Chapter 1023 - Mortal Enemies


As Ye Zichen’s soul transformed into a beam of starlight and disappeared, the entire world seemed to stand still. 


Everyone watched in silence until…..


“Ye Zichen.”


Zuo Mo cried out hoarsely, the blood draining from her face. Li Jiayi bit her lip and stared soullessly at the place where Ye Zichen had disappeared. 


Lil’ White, Yin Shang, and the others tightly clenched their fists, blinking in an attempt to restrain their tears. Despite their best efforts, they couldn’t stop themselves; tears leaked uncontrollably from their eyes. 


Those watching from Dragon City lowered their heads, put their hands to their chests, and closed their eyes in silent tribute.


The entire world seemed imbued with sorrow. Hours passed and no one spoke even a single sentence. 


Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh. 


Countless figures hurtled through the skies. These were all experts who, after returning to their respective realms, had heard news of Denglong’s arrival. 


They’d come as fast as they could, but it was already too late. 


All they saw were Ye Zichen and Denglong’s physical bodies lying on the ground. However, they couldn’t sense even the slightest trace of their souls. 


Even if they hadn’t witnessed it themselves, they….. They knew exactly what had happened. 


Days turned into nights. 


Regardless of whether it was the people of Dragon City or the experts of the Three Realms who’d rushed to their aid, all of them stood there silently. 


Zichen’s physical body. With a wave of her hands, an icy coffin appeared before their very eyes. 


Su Liu’er’s spiritual energy lifted him up and placed him inside the crystal ice coffin.


 At the same time, the immortals of the Three Realms approached the coffin and, without any prior discussion or coordination, bowed deeply to Ye Zichen’s body.


It was in this sort of solemn atmosphere that someone suddenly shouted, “damn you, Ye Zichen!” 


The group looked over and saw a silver-haired woman stand before the coffin gritting her teeth, her eyes bloodshot as she glowered down at Ye Zichen’s peacefully reclining body. 


“Who the hell do you think you are? Hah…… don’t you know who gave you your life? You think you’re some kind of hero? What are you even? You’re dead and now the whole world cherishes your memory. It’s truly ridiculous.” 


She spat out insults, one after the other. As her disparaging words reached their ears, the others found them intensely distasteful. 


Ye Zichen had died for them. If she were merely ungrateful that would be one thing, but now this woman was standing there vilifying him? Someone rose furiously to their feat as if intending to argue with her but before they could take even a few steps, the others pulled him back. 


“Why are you stopping me? Emperor Ye gave his life for us and now that ungrateful woman is maligning him. Even if she doesn’t appreciate his sacrifice, she ought to at least know better than to speak ill of the dead, right?”


“Can’t you see who that is?” 


“Who cares who she is? Even if her background were as grand as the heavens, I’d still teach her a lesson!” 


Ignoring the others’ admonishments, the man stepped forward indignantly. 




But before he could even open his mouth, the man forcefully swallowed his words back down. The woman was looking right back at him. When he saw her red eyes and silver hair, his lips silently quivered for a long time. After a brief silence, he bowed deeply to her and said, “I’m sorry. My condolences.” 


As soon as he finished his sentences, he left apologetically. It wasn’t because he feared her background. He’d been so furious, her status didn’t matter at all. He might have even cursed the Celestial Emperor. 


But this was Su Yan. 


It didn’t necessarily imply the man was a beast clansman. The entire Three Realms knew that Su Yan was Ye Zichen’s woman. Moreover, they knew she’d already followed him through nine lifetimes and nine reincarnations. 


They couldn’t tolerate others slandering Ye Zichen, but Su Yan….


They had neither the means nor the qualifications to get involved. 


“Big Sister Su Yan, I’m sorry for your loss.”


Lil’ White pursed his lips and walked over to comfort her. He’d followed Ye Zichen here from the Modern Realm and knew exactly just what sort of relationship the two of them had.


“My loss?” When she heard the others’ attempts to comfort her, she looked at Ye Zichen, her gaze radiating deep disappointment. “I’m afraid you’ve misunderstood. What’s there to be sad about? He was such an irresponsible person, so what if she’s dead? There’s nothing to be upset about.” 

