Chapter 1028 - A God Realm Like This

The God Realm was formed of a singular, endlessly-massive continent. There were nine Divine Mountains on its surface, one for each of the God Realm’s nine peak-level powers. Each mountain corresponded to one of the nine directions, from the southeast to the northwest. 


Don’t be mistaken; the citizens of the God Realm were not born gods. There were still spiritual body cultivators, human immortals, sky immortals, etc. However, since the spiritual energy here was so dense, the people here’s strength increased faster than in the lower realms. However, as a result, their foundation wasn’t as solid as cultivators from the Lower Realms who slowly built their cultivation up slowly over time. 


After undergoing divine tribulation and fully converting their spiritual power into divine power, experts would invariably head for the Divine Mountains in search of even greater strength.


It’s worth mentioning that the God Realm was primarily occupied by humans. Humans who ascended from lower realms all wound up somewhere in the God Realm. 


There was also the Yao Realm and the Demon Realm, occupied by the yao and demons respectively.


The three major races, human, yao, and demon suppressed each other, but they also cooperated. It wasn’t at all unusual to encounter yao and demons in the God Realm. 




The northernmost region of the God Realm was under the Divine Mountain of the North’s jurisdiction. Its territory was so vast, it could support a trillion people. 


The Divine Mountain had divided this territory into seventy-two districts. This way, it was far more convenient to govern. 


Those seventy-two districts were home to countless towns and cities. Even the smallest of them housed at least one million humans. The population was undeniably vast.


However, due to this high population, distribution of resources was extremely tight. 


The God Realm followed the law of the jungle. Those who’d yet to reach the Divine Mountain, were allowed to kill and steal. So long as they didn’t go overboard, the Divine Mountain would look the other way.


The ruins of the thirteenth district’s Fallen God City’s was an area so barren, there was no trace of human life within a thousand miles.


A youth bathed in blood carried a sword glinting with cold light. The blade radiated an imposing chill; it was obvious at a glance that this was no ordinary weapon.


Judging from the waves of spiritual energy emanating from the youth, he’d at least reached the peak of the spiritual body stage.


In the northern region, someone like this couldn’t be considered a peak-level expert, but he also absolutely wasn’t somebody just anyone could push around. However, he currently looked somewhat listless and dispirited. 


When he looked back, he saw at least ten soldiers trailing after him, their faces brimming with endless killing intent. “Wu Di, come quietly. Out of consideration for your family, I’ll spare your life so long as you give me the earth grade precious artifact you’re carrying. I’ll just cripple your cultivation.”


“I won’t give it to you, not even if I have to blow it up!” The youth gnashed his teeth in fury. His talent was unexceptional; he was approaching thirty but was still only at the peak of the spiritual body level.


Given his aptitude, there was no way his clan would waste any resources on him. That combined with his unusual, sensitive status, meant he’d practically been erased from the family registers


He inwardly resented his fate. In an attempt to turn his life around, he’d joined up with the men currently chasing him in pursuit of treasure.


Perhaps the heavens truly hadn’t given up on him; they allowed him to discover an earth-grade precious artifact. 

The magic treasures of the God Realm were divided into ranks. Starting from the bottom, there were spiritual artifacts, precious artifacts, immortal artifacts, and divine artifacts. Each rank was further divided into grades: mortal, profound, earth, and sky.


An earth-grade precious artifact was, in truth, no legendary treasure. Even so, in the resource-starved God Realm, it was highly desirable. This was especially true considering how rare weapon refiners were.


He’d been excited since the moment he first obtained the artifact.


Little did he know, the instant he obtained his treasure, his teammates started plotting against him. 


By now, he’d already run for three days and three nights. He’d used up all the energy in his spiritual sea; he couldn’t run much longer.


“Wu Di, is this really necessary?” One of his pursuers, a man with a sword scar across his face, couldn’t help but sigh.


Wu Di glowered hatefully at the wound. He wanted nothing more than to eat the man alive.


“We agreed before we left that finding treasures was a matter of personal skill. I found this precious artifact myself. You’re the ones who went back on your word!”


“Finding treasures really is dependent on an individual’s skill. I would be fine if it were just a matter of ordinary spirit stones. But that’s an earth-grade precious artifact. If we sell it on the outside, we can earn hundreds of thousands of spirit stones! Tell me, how could I not be interested? Surely you’ve heard the saying, ‘an innocent man’s treasure can land him in jail?’ Behave yourself and hand over the precious artifact.” 


“You’re dreaming.” The bloody youth grit his teeth and coughed a mouthful of blood as he forcibly activated his already empty spiritual sea and used his newfound strength to run with all his might.


The scar-faced man knit his brows and roared. “After him!” 


“Tch tch tch, this God Realm is no good either. The density of spiritual power here seems even worse than the lower realms, assuming they've got a leyline, at least. In the novels I used to read, when characters ascended, they wound up in some sort of transfer formation. There was also always someone around to guide them. What’s going on here? I’m in a completely barren wasteland without even a single NPC to ask questions.”


This was none other than the newly-ascended Ye Zichen. He’d just arrived in the God Realm only to find himself in his barren wasteland. He’d already wandered about for hours, but to his astonishment, he hadn’t encountered anyone at all.


Just as he was about to die of boredom, he saw a blood-soaked youth rushing towards him.


“I finally ran into a living person.” 


Ye Zichen hurtled toward the young man, greeting him like a long-lost relative.


“Little Bro, wait up.” 


The frantically fleeing youth’s vision blurred. When he came to his senses, he saw that Ye Zichen had appeared by his side, his hand on his shoulder. 


“An expert. He’s at least at the earth immortal rank.” The youth exclaimed inwardly, but at the same time, his gaze frosted over and he tightly clenched his weapon.


Despite himself, Ye Zichen was stunned when he saw this reaction. It seemed this little guy was worried he’d steal his treasure? Ye Zichen could see that it was no ordinary weapon, but for someone used to wielding divine artifacts, a treasure at that level was nothing.


“Little brother, there’s no need to be nervous. That weapon of yours is pretty good, but I’m not interested in it. I’m not here to steal your treasures. I just wanted to ask a couple questions.”


When he sensed that Ye Zichen had no interest in his treasure, Wu Di finally relaxed. Looking back, he couldn’t help but laugh at himself. 


This senior was at least an earth immortal. No matter how poor he was, there was no way he’d be interested in an earth-grade precious treasure.


Only someone like him would care so much about a weapon like this.


“Senior, please feel free to ask. However, this junior is currently being pursued. I’m afraid I won’t be able to answer too many questions.” Wu Di replied, his tone friendly, yet respectful. He was simply honestly explaining his circumstances. He didn’t even consider asking this senior for help.


The way he saw it, there was absolutely no way this sort of expert would care about his life or death. All he asked was that the senior hurried and asked his questions quickly so he could flee.


“There are people after you?” Ye Zichen’s brows shot up. He never would have guessed he’d run into this sort of situation as soon as he reached the God Realm. He examined Wu Di’s blood-soaked body; the blood hadn’t even dried yet. He really did have far too much to ask, so after mulling it over briefly, he arched his brows. “Alright. In exchange for answering my questions, I’ll help dispose of the men chasing you.”

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