Chapter 103 Underworld Moments, Activated

Chapter 103 – Underworld Moments, Activated

White Impermanence had a request.

Ye Zichen looked at the message and hesitated for a long time.

No matter what he thought, he couldn’t think of any way that he could help White Impermanence.

Could Black Impermanence have bullied her again?

But he can’t help her. He can’t go to the Underworld and beat up the Black Impermanence. What’s more, even if he could, that was their territory, it wasn’t certain who would beat up who.

“What is it?” Ye Zichen finally replied after hesitating for a long time.

“You really are there. That’s great.”

Ye Zichen scratched his head as he felt the excitement from the text and replied, “… Errr, didn’t you say you have business with me?”

“Oh yeah, it’s like this. It’s going to be the Ten Yama King’s King Qinguang’s birthday feast. As a ghost servant, I naturally cannot avoid giving some sort of present, but I don’t have much money…”

Ye Zichen’s shoulders trembled.

Although he was an atheist, he was curious about gods and ghosts before, so he had searched it up on Baidu.

The leader of the Underworld was the Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heaven, followed by the Fengdu Emperor of the North, then the Ghost Emperors of the Five Directions.

After them were the Ten Yama Kings.

If you took the equivalent of their position in a large modern company, they were manager level.

The White Impermanence was essentially a supervisor-in-training, so she definitely needed to give a huge gift to her direct superior.

“What do you want to give to King Qinguang?”

“Nothing too common,” White Impermanence didn’t want to be too outrageous. No matter what, she wasn’t that familiar with Ye Zichen.

“Alright, I understand,” Ye Zichen nodded, then started looking through his room.

He wasn’t sure of what was rare in the Underworld, but it should be pretty similar to the Heavenly Court.

King Qinguang sounds pretty cold, then cigarettes could definitely move him.

Ye Zichen took out a row of Yuxi and scanned it like usual.


Sending failed. You have not activated the right yet.

Ye Zichen was a bit surprised when he looked at the cigarettes that were still lying in his hand and the notification on the screen.

He’d never faced this situation before.

Was the method wrong?

“I can’t send it to you. It says that I don’t have the right,” Ye Zichen sent a message to White Impermanence without thinking. As someone of the Underworld, she should understand why.


The moment he sent the message, White Impermanence sent him a red packet.


Ghost Controlling Sigil x1


Underworld Moments activated.

Underworld Red Packet function activated.

Yinyang Box activated.

Heaven and Earth merits function activated.

Ye Zichen was completely shocked when he saw the activation of a series of functions. When he clicked onto “Me”, he saw a portrait of a ghost, with Yinyang Box written on it, appeared underneath the Treasure Chest and Treasure Shop.

He clicked open the Yinyang Box, and saw that the Sigil White Impermanence sent him just now was inside.

Ghost Controlling Sigil: A commonly seen item in the Underworld.

Function: Used to control ghosts. Remaining that can be controlled: 3.

“Try it now, you should be able to send it to me,” White Impermanence sent a message over.

Ye Zichen opened the scanning page.


It really worked.

White Impermanence received your red packet.

“What you sent me just now is called cigarettes, right?” White Impermanence sent a message over after receiving the red packet.

Ye Zichen’s body trembled when he saw this. How did she know about cigarettes?

“Yeah, they are cigarettes. Could it be that they are available in the Underworld as well?”


Your intimacy level with White Impermanence increased by 100. Current intimacy level: 300.

“Nope, but us, the ghost servants, would often go to the mortal realm, so we do hear about it. King Qinguang had talked about wanting to taste the cigarettes of the mortal realm before. Thank you so much.”

Ye Zichen’s worried heart finally relaxed after seeing that.

The Underworld didn’t have products from the mortal realm either.

“You're welcome, you're welcome. But I have something to ask you to help me with as well.”

“? What is it?”

Ye Zichen reached out the touch the Dragon Eye beside his pillow, “I want to know how to revive a person who died before their time, or rather, is it possible?”

“You are asking for the girl, who was with you that day, right?”


Although Liu Qing was very happy when she was with him recently, and she was very convenient to have around, and he wouldn’t feel lonely even if he was by himself.

He still remembered what he told her when he got Liu Qing to follow him.

He’ll help her live again.

He’ll help her take revenge.

Ye Zichen had thought about using the Nine Soul Reincarnation Pill to bring Liu Qing back to life when he was saving Old Man Su.

However, Liu Qing’s body was already cremated. It was impossible to return the soul to the body if there wasn’t a body to return to.

“It should be possible to revive her.”


Ye Zichen’s breathing quickened.

However, White Impermanence’s words caused his heart to drop down, “But I’m not sure how.”

Why the hell are you talking about it for if you aren’t sure?

Ye ZIchen really wanted to swear.

White Impermanence sent another message, as if she could feel Ye Zichen’s mood, “The Ten Yama Kings should know. I’ll help you ask on the day of the birthday feast.”

“Thanks,” Ye Zichen let out a long sigh after sending the message and laid down onto the bed.

It seemed like it would still take time to revive Liu Qing. However, the revenge part was what troubled him the most.

Those people shouldn’t be anyone easy to deal with.

When Ye Zichen returned to school the following day. He truly felt the change in reputation.

Cute girls called out his name loudly all over the place. There were some that would even ran over to take a photo with him, and some even gave him slips of paper.

On the slips were phone numbers. It seems like they really wanted to have a fling.

Both Kang Peng and Bai Yu were also discharged, so everyone at the dorm planned to go out to have a meal in celebration.

The moment they went downstairs, Ye Zichen saw a black multi-purpose vehicle suddenly open its car door. Then, several men wearing black suits walked over.

Ye Zichen rubbed his temples and stood in place, while those people also walked in front of him.

“Mr. Ye.”

From the clothes that the people were wearing as the standard multi-purpose vehicle of a talent agency, Ye Zichen was able to guess the origins of the people.

“I said that I don’t want to enter the entertainment circles. Go back and tell your boss not to find me at the school in the future. This would cause a lot of trouble for me.”

Ye Zichen frowned in displeasure after looking at the surrounding students.

The sunglasses-wearing man in the lead pursed his lips and smiled, then took out several concert tickets from his pocket and handed it over, “Mr. Ye, we didn’t come to invite you to enter our company this time. Miss Yang Yushi asked us to bring these concert tickets to you.”

Concert tickets?

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. He did know that Yang Yushi was rather popular in the movie industry, he really didn’t know that she was a singer as well.

“Yang Yushi told you to give these to me?”

“Yes, Miss Yang also asked us to tell you that you have to be there, she will be waiting for you. Also, our boss, Director Hu, also asked us to tell you that it is such a shame if you don’t enter the entertainment circles.”

The sunglasses wearing man smiled towards Ye Zichen.

“Mr. Ye, do you want us to bring message back?”

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