“Little Sister, enough.” It seemed Su Liu’er couldn’t listen anymore either. She sternly rebuked Su Yan, then frowned. “Don’t speak ill of the dead. However you look at it, he died to save us all. Besides, you still have us; don’t be too upset. I’ve sealed Ye Zichen’s body in ice. Let’s take him back home so he can rest in peace.” 


“No,” Su Yan spat through gnashed teeth, then waved her hands and shattered the ice crystal coffin.


This was extremely disrespectful. Everyone was startled by her behavior. At the same time, undisguised fury rose up in their hearts. 


Especially Zuo Mo. She’d been resentful since the moment she first heard Su Yan insult Ye Zichen. Now she’d even shattered Ye Zichen’s coffin? Zuo Mo’s growing, barely suppressed rage instantly exploded. 


“Su Yan, don’t take this too far!” Zuo Mo shouted, her eyes blazing with fury, and took a big step forward.


Su Yan simply glanced at her coldly, ignoring her rebuke, and laughed, “hmph, this sort of person is unworthy of our Nine-tailed Fox Clan’s ancestral hall. This is perfect, though; haven’t you always admired him? Then you can take his corpse with you. He died in the name of righteousness after all. We can’t just leave him out here for stray dogs to eat.”


“Su Yan!” 


Zuo Mo suddenly stepped forward. Judging from her momentum, it was clear she was about to attack. Those around her hurriedly pulled her back for fear that the two of them would really start fighting.


“Let go of me, I’m not that irrational yet.” She shoved their hands away, then pointed at Su Yan. “I’ll naturally be taking him with me, but honestly, I can’t help but feel bad for Ye Zichen.  To think he’d fall for a heartless woman like you! I, Zuo Mo, swear on my status as Tower Head that from now on, our Treasure Tower will cease all business with the Nine-tailed Foxes, including your subordinate clans. From now on, the Nine-tailed Foxes are our mortal enemies. Be careful…. Whatever you do, don’t your clansmen show up within our Treasure Tower’s territory.” 


With that, Zuo Mo walked to Ye Zichen’s side and lifted him onto her back, then slowly carried him away from Dragon City. The others glowered hatefully at Su Yan and followed Zuo Mo. Although they hadn’t said anything, judging from their expressions, it was clear that they now bore a grudge against Su Yan, or perhaps the Nine-tailed fox clan, as well. 


Only Su Liu’er sighed with emotion. Her gaze was full of pity as she gazed at Su Yan’s head of silvery-white hair.


The others might have thought Su Yan was over the line or that she was heartless,  Su Liu’er had been by her side this whole time. How could she possibly believe Su Yan was that sort of person?


“Little Sister, let’s go home.”


Su Yan had acted so tough in front of the others. Now, seemingly out of the blue, she crouched to the ground and wailed. Su Liu’er and Su Zhu’s hearts ached at the sight of her trembling shoulders. 


Was someone like this really “heartless?”


If she were really heartless, she wouldn’t have followed the Yellow Emperor through his cycle of reincarnation.


If she were really heartless, she wouldn’t have gone grey overnight. 


If she were really heartless, she wouldn’t have said such harsh words. 


At the end of the day, she’d loved him far too much; she couldn't accept his death.


“Who the hell did he think he was?” Su Yan crouched on the ground and spoke in low, choked sobs, “didn’t he realize my brother gave him his life? Didn’t he know that Keke died trying to save him? Everyone wanted him to live, but he….He thought his life was so cheap, so cheap he could just throw it away on a whim?”


“Little sister, don’t cry. Ye Zichen really had no other choice…”


“What ‘no other choice?’ This is just proof of his irresponsibility” Su Yan sobbed, eyes bloodshot. “My brother is dead. Keke is dead….. Now he’s head too. What should I do now? He ‘had no other choice?’ Ha…. ha…..ha….” Su Yan smiled soullessly then rose to her feet. Her eyes glinted with frigid light.


“I’ll never forgive him! Not in this lifetime, nor the next, nor the one after that. I will never, ever, ever forgive him!” 

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