Chapter 1031 - Black Ox Town

“They’re powerful,” Wu Di said gravely.


“How so?” Ye Zichen pressed for details. Since it was his first time here, there was a lot he didn’t understand.  


“Senior, you’re likely from another district, so you don’t know just how fearsome the Axe Gang is.” 


Earlier, Ye Zichen had humiliated his pursuers even after Scarface mentioned the Axe Gang. This led Wu Di to believe this senior wasn’t a local of the Thirteenth District. 




After Wu Di’s explanation, Ye Zichen roughly understood why he’d said the Axe Gang was a powerful force. He also had a sense of the general distribution of power in the area. 


The northernmost region was under the Divine Mountain of the North’s jurisdiction and was divided into seventy-two districts. 


These districts were divided into four great districts: mortal, profound, earth, and sky. Each great district contained eighteen ordinary districts.


The density of spiritual power was poorest in the mortal great district and best in the sky district. 


They divided cultivation rankings more thoroughly here than in the lower realms: false spiritual body, spiritual body, entering immortality, human immortal, earth immortal, sky immortal, immortal supreme, and finally, immortal king. In other words, there was an extra stage between every two levels. 


Most of those in the mortal great district were below the human immortal level. When they broke through to human immortal, they could break through the district's barrier and continue developing in a higher-level district.


The Thirteenth District’s Axe Gang was actually just a branch. It was led by a human immortal, which was already enough to shake the mortal district. Moreover, the main branch was located in the profound great district and was led by a sky immortal; an unparalleled figure there. 


More importantly, though, the Axe Gang was a subordinate of the Sky District’s Green Gang.


The Green Gang’s leader was an immortal king level expert! He’d even heard that the Green Gang possessed reclusive supreme-level experts.


“Senior, give your strength, there's naturally no way you'd fear a mere Axe Gang, but the Green Gang standing behind them isn't something we can afford to offend. Besides, think about it…..  Supremes must all ascend to the divine mountain. Why would the Green Gang have a supreme-level expert on hand? Clearly, they….. '


Wu Di only got halfway through his sentence, but Ye ZIchen understood his point.


They had people on the Divine Mountain!


Ye Zichen wasn't actually all that concerned about all that. What hadn't he experienced in the lower realms? He'd even fought with diviner-level experts. He naturally didn't place a mere supreme in his eyes. 


What left him truly speechless was, after ascending to godhood, he'd wound up in a place like this!


This was merely the mortal great district!


Wasn’t this like releasing a tiger into a flock of sheep? 


Ye Zichen’s expression instantly turned somewhat strange. 


“Senior, this junior still urges you to leave the Thirteenth District as soon as possible. Furthermore, you’d best not use the transfer spiritual formations. When Scarface returns, he’ll definitely report this to his superiors.When that happens, they’ll surely send people looking for you and might even wait for you at the transfer formation. Given your strength, the district's barrier will be no problem for you Also, you seem to have come from a different district. So long as they don’t catch you, you’ll definitely stay safe. They couldn’t possibly go all out and offend an expert like you just for Scarface."


“Then what will you do?”




When he saw Wu Di’s expression, Ye Zichen knew he hadn’t even considered his own fate.


He reached out and patted Wu Di on the shoulder, then smiled.


“You don’t need to worry; they can’t do anything to me. How about this? I’m already involved and besides, they’ve offended me, so I’ll see this through properly. I have no place to live now either, so how about you take me back with you to rest for a few days? If the Axe Gang comes, I’ll send them packing for you. If not, we can make a new plan later. How about it?"




“You’re unwilling?”


“Of course I’m willing!” Wu Di practically shouted. Having an expert like Ye Zichen stay with him had no disadvantages, only countless benefits.


“Then why aren’t you leading the way?” 




“Senior, this is Black Ox Town.” 


Approximately four hours passed before Ye Zichen and Wu Di finally stepped out of the wastelands and saw a city.


Several teams, like squadrons of soldiers, patrolled the city walls. Just as they were about to enter, Ye Zichen saw Wu Di show the patrols the identification slip hanging by his waist.




“Your Excellency, this senior is staying with me.” When he saw the guards pull Ye Zichen aside, Wu Di stepped up to explain.


“He has no temporary residence permit so he can't enter the city. He might be behaving himself out here, but who knows? Once he’s inside, he might just hide somewhere and steal the spiritual energy within the city.”


“Your Excellency…..” 


“One spirit coin per night in Black Ox Town. If you don’t have it, get lost.” 


The soldier’s tone wasn’t at all polite. Wu Di grit his teeth, removed ten spirit coins from his pouch, and passed them over. 


“Give this senior a ten-day temporary residency permit!”


The temporary residence permits were issued by the Divine Mountain. They each contained a built-in time limit. When time ran out, you’d be expelled from the city no matter your cultivation. 


You could only stay in the city permanently if you bought a home.


For ordinary people, a single spirit coin was quite a hefty sum. Wu Di could spend ten of them here thanks to the subsidy his family had sent him last month.


Even so, using all ten of them here meant he had nothing left to spend this month. 


You could earn money here by selling spirit stones and grasses or adventuring in secret realms. 


Of course, you could also sell pills, treasures, and talismans to earn money….


But anyone capable of earning money in such a way was a proud existence even the peak-level powers of the sky great district would go all out to recruit. Such people disdained even visiting a place like the mortal great district. 


The soldier weighed the coins in his hands, then nodded in satisfaction. He pulled out a jade slip and placed it into Ye Zichen’s hands. 


“Ten days. If you don’t pay more after ten days, you’ll be forced to leave the city.” 


The jade slip was cold to the touch. When he looked at it, Ye Zichen could sense the flow of time on its surface. 




There was actually a time limit after entering the city? It seemed like almost the same idea as renting a house? 


The city walls were quite crude. As soon as he stepped into town, Ye Zichen sensed that the spiritual energy in the air was far denser than it had been in the wasteland. 


“The density of spiritual energy in town seems different from the outside?” 


Wu Di froze. He never would have guessed that this senior would ask such an idiotic question. Even so, he patiently explained, “every city has a spirit-gathering grand formation. That’s why the energy here is denser than on the outside. In truth, ours is just a small formation. If you go to a bigger city, the energy would be even denser. As for higher-ranked districts, I haven’t been either, but I imagine the energy is far denser than in the mortal great district.” 


Ye Zichen nodded in understanding. Although he wasn’t proficient in divination or spiritual formations, he knew anyone capable of placing a spirit-gathering formation large enough to contain an entire city had to be extremely capable. 


No wonder you had to pay just to enter the city! It turned out the space inside and outside the city was so different!


Interesting! So interesting!


Ye Zichen couldn’t help but shake his head. The more he learned about the God Realm, the more interesting it seemed!


At first, he’d been extremely unwilling to ascend, but now that he’d discovered how interesting it was up here, he was actually somewhat excited to see just what surprises the God Realm would bring him next! 

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