Chapter 1040 - Black Ox Town’s New Decree


The Axe Gang had come looking for trouble with Ye Zichen. As this news spread further and further, it rapidly drew countless spectators.


Scarface could really feel the people of Black Ox Town’s excitement. As the spectators grew more and more numerous, the smile on his face grew increasingly sinister. The way he saw it, the more onlookers, the better. That way, when he stole Ye Zichen’s pants, he’d lose face right in front of everyone.


As he considered this, Scarface yelled even more vigorously, “everyone inside, come on out! Your Grandpa Scar has come looking for you. Don’t hide inside like cowards. If you’re a man, come on out and face me!”


The Divine Mountain had a rule that said, no matter which great district you were in, homes were considered private territory. No one could force their way in. If you broke this law, you’d receive punishment from the Divine Mountain. As a result, despite their ferocity, Scarface and the others could only stand outside and shout. 


Ye Zichen was currently inside, savoring a cup of immortal brew. Since Li Wanlong had sent them so many resources, Wu Di was no longer strapped for cash and had no need to fill his home with spiritual grass to sell. 


In order to make Ye Zichen more comfortable, he’d renovated and redecorated the courtyard. He’d even put a stone table in its center so Ye Zichen had a place to sit while he drank or answered Wu Di’s questions. 


He had to say that, although the immortal brew here was tasty and contained spiritual fruits that could boost your cultivation, he always felt it was lacking the “kick” of the Modern Realm’s sorghum liquor. 


“Everyone inside, come on out…..”


At that moment, the commotion outside the gates reached Ye Zichen’s ears. He frowned, then with a wave of his hand, placed a sound-proofing seal around the edges of the room. Wu Di had gleaned some enlightenment from Ye Zichen’s words not long ago and was currently in seclusion. 


Who knows? When he left seclusion this time, Wu Di might very reach the peak of entering immortality. Ye Zichen couldn’t let the shouting outside interrupt his disciple’s contemplation.


Ye Zichen had stayed in Black Ox Town for quite a few days now, so he knew full well that he was an almighty force within its walls. Even Li Wanlong and his subordinates had to treat him and Wu Di with the utmost respect, nevermind the ordinary citizens. 


Just as he was wondering who on earth could be stupid enough to shout like this in front of their residence, he heard…..


“Scarface is here to see you!”




That name seemed a bit familiar!


Suddenly, Ye Zichen recalled that group of Axe Gang members he’d run into in the barren wastelands of the forbidden region. It seemed their leader had had a scar on his face. If he weren’t mistaken, Ye Zichen had robbed him so thoroughly, he’d even taken his pants. 


How could Ye Zichen take notice of such a minor figure? If he hadn’t come back and made a fuss, Ye Zichen really would have forgotten all about him. 


He rubbed the ring on his fingers. What perfect timing! Just as Ye Zichen ran out of money to buy booze, Scarface came back. 


What a truly great person!


Ye Zichen stretched lazily, then got up off his stone chair, walked to the front door, and pushed it open. “What’s all that racket?!”


Scarface was just about to swear when he heard Ye Zichen’s calm rebuke. He swallowed his words. Although Ye Zichen had looked like an old beggar when he’d robbed him, his voice and mannerisms were the same. Scarface was certain that this valiant looking youth was the exact same person who’d robbed him earlier.


He retreated, then faced Zhao Ye. 


“Captain Zhao,” said Scarface, pointing at Ye Zichen, “that’s him!”


On the way here, Scarface had been incomparably heroic, but when he saw Ye Zichen’s cold expression, his heart quivered and his legs trembled uncontrollably. 


“What, do you want to lose that finger?” 


Ye Zichen’s glowered coldly at Scarface, who instantly felt as if he’d been plunged into an icy abyss. He shrunk back and quivered behind Zhao Ye, repeating, “it was him” over and over again. However, he no longer dared point at Ye Zichen.


As Ye Zichen left the residence, Zhao Ye naturally saw him as well. Zhao Ye sensed a powerful heroic spirit, and when he saw Ye Zichen’s appearance, he was utterly astonished. 


The way he saw it, anyone capable of teaching Scarface a lesson ought to at least be the same age as them, but judging from Ye Zichen’s appearance…..


He was only around twenty years old. 


In general, after entering immortality, your appearance would no longer change. Didn’t that mean that this youth had reached immortality in his early twenties? In that case, now….


Zhao Yao was overcome with uncertainty, but when he considered that this was just the mortal great district, and moreover, that Black Ox Town was tiny, he figured his peak entering immortality level strength was already more than enough. 


“Let me tell you, you’re in big trouble now. I detest being bothered when I’m drinking. You interrupted me, and in such a loud voice, too. How do you plan to make it up to me?” Ye Zichen cocked his head to the side. He stared directly at Scarface without any trace of friendliness in his gaze.


Scarface sensed his gaze and instinctively retreated, but when he remembered that Captain Zhao was with him, he felt a renewed surge of confidence. He puffed up his chest and snorted, “you’re too arrogant, you bastard. Do you see who this is? This is the captain of the Axe Gang’s first battalion, captain Zhao!” 


“Hm, so what?” asked Ye Zichen flatly. 


His even tone left Scarface with the impression that no amount of intensity would be of any use. Moments later, Scarface gnashed his teeth, glowered hatefully, and snorted, “what else could it be? I’m here to get revenge!”


“And just how do you plan to do that?” Ye Zichen chuckled, just as indifferently as before, as if he didn’t even place Zhao Ye and the others in his eyes. “Surely you don’t plan to fight me here? In that case, I’m afraid you’re out of luck. A few days ago, Deacon Li Wanlong as well as the city administrators issued a decree. Private battles are now forbidden within city limits. If you want to fight me, you’ll have to get through the city guards first, won’t you?” 


Li Wanlong had taken the initiative to issue this decree. How was truly far too concerned that Ye ZIchen might act against them, so he’d contacted a few other city administrators for help and issued a joint command. 


On the surface, this decree was issued out of concern for the residents of Black Ox Town, but in truth, it was only there to restrict Ye Zichen.


“What are those people doing up ahead? Private battles are forbidden within Black Ox Town. Are they planning to break the law?”


The city patrols arrived just in time. In truth, this was at Li Wanlong’s behest. He’d made Ye Zichen’s residence a regular destination for the patrols in order to keep an eye on Ye Zichen’s movements.


The soldiers’ shouts startled Scarface and Zhao Ye, but Ye Zichen only shrugged and laughed, “you ought to thank Black Ox Town’s new decree. Without it, you might already be lying defeated on the ground. As for you, I’m afraid you might have already lost your pants again.”


For Scarface, having his pants stolen was the embarrassment of a lifetime.


When he heard Ye Zichen bring up his “emotional scars,” his face reddened. “We naturally won’t break Black Ox Town’s laws,” he shouted furiously. “Do you have the guts to follow us outside?”

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