Chapter 1033 - Li Kai and Zheng Yunan

Nighttime in Black Ox Town was pleasantly quiet. Ye Zichen sat cross-legged atop his bed. He didn’t breathe in the area’s spiritual energy. Instead, he just sat there dully, lost in thought.


In truth, he wasn’t as easy-going as he’d seemed during the day. He was just actively avoiding thinking about things. However, when the whole world grew still and silent, it was as if a dam broke inside him; countless repressed thoughts flooded into his mind. 


“The River Styx.”


“The Yao Realm.”


“The Divine Mountains.”


Not even he knew how long he sat there murmuring to himself. Night gave way to day. Then, finally, as the sun set in the sky once more and the people of Black Ox Town faced the sun and breathed in its power, he managed to calm himself. The Dao of the Five Elements surfaced in his mind and he began to contemplate the Laws of Heaven and Earth.


He’d comprehended the Dao of the Five Elements during tenth reincarnation. He did this by merging his own body with the elements. Then, as he delved deeper into their mysteries, he took control of the Laws for his own use.


When Ye Zichen was completely focused on gaining enlightenment, he lost all traces of life. It was as if he were an inanimate object.


Five-colored light gradually appeared around his body. This light represented the five elements of heaven and earth.


When cultivating, it was easy to lose track of time. When Ye Zichen next opened his eyes, five days had passed already. 


“Hey, that kid isn’t here!”


As soon as Ye Zichen opened his eyes, he reached out with his immortal sense. He wanted to see how Wu Di’s secluded cultivation was going. To his surprise, Wu Di had left seclusion even faster than he did. This was completely beyond his expectations. 


“It seems the kid’s got some talent.”


Based on the look in Wu Di’s eyes when he first entered seclusion, Ye Zichen was certain that he wouldn’t leave without first breaking through to the entering immortality stage.


If he’d left the house, that naturally meant he’d already entered immortality. 

Ye Zichen admitted he’d given Wu Di quite a few spirit stones. Even so, for him to reach the ranks of immortality in such a short period meant that he had some talent after all.


Unfortunately, it seemed that things were just as Wu Di had said: thanks to his sensitive status, he lacked sufficient cultivation resources. That’s why his cultivation was so lacking. Hover, his foundation was quite solid. The spirit stones Ye Zichen allowed the power he’d been accumulating to break through his shackles.




At that moment, Ye ZIchen reached out with his spiritual awareness and found Wu Di’s location. Just as he’d expected, Wu Di really had reached the entering immortality stage. Judging from the waves of spiritual energy emanating from him, it wouldn’t be long before he broke through to mid-stage entering-immortality.


This speed actually rather pleased Ye Zichen, but then he saw something that made him furrow his brows….


“I’m afraid this kid’s personality is just a bit too cowardly.”


Watching through his immortal sense, Ye Zichen discovered a couple of youths currently bullying Wu Di. Given his experience, he could naturally tell that these youths were also in the entering immortality stage. However, all of them had shaky foundations. 


Moreover, Wu Di held  an earth-grade precious artifact. Those youths weren’t even close to being his opponents.


However, at that moment, Wu Di was curled up on the ground, allowing them to punch and kick him. He didn’t resist in any way.


In comparison with how he’d acted a few days ago, Wu Di’s current behavior was like night and day.


“It seems I’ve got to intervene.” Ye Zichen sighed lightly, but just as he was about to rush over, he laughed. “This kid is rather fortunate. Forget it. I’ll let them mess around for a bit. Since I've come to the God Realm, I can’t keep looking like such a mess. I’m about to die of my own stench! I’d better clean myself up.”


In a small alleyway somewhere in Black Ox Town. 


Wu Di was curled up on the ground, his entire body covered in footprints. A cold light flashed in his eyes as he glowered at the youths attacking him. 


In truth, all of these people could be considered members of the Wu Family. Due to their limited talents, they’d been sent to Black Ox Town. 


Their leader was a youth named Li Kai. His talent was unexceptional, but his dad was in charge of the Wu Family’s operations in Black Ox Town. He had control over all resources distributed to clansmen within Black Ox Town.


With this sort of protection, Li Kai was untouchable in Black Ox Town.


With his father surreptitiously supporting him with massive amounts of resources, he’d managed to reach the entering immortality stage. 


Wu Di kept his head low in Black Ox Town primarily because of Li Kai. Li Kai’s father was the clan head’s brother-in-law. His sister, the clan head’s wife, had always despised her husband’s illegitimate son. Li Kai and the others followed her example and disdained him as well. They frequently made trouble for him. 


He’d gone out this time in large part to thank Ye Zichen for helping him break through. He'd plucked the herbs in his garden and sold them for quite a few spirit coins in order to buy some high-quality wine for Ye Zichen as an expression of his gratitude. He never would have guessed he’d run into Li Kai and his cronies.  


“Are you done yet?” Wu Di, who’d quietly endured all their punches and kicks, gnashed his teeth. He’d curled up and let them hit him for fear they’d break the gourd of wine he’d bought. He’d spent fully half of the money he’d earned selling his spirit grasses on it. If they broke it, there’d be absolutely now way he could buy another gourd of this type of immortal wine.


“Hah? Are you talking to me?” 


Silk-robed Li Kai smiled playfully. He cocked his head to the side and sneered at Wu Di. “I can see that you’ve reached entering immortality too, but you still don’t dare fight back? What a hopeless coward. You really are just a slave-girl’s bastard. You’ll never have any guts in this lifetime.”


“Say that one more time.”


You could hit him or insult him, but bringing up his mother…….


Wu Di’s eyes instantly grew bloodshot. He glowered hatefully at Li Kai. 


“How dare you look at me like that! Beat him up!” 


With a wave of his hands, the several Wu Family youth following him rushed at Wu Di, swinging and kicking. Wu Di grit his teeth and bore it. He wanted to fight back, but a rational voice in the back of his head told him to endure.


Li Kai’s status was special. If Wu Di hit him, they might really use it as an excuse to erase his name from the family register.




Wu Di repeatedly told himself to endure. Once they’d had enough, he could leave!


“Stay your hand!” 


At that moment, they heard a feminine shout from behind. They turned to look and saw a young woman in similarly lavishly decorated robes. Her bright eyes burned with fury as she hurried towards them.


When he saw the young woman, Li Kai repeatedly examined her from head to toe. More importantly….. 


When he looked at her, his eyes flashed with greed. 


“Why are you here?” 


“Out of my way.” The young woman pushed Li Kai aside. She rushed to Wu Di’s side and asked worriedly, “Wu Di, are you okay?”


“Zheng Yunan? Why are you here?” Wu Di was somewhat surprised. This young woman was the daughter of Zheng Chenggong, the number-one visiting expert of the Wu Family. She was also among the Wu Family’s top-ten geniuses. 


She was currently only twenty-four years old, but she was already at the peak of entering immortality, just one step away from becoming a human immortal. 


It had to be said that amongst the people of the Wu Family, Zheng Chenggong and his daughter treated him comparatively well. Back when the Wu Family had tried to erase his name from the family registers, it had been Zheng Chenggong who’d spoken up in his defense and finally put the matter to rest. 


“Quit asking so many questions! Are you alright? Are you hurt anywhere?” Zheng Yunan asked in obvious concern, then glowered at Li Kai and roared, “Li Kai, apologize!”

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