he stood above almost everyone there, answering only to the base’s leader. His strength had already reached the peak of entering immortality. 


Although neither Zhao Ye’s strength, nor the base leader’s strength were enough to threaten that walking disaster, the gang’s main headquarters doted upon the base leader. Otherwise, he never would have been granted his position as head  of operations in Raging Flames City. 


Moreover, Zhao Ye represented the base leader’s face. So long as that calamitous star attacked him, even if it was just a minor injury, the base leader would definitely come looking for him. If that happened, the gang’s headquarters would inevitably get involved as well. 


Once headquarters was involved, that Ye Zichen would be in hot water, no matter how many powerful techniques he had.  


Besides, the sky great district’s Green Gang stood behind the Axe Gang. That was a peak-level force within the seventy-two districts! 


As he considered this, Li Wanlong couldn’t help but shake his head and snort.  It was then that he recalled the servant kneeling below.


“Alright. You’ve done well,” he said with a smile. “Go on, then!”


  “Phew.” The servant’s legs crumpled beneath him. As he stood, he almost fell right back down again. After struggling to his feet, he prepared to leave.


“Wait!” Li Wanlong stopped. The servant gulped and turned back around, only to see a pouch of coins flying towards him. 


“This is your reward.” 


“Thank you, Deacon.” 


After thoroughly expressing his gratitude, the servant left the courtyard. Meanwhile, Li Wanlong, who’d been living in abject terror for days, smiled in satisfaction. He lifted his glass of immortal brew and drained it. 


“Ye Zichen, oh Ye Zichen, to think you’d provoke the Axe Gang! I’m afraid this won’t end for you. That goes for you, too, Wu Di. Your good times are almost at an end!” 


Li Wanlong clenched his fists. The jade glass exploded with a bang as his face twisted into a hideous grin. 

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