Chapter 104 Guo Qiang submits

Chapter 104 – Guo Qiang submits

Was there any message he wanted them to bring back?

Ye Zichen pursed his lips with a smile and shook his head, “Nope.”

The sunglasses-wearing man clearly did not expect Ye Zichen would give him that sort of reply. However, he still nodded and returned to the car, before driving away.

“Fifth Bro, it’s such a great chance, why do you keep on rejecting it? I can see that Director Hu thinks that you are rather promising. He came to our school personally several times when you weren’t in school.” Zhu Yunbai, the youngest in the dorm, asked in confusion.

Bai Yu patted his shoulders and shook his head.

Out of everyone in the dorm, he knew Ye Zichen for the longest and was the one who understood him the most.

He could faintly remember that Ye Zichen had a girlfriend in high school.

That girlfriend seemed to be Yang Yushi.

Ye Zichen sagged during the third year of high school. After that, no matter how famous Yang Yushi got, he never showed off his past with Yang Yushi at all.

Something might have happened in the middle, causing him to not want to mention it.

Zhu Yunbai was stunned by Bai Yu’s hit, while Ye Zichen put away the concert tickets with a smile and a shrug.

“What’s the point of being an artist? Isn’t it just to earn money? The thing I lack the least right now is money, is there a need to tire myself out to be an artist just to show off?”

“Why do I want to hit him so much? Zhang Rui covered his right fist with his left hand.

At the same time, Kang Peng also nodded in agreement, “He really is deserving of a beating.”

They arrived at a restaurant near school as they chatted. Actually, this restaurant was decently sized, but its cost were rather valued for money, so it was always the top choice for students from the Polytechnic University.

Since all of the rooms were full, Ye Zichen and co. sat down at a seat near the window on the second floor.

“Sir, here is your menu!”

The waitress placed the menus on the table. Ye Zichen directly pushed the menus in front of Kang Peng and Bai Yu.

“You two are the main characters today, order.”

At this moment, the eyes of the waitress beside them suddenly brightened as she exclaimed, “You are Ye Zichen, right?”

Ye Zichen scratched his face and looked up when he heard that, “Yeah.”

“Then can I take a photo with you?”


The waitress, who got the photo, revealed an excited expression, while Kang Peng and Bai Yu also ordered, then sent the waitress away with a wry smile.

Bai Yu raised his eyebrows playfully, “Ye-zi, your reputation is no worse than a celebrity. At the very least, you are this in our Polytechnic University.”

With that, he raised his thumb.

Ye Zichen smiled wryly, “Can I interpret that as you praising me?”

“I was praising you from the start. Our Young Master Ye is super popular in Polytechnic University, even us bros manage to get something out of it,” Zhang Rui wrapped his arm around Ye Zichen’s shoulders and laughed.

“Get something out of it?” Ye Zichen revealed a look of confusion.

Zhu Yunbai twitched his mouth on the side and said, “This scumbag used your WeChat to trick girls into getting a room with him. Did you not notice that more and more people are adding your WeChat recently?”

“Oh wow,” Ye Zichen immediately stood up from the chair and cursed while waving his fist. “So you were the person who leaked the news. Bros, what are you waiting for…”

“Stop messing around. Ouch, I was wrong, don’t…”

Actually, they didn’t use much strength, it’s just that Zhang Rui was too outrageous in his acting.

At that moment, a hostile shout sounded out from the curtained room beside them, “The ones outside, calm down.”

They immediately stopped, while Ye Zichen put his finger on his mouth and signaled everyone to quiet down.

This was a public location, and they were truly too loud earlier.

“Stop messing around, do it back at the dorm if you are going to mess around.”

At the same time, Zhang Rui also smiled coyly and bowed towards the people downstairs apologetically. However, when Ye Zichen’s side quietened down, someone in the room laughed in disdain, “Did you see that, the grandsons out there submitted.”

There was a hint of pride in that person’s voice, causing Ye Zichen and co.’s expression to turn sour all of a sudden.

“F*ck, who the heck said that just now? Say it again if you dare!” Zhang Rui pushed his glasses up, then stood up and shouted towards the room.

 “Oh? He’s got a temper.”

With that, the curtain to the room was pushed aside, and seven or eight teenagers holding beer bottles walked out.

“Grandson, your grandpa said this.”

“Guo Qiang.”

The person that spoke up wasn’t just anyone, it was Guo Qiang, who had stolen Ye Zichen’s girlfriend.

Zhang Rui frowned, while everyone else at the table all stood up and picked up the beer bottles.

They all knew that this grandson stole Ye Zichen’s girlfriend.

“I wanted to help Ol’ Five deal with you ages ago, you bastard. You are unlucky to meet me here,” Zhang Rui picked up the beer bottle and was about to throw it onto Guo Qiang’s head when Ye Zichen, who didn’t do anything as he sat beside him, suddenly raised his hand and stopped him.

“Ye-zi,” Zhang Rui frowned, while Guo Qiang also raised his eyebrows.

At the same time, Ye Zichen stood up and glanced at Guo Qiang and co.

To Ye Zichen’s surprise, the person that stood beside him this time wasn’t Yao Yue, it was a pale-faced woman, who clearly put on too much make-up.

“Why are you caring about him, he’s just a mad dog,” Ye Zichen snatched the beer bottle over from Zhang Rui and chucked it, and hitting Guo Qiang’s head directly. “Just directly hit him.”

“F*ck…” Guo Qiang’s subordinates immediately rushed over with their beer bottles, while Kang Peng and co. picked up the chairs.

At this moment, Guo Qiang stood up as he covered the wound on his head with his hand, then blocked off the people behind him. Afterwards, he walked in front of Ye Zichen and lowered his head, “Young Master Ye, this beer bottle is something I owe you. Now you have hit me. You can hit me, but don’t take a petty person’s fault to heart and don’t hate me. I broke up with Yao Yue, you…”

Guo Qiang’s reaction shocked everyone.

It also caused Ye Zichen to raise his eyebrows with a smile, “What did you call me just now?”

“Young Master Ye!” Guo Qiang lowered his head as he clenched his teeth, “Young Master Ye, I had eyes, but no pupils then. But that bird Yao Yue isn’t any good woman either, since she could make me use money to take her away from you, she could get others to do the same.”

“Kang Peng,” Ye Zichen raised his hand. Kang Peng immediately understood and placed a beer bottle in his hand.


Ye Zichen smashed the beer bottle down, causing Guo Qiang’s head to be covered in blood. However, he continued to clench his teeth and stand in front of Ye Zichen with a lowered head, “Young Master Ye. Sorry.”

 “F*ck off,” Ye Zichen pointed to the stairs and cursed with a sullen expression.

Guo Qiang immediately took the woman and his subordinates beside him and ran from the second floor as if he was just let off.

Ye Zichen clenched his fist firmly and sat down onto the chair silently.

“Ye-zi…” Bai Yu and Zhang Rui patted Ye Zichen’s shoulder to comfort him.

Ye ZIchen laughed, then thought back to Guo Qiang’s earlier words, “So funny.”

Ye Zichen licked his lips, then took out a bottle of beer from the box beside him and laughed.

“Drink with me. Today, we’re not going back until we’re drunk.”

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