Chapter 1020 - Heaven Plundering Strike, Second Stance


A sudden, bestial cry boomed through the skies. 


Ye Zichen stepped through the air, looking down upon the primordial vicious beat. That booming call resounded like thunder, so intense even highest-order heavenly lightning would struggle to compete with it. 


The very clouds themselves receded in the face of his monstrous waves of fury. An unparalleled divine bore down on them like a mountain. 


“Ye Zichen.”


An obscure light flashed through the ten-thousand-foot vicious beast’s eyes. Even after recondensing his soul, he still retained the Zombie Progenitor’s memories. 


His sword seemed like it was about to cut through heaven and earth; it shook him to his core.  He dared not take it lightly.


When the people watching from Dragon City noted the beast’s unease, Ye Zichen’s position in their hearts shot upward. 


In their eyes, Ye Zichen was the most dazzling deity there was.  


“Did you see that? That’s my boss!” Lil’ White of the Tiangou Clan excitedly patted the person next to him on the shoulder.  However, it seemed that wasn’t enough to satisfy him, so he went around and patted everyone nearby. 


The Treasure Tower’s Zuo Mo watched, her beautiful eyes wet with tears as she gazed up into the sky. Her eyes glowed with undisguised adoration. 


And Li Jiayi, Su Yan, Lu Lu…. All of them rejoiced over Ye Zichen’s strength. However, after all they’d been through, their gazes were complicated; their joy was mixed with forlorn sorrow.


In short, although everyone wore different expressions, in their hearts they all wanted the same thing.




“You were the first to run away last time. Do you really think you’re qualified to challenge this emperor just because you recondensed your soul?”


Ye Zichen’s gaze was aloof, his tone indifferent, his sword sharp and he waggled his finger at Denglong. 


In just a breath of time, his battle intent surged and peaked. The top divine weapon of the primordial era, the Xuan-yuan sword, let out a sonorant cry. 




Ye Zichen casually waved his sword. 


Sword energy cut through the air, leveling a distant mountain range. When Denglong saw this, his scalp numbed.


Jets of white breath shot from his nostrils as his back feet scraped nervously against the ground.


He was uneasy.


“Ye Zichen, don’t think too highly of yourself,” the Savage Beast Denglong said furiously, his eyes large as camel bells as he fixed his gaze on Ye Zichen, “you only just barely survived your tribulation and your strength hasn’t fully converted to divine power yet. I strongly encourage you not to bring calamity upon yourself. If you call Nuwa over, I can spare your life.” 




Ye Zichen didn’t appreciate well-intentioned advice.  He interrupted him with a stern shout. Then his eyes narrowed into slits as spiritual power surged out of his body and thundered through the skies.


“Come forth and accept your death!”




A sudden crack of lightning boomed in the skies, Denglong stared intently up at Ye Zichen, who was floating in the air like a supreme deity.


Although he’d recondensed his soul, he still hadn’t been able to completely merge them. As a result, he didn’t quite have enough confidence to face Ye Zichen. 


But what level of existence was he?


He was the Primordial Savage Beast Denglong, born when the heavens were newly formed, infamous throughout the Upper Realms. How could he tolerate someone berating him like that?


“You’re seeking death!” Terrifying fury emanated from his body. Soon, everything within ten thousand square miles was enveloped in blood-red mist. 


As they stood within the fog, the onlookers felt as if they’d stepped into an ancient battlefield. Their hearts shook; they felt as if countless vicious beasts were roaring in their ears.


Ye Zichen, who faced Denglong directly, felt this most acutely. At that moment, it felt as if the beast before him were fully a million feet tall. Although his feet were planted on the ground, his towering head seemed to reach the heavens. 


Denglong opened his mouth wide and started swallowing both heaven and earth. In front of his massive beast, they all seemed even smaller than ants.


“Mere petty tricks.” Ye Zichen simply snorted coolly. He stroked his blade, then lifted above his head. 


“Heaven Plundering Strike!” 

In an instant, an illusory golden sword cut an arc through the bloody mist. The sword light seemed as if it would cut heaven and earth itself in half. When Denglong saw it, his eyelids twitched wildly. He tried to dodge but to his surprise, before the sword light landed, it split into countless smaller beams and attacked from every direction. 


He couldn’t dodge, nor could he retreat. All he could do was block. 




There was a massive, heaven-shaking boom as the sword light slammed into Denglong’s body. The light was so dazzling, the crowd didn’t dare look directly at it. The piercing golden light seemed to tear a hole in the dome of the sky. 


The attack stirred up raging winds. Although they were just the aftermath of the explosion, they were so fierce the watching sky immortals struggled to even breathe. As for those who’d yet to reach that level, the winds came this close to carrying them away. 


“Did he win?” 


When the golden light finally dissipated, the onlookers couldn’t help but ask, “did he win?” They all stared intently at Denglong’s location. 


There were two exceptions among them: Su Liu’er and Bai Di. They gazed at Ye Zichen in astonishment. They had both exceeded the Immortal King level. They could both sense that that sword attack was many times stronger than the one that had cut down Black Dragon. 


However, after a brief, astonished pause, they glanced at Denglong as well. Right now, Denglong’s life and death mattered more than Ye Zichen’s strength.


When the sword light dissipated, all they saw a ten-thousand-foot deep chasm. 


White smoke gradually floated out of the pit. The crowd gazed at it expectantly, but to their disappointment, a massive paw reached out from the depths. 


“He’s still alive,” the crowd exclaimed in astonishment. Meanwhile, Su Liu’er and the White Emperor were struck dumb. 


They couldn’t help but ask themselves, even if they activated the power of their origins, burning their souls and blood essence, could they manage an attack as strong as the one Ye Zichen had just used? 


With just that one strike, even peak sky supremes would have fallen beneath his blade. 




It wasn’t just the White Emperor and Su Liu’er. When Ye Zichen saw Denglong crawl out of the hole, even he furrowed his brows. 


He’d gained enlightenment into this sword art from his godhead after undergoing divine tribulation. It possessed absolute destructive power. Worse, just now, he hadn’t held back in the slightest!


He’d hoped to take advantage of Denglong’s current vulnerability and end him!


Ye Zichen furrowed his brows. When he saw that Denglong had yet to fully emerge from the pit, he didn’t hesitate.




As he hefted the Xuan-yuan sword above his head, heaven and earth transformed. The clouds receded and lightning crackled through the skies. 


The sword spirit Xuan-yuan Xiang sensed his intentions and berated him, “Kid, you’re crazy. The current you can’t handle the second form of the Heaven Plundering Strike.”


After fusing completely with the godhead, Xuan-yuan Xiang fully understood the conditions necessary to use the second form. You needed to be at least at the sky supreme level to use it. Forcefully activating it now was no different from suicide. 


Ye Zichen naturally knew that. With his current strength, he could only use the first stance proficiently. 


But with that alone, he couldn’t kill Denglong. Using it again would have the same result. In that case, wasn’t it better to use all of his remaining spiritual energy and go all out?


Ye Zichen no longer hesitated. Eyes bloodshot, he hacked a mouthful of blood essence onto the edge of his blade.


“Heaven Plundering Strike, Second Stance!”


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