Chapter 1022 - Seal!

Sealing all three souls. 


Denglong had gone to great lengths to reunite the three pieces of his soul. Now Ye Zichen was trying to seperate them once more, then use his own soul to seal Denglong’s primary soul while his artifact spirits sealed his secondary souls. 


At its core, this sort of method meant mutual destruction.


“Insane! You’ve gone insane!” Denglong scurried away, shouting as if he’d gone mad. He’d thought of countless methods Ye Zichen might use against him but he never would have guessed Ye Zichen would resort to such extreme measures. 


More importantly, where on earth had he learned this sort of black magic?!


 “Soul Extraction! Seal!”


When this chant reached Denglong’s ears, it was like a soul-stealing demon urging him towards destruction, Despite all the effort he’d put into reuniting his souls, they started struggling relently. He concentrated, giving everything he had to recondense them, only to discover that one of his three souls still had its own awareness. Worse, it was helping Ye Zichen separate his souls. 




There was no need to even wonder; this self-aware soul undoubtedly belonged to Houqing.


“Hmph, Jiangchen, you’re surprised, aren’t you? You put all that work into condensing your souls but in the end, they’ll still wind up separated. You were soulless earlier. Now, though, you’ve completely occupied Yinggou’s soul, so just enjoy being sealed for all eternity.” 


With that, the portion of his soul containing Houqing’s awareness left of its own volition. Denglong had been trying his hardest to keep his soul together, but as soon as Houqing separated himself, it collapsed. 


 “Houqing, you’re seeking death!” As Houqing and Hanba’s souls separated, Denglong’s remaining soul trembled violently and let out a thunderous roar. 


Denglong seemed to have gone mad. Houqing laughed coldly but paid him no heed. He simply faced Xuan-yuan Xiang and made no attempt to resist capture. Then he glanced back at Denglong and said, “that’s one soul sealed.” 


Xuan-yuan Xiang smiled flatly, then transformed into shackles and bound Houqing’s soul. Tenner immediately followed suit, turning himself into chains and binding Hanba.


It was far to say the distant onlookers in Dragon City were completely baffled. All they saw was Ye Zichen appear as a soul body, followed by his artifact spirits. 


Then they saw Denglong’s soul flee with all his might as if he’d gone insane, shouting all the while about how Ye Zichen had gone mad, and Ye Zichen’s artifact spirits chasing madly after him, intent on his capture. 


After that, they saw Denglong’s soul split into thirds, his voice filled with endless fury as the two artifact spirits each sealed a severed portion of his soul.


They couldn’t understand just what this series of events meant. Then, at that moment, the White Emperor’s gaze frosted over. “Dividing Denglong’s soul into thirds, then artifact spirits’ and Emperor Ye’s souls….. This is bad! He’s planning to use his and his divine weapons’ artifact spirits’ souls to seal Denglong!” 


Everyone watching from Dragon City instantly froze up. Moment later, undisguised astonishment appeared on their faces.


“What!?”  the crowd exclaimed. At the same time, countless beams of light took the skies and hurtled towards Ye Zichen and Denglong’s soul bodies. 


Su Yan, Zuo Mo, Li Jiayi, Lu Lu, Lil’ White, Yin Shang, Zhuge Kongming…..


None of them hesitated at all; everyone familiar with Ye Zichen frantically took to the skies.


“Zichen, I’ve already lost far too much. I can’t lose you too.” 


Su Yan bit her lip nervously. Looking closely, you could vaguely discern tears glistening in her eyes. Su Yiyun was dead, and Xia Keke too. This war had truly cost her far too much. She couldn’t let Ye Zichen…... 


She didn’t even dare think about it. All she could do now was rush to Ye Zichen’s side as fast as she could and stop him.


“You’re the chosen emperor of heaven. Don’t do anything stupid.” Yin Shang gnashed his teeth. 


“Didn’t you say you were going to take me back to the Modern Realm? You can't break your promise!” Li Jiayi bit her lip as well.


It wasn’t just them. Even Gu Zichen, hidden high up in the sky, was frantic. He couldn’t stay out of this any longer. He couldn’t let this continue. 


Countless beams of brilliant light gathered around Ye Zichen. They only had one goal…..


Stopping him!


“Dammit! Dammit!” 


 Denglong roared in fury so intense, it set the entire sky ablaze. He watched helplessly as Hanba and Houqing’s souls were sealed, grit his teeth, and turned as if about to flee.


At that moment, he heard an incantation rise up from the very depths of his soul. “Stop!”


He could no longer control his own movements; his soul froze in place.


A gentle breeze swept by. Moments later, he saw Ye Zichen appear before him in soul form. 


“Ye Zichen, impressive! You’ve got guts!” he said through gritted teeth, so furious he longed to grind Ye Zichen’s bones to ash and scatter them to the winds. 


“Back then, Nuwa only split my soul in thirds. Not even she dared use her own soul to seal me. Emperor Ye, I’ll call you Emperor Ye out of respect for your courage, but I don’t understand. You have such a great future ahead of you, yet you’d use your own body as a cage to seal me? Is that worth it? If I’m sealed, won’t you be the same way? I’ll still be able to leave once your soul perishes. Do you really think this is worth it?”


By now, Denglong no longer even considered begging for mercy. Ye Zichen was determined to seal him. Denglong didn’t believe someone capable of making such a choice could be swayed so easily. Besides, having his soul sealed only meant temporary imprisonment. When Ye Zichen’s soul crumbled, he could break through his bonds. 


 “Why wouldn’t it be? I think this is totally worth it!” 


Ye Zichen’s reply left no room for doubt. He didn’t explain himself at all, but his silence was already the best possible explanation. Looking into his eyes, there was no sign of fear or hesitation. He’d already steeled himself to do this.


Looking into his eyes, Denglong nodded his head solemnly.


By now, there was no longer any need to say anything. Ye Zichen was even willing to use his own soul to seal him...


He submitted!


Ye Zichen stood before him, his soul gradually transforming into chains. Denglong didn’t resist at all. Rather, he had no way of resisting. He obediently lowered his head and drew in his spiritual power, allowing the chains to bind his soul.


“Don’t do it” 


“Stay your hand!” 




Countless agitated shouts filled the air. Ye Zichen, now a set of chains, looked back and saw their worried faces and heard their frantic cries.


“Let’s go.” 


Xuan-yuan Xiang and Tenner nodded, then returned to their respective divine artifacts, which then shot off into the distance as two beams of brilliant light and disappeared. If things went as expected, they’d hide forever in some corner of the world, sealing Denglong’s soul for all eternity. 


After a brief pause, Ye Zichen smiled gently at them. Finally, he fused with the final portion of Denglong’s soul. There was a loud boom as he disappeared from his friends’ line of sight.


When the group rushing towards Ye Zichen saw him disappear, they instantly stopped. Ye Zichen’s final transmission, the one he sent immediately before transforming fully into chains, echoed through their minds. 



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