Chapter 1029 - You.. Want to Castrate me?

In just three short breaths of time, Scarface and co. caught up to them. When Ye Zichen felt their killing intent, so intense it seemed they wanted to eat someone alive, he was certain these were the pursuers Wu Di had mentioned. 


In scarface’s eyes, Wu Di’s fate was sealed. Moreover, that earth-grade precious artifact worth ten million spirit stones was destined to be his. 


Whenever he remembered that as soon as they sold it, he and his bros could live in luxury, he pursued Wu Di even more vigorously.


 “Don’t move.” 


Suddenly, an explosive, angry roar boomed in their ears like thunder, directly reaching their hearts and minds. In response, they really did stand there dumbly for a few seconds. 


“Good lads.” 


The one who’d shouted was none other than Ye Zichen. When he saw that they really had obediently stopped in their tracks, he smiled in satisfaction.


It was then that scarface and the other pursuers noticed scraggly, disheveled Ye Zichen for the first time. They’d been stopped by an old beggar? When scarface realized this, his heart burned with fury. 


However, before he could even open his mouth to object, Ye Zichen started walking towards them.


“Are you the ones chasing this little bro?”


“Where’d this old beggar come from? Don’t get involved in other people’s business. In the thirteenth district, it’s not so easy to push our Axe Gang around. I strongly urge you not to bring disaster upon yourself.”  The scarred man couldn’t see through the beggar, so he had no choice but to rely on the power backing him. 


The Axe Gang was indeed somewhat famous within the thirteenth district. The gang’s leader was a peak sky immortal, only a little bit away from the immortal king level. People willing to offend this sort of organization were rare within the thirteenth district. As a result, mentioning their status as members of the Axe Gang only had advantages, no disadvantages.


However, this time, he was out of luck; he’d run into Ye Zichen, who’d only just ascended.


“The Axe Gang?”


When he heard this, Ye Zichen’s brows instantly shot up. When the scar-faced man saw his, he snorted inwardly


Judging from the old man’s expression, he was already certain that the beggar was about to back down.


“That’s right. I’m the vice-captain of the Axe Gang’s third battalion.  That kid next to you stole our earth-grade precious artifact. You don’t seem like his ally, so hurry up and scram. If you do, I might very well be in a good enough mood to spare your life.” 


In truth, if it were anyone else who’d tried to intervene, the scar-faced man might have tried robbing them. However, this was just an old beggar. From the look of him, he possessed no treasures of any kind. Even if he stripped him clean, he’d likely only find a few low-grade spirit stones.


That wasn’t even worth his time, so he simply sent the beggar away.


“Bullshit!” Wu Di grit his teeth and roared, “we both know I’m the one who found the treasure. You’re just trying to kill me and steal it for your own benefit!”


In truth, these words were directed at Ye Zichen. The scar-faced man had already caught up. It was already all but impossible to run away. The only thing that could possibly save him now was this senior. However, judging from the old man’s expression, the odds didn't seem to be in his favor.


Was he really going to die here?


Inwardly, Wu Di let out a bestial roar, but he couldn’t express it on the surface. He could only tightly clench his fists. 


He’d already decided that, even if Ye Zichen left, he wouldn’t blame him. In this world, the strong ate the weak; he’d understand that from a young age. He couldn’t blame others for this. He could only blame himself for being too weak.


As for this precious artifact, there was no way he’d let scarface and the others take it. 


At worst, he’d just blow it up, then explode his own spiritual sea. In eighteen years, he’d be an adult again!


“Senior, the Axe Gang is powerful. You should leave.” When he saw Ye Zichen standing there, unmoving, for a long time, Wu Di assumed that this senior felt troubled and offered him a way out.


“Ha ha ha…..”


At that moment, Ye Zichen’s bizarre expression gave way to laughter. He clutched his stomach and crouched on the ground, laughing so hard, tears almost started leaking from his eyes.


This sudden development left Wu Di, the scarred man, and the others utterly dumbfounded. Scarface in particular stared at the squatting Ye Zichen in befuddlement.


Had he been scared out of his wits?


In that case, this old beggar’s mental strength was far too weak! Could someone like that possibly survive in the thirteenth district?


They didn’t quite get what was going on with Ye Zichen. Only he himself knew. Still crouching and holding his stomach, Ye Zichen pointed at Wu Di’s pursuers. “The Axe Gang….. You’re the Axe Gang? My heavens, did I cross over into some sort of Hong Kong action movie? How could there be an Axe Gang here too? Oh no, oh no, I’m going to die of laughter…. The Axe Gang…. hahaha….” [1]


Ye Zichen laughed uncontrollably; it seemed he’d gone mad. Soon, the scar-faced man ran out of patience. “Shut up. What’s so funny? Did you mishear me? Get the hell out of here and out of my sight.” 


“Alright, alright, I won’t laugh.”  Said Ye Zichen, still clutching his stomach. He rose to his fate, but there was still barely-repressed laughter written on his face. “I’m sorry. Your Axe Gang’s name sounds somewhat familiar to me.”


He reached out and patted the scarred man’s shoulders, then glanced at Wu Di. “Little Bro, let’s go. Out of concern for the Axe Gang’s face, I’ll skip bullying them.”




Wu Di wasn’t sure what exactly this senior was thinking, but at least he hadn’t abandoned him. His hands clenched his precious artifact as he eagerly followed after Ye Zichen.


“Don’t move!” 


They wanted to run, but would the scar-faced man let them go? How could he possibly let someone brazenly snatch such a fatty piece of meat from his jaws? 


If he really let them escape, how could he possibly show his face in the thirteenth district going forward? 


He let out a stern shout, then led several of his subordinates and surrounded them. 


“Old beggar, it seems you’ve gone mad. I gave you a chance to leave out of respect, yet now you want to snatch my treasure right out of my hands?” 


Ye Zichen didn’t know why, but whenever he saw the scar-faced man, he recalled his delight at hearing the name “Axe Gang.” He couldn't help but grin uncontrollably. 


“Bro, what are you doing? I spared you out of respect for your Axe Gang, didn’t I? Don’t you realize you’ve gotten a good deal? Hurry up and run!” 


“You’re ‘letting us go?’” To scarface, this sounded like the biggest joke in the world. His face instantly darkened.


He turned to his brothers and shouted, “get them!”


As Scarface's subordinates surrounded him, Ye Zichen cocked his head helplessly. “Does it have to be like this?” 


“Hmph, old beggar, this is what happens when you don’t mind your own business! I won’t let you go this time. Give me all the treasures you have on you. Otherwise, I won’t kill you, I’ll castrate you!” 


When Ye Zichen heard this, his boy shook. He felt a cold breeze blow through his trousers.


They wanted to take his dearest treasure? 


If he could tolerate this, what couldn’t he tolerate?


He was his Ye Family’s only descendent. Although he’d wooed quite a few girls, he’d yet to leave behind any descendants.


There are three ways to be unfilial, but leaving no descendants is the worst!


Ye Zichen absolutely didn’t want to be accused of such an unfilial act!


As soon as he thought this, Ye Zichen’s smile instantly faded. He narrowed his eyes at scarface and the others surrounding them…… 

[1] The Axe Gang was a real historical gang, but they're most famous as recurring characters in Hong Kong cinema. 

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