Chapter 1039 - Scarface Wants Revenge

Black Ox Town was ancient. Who knew just how long Black Ox Town had existed? 


Scarface stood outside its walls, gnashing his teeth.


Everything he’d been through that day lurked in his heart like a demon, tormenting him nonstop. He was a lofty vice-captain of the Axe Gang, yet he’d been robbed so thoroughly, even his pants were stolen. Worse, the look in peoples’ eyes as he entered Raging Flames City left him feeling dishonored, as if his dignity had been trampled upon.


He’d turtled up in an inn. For a whole week, he dared not show his face for fear of becoming a target of the people’s gossip. 


However, his silence didn’t imply that he was willing to let this go. Rather, his silence was like kindling- it only made the flames of rage in his chest burn even brighter. 


As a result, a few nights ago, he’d fumbled his way through the dark and arrived at the Axe Gang’s main headquarters in Raging Flames City. Given his status, he naturally had no way to directly influence someone at the level of the gang leader, but he could still gather up a few of his comrades.


“Scar, you said the one who robbed you lives here?” 


The speaker was a gaunt man with skin so dark, he looked as if he’d dug his way out of a coal mine. He wore long white robes in stark contrast with his skin tone. 


This was the captain of the Axe Gang first battalion, Zhao Ye. He worked directly beneath the gang leader, and his strength had reached the peak of entering immortality.


Scarface had gone to great lengths to convince this guy to help him. He’d even told him about Wu Di’s earth-grade precious artifact worth a million spirit coins. 


“This is it. I can’t possibly be mistaken.” Scarface practically spat through gnashed teeth. What happened that day was far too humiliating. Stealing from him was one thing, but he’d even lost his pants! Although he’d hidden away in Raging Flames City for a while, his informant in Black Ox Town was completely certain that Wu Di and the man who’d robbed him were still in town. 


“The one who robbed me is currently living at Wu Di’s house.”


 When he heard that, the dark-skinned man frowned at Scarface. 


“Isn’t Wu Di someone of Raging Flame City’s Wu Family? Scar, when we left, you once told me there was someone from the Wu Family involved. At the end of the day, the Wu Family is still one of Raging Flame City’s great clans, a hegemon of the mortal great district. Now you want me to go looking for trouble with one of their clansmen? Are you trying to set me up?”


“Captain Zhao, there’s no need to worry. Although he’s a son of the Wu Family, his status is rather sensitive. They’re already this close to erasing his name from the family registers. There’s no need for our Axe Gang to worry about someone with that sort of status, and besides, even if the Wu Family were stronger than it already is, would they dare provoke our Axe Gang? Besides, we’re not really robbing that kid. We’re robbing the guy beside him.”


“That’s what you say, but Wu Di is still a member of the Wu Family. You can’t deny that! And it’s true: the Wu Family wouldn’t dare provoke our Axe Gang, but do you think we really want to become their enemies? If the Wu Family really comes looking for us in search of justice, the Gang Leader will definitely trade our lives for peace. Scar, it hasn’t been easy getting this far. I absolutely don’t want to slip up now.”


As he spoke, Zhao Ye sighed and turned away as if about to leave. 


When he saw this, Scarface grew somewhat frantic. He’d come all the way to Black Ox Town in a fit of rage Ye Zichen and Zhao Ye was his biggest trump card. If Zhao Ye left, he’d come here for nothing!


He couldn’t put off resolving this grudge any longer. He’d already had nightmares for several nights in a row and was afraid that if things went on like this, he’d go mad.


He gnashed his teeth, dashed forward, then pulled Zhao Ye back. 


“All I want is what belonged to me. The earth-grade precious artifact will go to you, Captain Zhao.” 


Earlier, they’d agreed to split it fifty-fifty. Now, he’d given the entire earth-grade precious artifact to Zhao Ye. That meant five hundred thousand spirit coins disappeared before his very eyes. 


That was already quite a hefty sum, but Zhao Ye nevertheless shook his head. “Ruining my future prospects for five hundred thousand spirit coins? Not worth it!”


“I’ll give you an additional three hundred thousand spirit coins!” 


Scarface raised three of his fingers. It had taken him almost half his life to save up thirty thousand spirit coins. However, no matter how much it hurt, the scene of Ye Zichen robbing him had already become his heart’s demon. He had to retrieve his treasures or this humiliation would never stop tormenting him. For the sake of his exorcising his heart’s demon,  three hundred thousand was worth it!


But he hadn’t realized Zhao Ye had such an enormous appetite. Even after Scarface offered him all that, he still seemed totally unwilling to help out!


“Four hundred thousand!” 


Zhao Ye’s eyes flickered with hesitation, but from the look of things, he needed one final push.


“Five hundred thousand!”


By now, Scarface was practically shouting and his face and neck were flushed red. You ought to know: Ye Zichen had stolen about five hundred thousand spirit coins worth of treasure from him. Offering that much to Zhao Ye meant that he wouldn’t earn anything back at all. He was already suffering a loss to get revenge for the robbery.


When he heard that number, Zhao Ye’s expression revealed a hint of satisfaction. This trip to Black Ox City would earn him one and a half million spirit coins. He wouldn’t have to worry about food, drink, or cultivation resources for years.


Yet his expression was still solemn. “Fine,” he said, feigning helplessness, “Scar, since you've said all that, I have no choice but to risk it.” 


As he spoke, Zhao Ye sighed and shook his head, then walked towards Black Ox Town. His subordinates followed hot on his heels. Their eyes glowed with satisfaction and excitement. They’d heard those numbers just now as well. If the captain ate meat, they’d drink soup. Once this problem was settled, the captain wouldn’t be stingy. He’d definitely give them each ten thousand or so.


Scarface inwardly cursed Zhao Ye’s craftiness. He refused to believe that the captain hadn’t thoroughly investigated before they’d left. If he was here, that meant he didn’t give a hoot about Wu Di’s status. Everything Zhao Ye had said just now was a blatant attempt to squeeze more money out of him.


He would remember this. He wouldn’t let it go, either, but this wasn’t the time. 


“Let’s go.” 


He waved at his subordinates, who followed him and Zhao Ye into Black Ox Town.


A grand procession, dozens of people, charged into Black Ox Town. When passerby saw their imposing demeanor, and especially when they saw the axe symbol pinned to their chests, they didn’t dare stop them. Instead, they cleared a path in the center of the road. They couldn’t help but wonder just who had provoked that star of the calamity, the Axe Gang.


“Captain Zhao, we’re here.”


When the group arrived at Wu Di’s residence, Scarface smiled obsequiously. When he saw Zhao Ye nod back at him, he stepped forth and roared in fury, “everyone inside, come on out. Your Grandpa Scar is looking for you.” 


This shout attracted attention throughout Black Ox Town. When they saw where Scarface and the others were standing, they made an unusual expression. In the past few days, Black Ox Town had added a new name to the list of people you absolutely couldn’t offend and he lived here, at Wu Di’s house.


Especially those who’d seen how Ye Zichen “educated” Li Wanlong earlier. When they saw how aggressively Scarface was yelling, strange looks surfaced on their faces. 


They were here to make trouble for that senior? Did they come here looking to die?

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