Chapter 1034 - I’m his Master

As soon as she finished her sentence, Zheng Yunan unleashed her imposing spiritual pressure. As it bore down on them, terror rose in Li Kai and the others’ hearts. 


Wu Di, however, grabbed her arm and shook his head. “Don’t worry about it.” 


He patted the dust off his body, then rose to his feet. When he saw that the gourd of wine was still intact, he finally smiled in relief. 


Zheng Yunan’s nostrils flared. She immediately noticed the gourd. “Wu Di, even if the clan sent you to Black Ox Town, you shouldn’t get discouraged. Immortal Brew is indeed excellent, but you ought to focus on your cultivation. When you make waves at our clan’s competitions, my grandfather can say a few words on your behalf. You’ll definitely be allowed to return to the clan.”


Clearly, Zhen Yunan had misunderstood. When she saw how concerned Wu Di was about the gourd of wine, she thought he’d sunk into despair and was trying to drown his sorrows in booze.


Wu Di didn’t explain. He simply pressed his lips into a smile and nodded. “I understand.” 


“Can you quit it with the perfunctory answers? Let me tell you, I’m here to tell all the clansmen in Black Ox City that the clan will be hosting its grand competition in a month. You… if you keep acting like this, can you score in the top one-hundred?”


The clan’s grand competition!


When the youths by Li Kai’s side heard this news, they grew visibly excited.


There were far too many Wu clansmen. If you wanted to stand out amongst countless others, you had to be so dazzling people couldn’t possibly overlook you, or you had to do well in the clan’s grand competition.


So long as you entered the top one-hundred, you’d become one of the clan’s elites. Your status would rise exponentially and you’d no longer have any need to worry about cultivation resources. 


Those youths by Li Kai’s side had already tightly clenched their fists. As soon as they returned home, they’d definitely go into seclusion for the rest of the month in order to show off their skills at the grand competition.


“Him? Lil’ Nan, I’m afraid you’re overestimating him. He’s just a slave girl’s filthy bastard, yet you think he can enter the top hundred? With his status, even entering the clan’s gates might be a problem. You’d best not get too close to him or he might infect you with his bad luck.”


Li Kai snorted in disdain. He’d heard about the upcoming grand competition half a month ago so he wasn’t particularly surprised to hear the news now. 


“Li Kai, you’d better take back what you just said.” Wu Di glowered coldly at Li Kai and clenched his fists so tightly, his knuckles cracked.


“Apologize? To a beast like you? Or should I apologize to that disreputable mother of yours?” 


“You can’t talk that way about my mother!” 


“Why not? She wasn’t even allowed in the clan’s ancestral hall. In the end, her remains were just buried in a mass grave. If she’d been a proper woman, she’d have been allowed into the ancestral hall, wouldn’t she?”


“Shut up!”




His entering immortality spiritual pressure instantly exploded outward. Sensing this pressure, Zheng Yunan was somewhat surprised at first, but she soon smiled at him in delight.


Facing Wu Di, Li Kai couldn’t help but feel that the one standing before him was no longer that little whelp who never fought back no matter what he did. Instead, he felt as if he faced an ancient and vicious beast….




His legs softened as he collapsed to the ground. 


 “Hmph, what trash.” With a cold snort, Wu Di turned and walked away.


Li Kai sat there on the ground, his eyes bloodshot. He shouted in fury, “kill him!” Instantly, his followers, as well as the guards his father had arranged for him, went to seize Wu Di. 


“Li Kai,  what are you trying to do? You can compete with your clansmen, but you can’t take their lives. Don’t you know that?” Zheng Yunan shouted furiously, but Li Kai only smiled playfully in response.


“Let me tell you,” he said, “in Black Ox City, I am the heavens! Zheng Yunan, you might be the grand visiting elder’s granddaughter, but don’t forget that you’re ultimately just an outsider. You don’t have any blood relation with our Wu Family. I strongly advise you to mind your own business.”


With that, he turned to the group surrounding Wu Di and chastised them, “what are you just standing there for?” 


The very next moment, a shout loud and sudden as a thunderclap shook the skies.  “Scram!” 


Instantly, everyone surrounding Wu Di was sent flying. When they crashed back to the ground, they coughed up mouthfuls of blood


This sudden development startled  everyone present. The next moment, they saw a black-robed man standing beside Wu Di. His expression was icy as he scanned Li Kai and his followers.


One of the onlookers was a human immortal level expert but not even he could tell where Ye Zichen had come from.


Obviously, this expert who’d just appeared out of nowhere was above the human immortal level!




Wu Di wasn’t sure at first. His impression was of a disheveled old beggar, completely different from the man currently standing beside him…..


This man’s eyes were bright, his posture upright, and he radiated calm self-respect and an air of superiority. 


Especially those sharp brows. A single glance was enough to fill someone’s heart with terror. 


“What, you don’t recognize me?” 


When he saw Wu Di’s stunned expression, Ye Zichen smiled and reached out to tousle Wu Di’s hair, then took the gourd of wine from his hands. 


“Is this for me?”


He hadn’t thought that this new arrival really was that senior. Wu Di was stunned for a moment, but when he heard Ye Zichen’s questions he hurriedly nodded his head. “Yes, I got this for you, Senior.”


Ye Zichen didn’t hesitate. He started pouring wine down his throat and chugged, letting it flow down the sides of his mouth and onto his chest. Moments later, he tossed the empty gourd to the ground. 


“Good wine.” 


When he saw Ye Zichen’s pleasure, Wu Di smiled radiantly, delighted from the bottom of his heart. He’d actually been somewhat worried that this kind of immortal brew wouldn’t satisfy this senior’s standards.


In an instant, the situation changed completely. 


Li Kai’s guards and followers hurriedly returned to his side.  Zheng Yunan stared dumbly at Ye Zichen. When she realized his relationship with Wu Di wasn’t simple, she smiled delightedly and ran out to greet  him. “Junior Zheng Yunan pays her respects, senior.” 


“Mm.” Ye Zichen nodded at Zheng Yunan, then his gaze darkened. He turned and slowly approached Li Kai.


Lu Kai never would have guessed Wu Di knew such a powerful person. Beneath the weight of that senior’s gaze, he felt the threat of imminent death. 


“Dad, save me!” As soon as Li Kai cried out, they heard another voice cut through the air…...


“Who dares….”


The middle-aged man in the sky stopped halfway through his sentence, so suddenly it seemed someone were squeezing his neck. Instantly, he plastered a warm, friendly smile onto his face. 




When Li Kai saw him, he hurriedly rushed to his side. The man glared at him, then turned to Ye Zichen and cupped his hands in greeting.


“I am Li Wanlong. I am responsible for the Wu Family’s affairs in Black Ox Town. Greetings, fellow daoist. I don’t know how my dog of a son offended you. Please tell me what happened. 

I'll be sure to punish him severely.” 


Li Wanlong’s demeanor was polite and friendly. He couldn’t see through Ye Zichen’s depths. Li Wanlong was already a mid-stage human immortal expert. Although he couldn’t see Ye Zichen’s true strength, he absolutely didn’t believe this person was an earth immortal expert.


An expert like that would have left for the profound great district long ago. Why linger in the mortal great district? 


“Your son didn’t offend me, but he offended my disciple.” Ye Zichen said coolly. 


Li Wanlong’s heart thudded violently in his chest. He glowered hatefully at his son and said, “Fellow Daoist, your apprentice…..?”


Before he’d finished his sentence, Li Wanlong saw Ye Zichen pull Wu DI towards him.


“My apprentice is Wu Di! I’m his master.” 


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