Chapter 1035 - How 'bout you Compensate him?

In truth, Ye Zichen had his own reasons for saying that. He’d only just entered the God Realm. If he just quietly focused on getting to the Yao Realm, Divine Mountains, or the River Styx, his life would be a bit too bland. 


Although Wu Di’s family’s background wasn’t particularly impressive, it at least had some status in the seventy-two districts.


If he borrowed Wu Di’s hands and took control of the Wu Family’s resources, or alternatively gained their trust, it might be faster and more convenient than just whole-heartedly throwing himself at the problem. 


Besides, he really did want to act the part and guide this youth who carried a story in his heart. This was the first step of Ye Zichen’s preparations. 


“Master?” When Li Wanlong heard that, his eyelids twitched violently.


In truth, his big sister, Li Ke, had arranged for him to take up office at Black Ox Town. His primary mission was to help the Li clan gather resources and expand. His secondary objective was to get rid of Wu Di, that servant girl’s bastard.


Although Wu Di wasn’t much of a threat to his nephew’s position, leaving him around was still somewhat risky. 


The Li Family didn’t dare attack Wu Di in secret. At the end of the day, Wu Di was still the current clan head’s son.  If the Wu Family set their minds to investigating the matter, they’d definitely discover the Li Family’s involvement. 


If that happened, their Li family might very well have to bear the wrath of the entire Wu Family.


As a result, they’d picked the safest possible method. They restricted Wu Di’s access to cultivation resources, preventing him from increasing his strength. Li Kai also mocked Wu Di on Li Wanlong’s orders in order to lure him into making a mistake. 


So long as Wu Di dared strike Li Kai, their Li family would naturally have sufficient pretext to ask the Wu Family to wipe his name from their registers. 


But they never would have guessed Wu Di possessed such forbearance. More importantly, he now had a master who was at the very least a peak human immortal.


Li Wanlong’s thoughts raced, but he wore a kind and genial smile on his face. 


“I’m quite surprised to hear that you’re my dear nephew’s teacher. In all these years, he’s never performed particularly well within the clan, yet he managed to catch your eye. In that case, my dear nephew might really have some sort of talent the Wu Family has yet to discover. He’s truly fortunate to have an expert like you by his side.” 


There was a message hidden behind his words. As he emphasized Ye Zichen’s strength and depth of vision, he was also subtly reminding him of the Wu Family’s status. 


How could Ye Zichen not see the true meaning behind his words? Even so, he ignored it completely and snorted, “let’s skip the pleasantries. I’ve heard it all so many times, it no longer means anything to me. I’m here because my disciple was being bullied. Wu Di is my apprentice and the apple of my eye. I wanted to take him with me to a higher-level district, but he treasured his family so much, he couldn’t bear to part with them. I had no choice but to remain here for a while. Who would have guessed something like this would happen? Brother Wanlong, how do you propose we resolve this?” 


Li Wanlong couldn’t help but frown at Ye Zichen’s overbearing attitude. How could this expert be so direct even after he’d brought up the Wu Family? He inwardly cursed Ye Zichen’s poor manners, yet his kind and friendly smile didn’t change a bit. This time, though, his smile was directed at Wu Di instead.


“Lil’ Di,” said Li Wanlong, “how about your uncle compensates you on your cousin’s behalf? From the moment I was first sent to Black Ox Town, I’ve been busy helping the family grow and haven’t paid much attention to you two’s relationship. This happened because of my negligence. How about this? When I go home, I’ll be sure to teach that brat a lesson. Then, since it’s almost time for the clan’s grand competition, I’ll send you some resources to help your cultivation advance a bit. That way, you can perform well at the grand competition. How about it?”


In truth, when Ye Zichen called him his apprentice, Wu Di was baffled as well. 


If it were possible, he would naturally be totally and completely willing to become this senior’s disciple. However, he considered his own talent mediocre and was afraid that recklessly treating this senior as his master would only offend him.


Ye Zichen was currently calling him his apprentice, but he was obviously only doing it to support him. 


As for Li Wanlong’s words, sweet as sugar-coated bombs, Wu Di was already totally immune. He didn’t have too much inside information but he knew in his bones that the Li Family had always wanted to see him expelled from the clan. 


Now Li Wanlong was calling himself his uncle and offering him cultivation resources. All of this was clearly just because of Ye ZIchen.


In his heart, Wu Di was utterly unwilling to forgive the Li Family, but he didn’t want to drag Ye Zichen into this mess. He could only suppress his disgust and bow to Li Wanlong. 


“As you say, uncle,” he sneered. 


“That’s a good lad.” Li Wanlong smiled in satisfaction. That was exactly the result he’d expected. Given Wu Di’s circumstances, so long as Li Wanlong treated him with even the tiniest bit of kindness, he ought to be stunned and flattered.


He would just lose a few resources, that’s all. Besides, he’d never said just how many resources it would be.


In the end, it would be up to him to decide just how many resources he gave Wu DI. 


It was then that Ye Zichen suddenly called out, “wait a moment……” 


“What is it?” In truth, Li Wanlong detested talking to people like Ye Zichen, but given the circumstances, he had no choice but to be polite.


“You agreed to give him resources, but how many, exactly?” Ye Zichen was an expert at word games. Li Wanlong wanted to compete with him, but he was still too inexperienced.


Li Wanlong’s self-satisfied expression instantly darkened. It seemed that Wu Di was easy enough to trick, but the master standing behind him was a bit hard to handle. 


“Then, your highness…..”


“You’re just giving resources to your nephew. It’s not like I’m robbing you, so why are you questioning my intentions?” 


“Wily old fox,” Li Wanlong inwardly cursed Ye Zichen, but on the outside, he said, “three hundred low-grade spirit stones and a bottle of third-grade immortal pills.”


As he spoke, Li Wanlong watched Ye Zichen’s expression. When he saw that Ye Zichen was unmoved, he continued.


“And a hundred stalks of hundred-year-old spirit grass.” 


“As well as twenty third-rank immortal talismans.” 


“And an earth-grade precious artifact sword.”


“Don’t take this too far, your highness.” By now, Li Wanlong was practically gnashing his teeth. Although he could produce these resources, his heart ached at the thought of it. However, Ye Zichen still didn’t seem particularly satisfied.


In truth, it wasn’t that Ye ZIchen wasn’t satisfied. Rather, he simply had no idea how much these resources were worth.


It was actually Zheng Yunan who quietly walked up to Ye Zichen’s side and whispered, “senior, this should be about enough. These treasures are worth at least a million spirit coins.”


“A million? Is that a lot?”


Ye Zichen asked completely openly and arched his brows.  When Li Wanlong heard this, he came this close to cursing Ye Zichen. A million wasn’t a lot? Given his current status, it would take at least a year to save up that much.


Yet from the look of things, this expert disdained it for being too little?


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