Chapter 102 White Impermanence has a request

Chapter 102 – White Impermanence has a request

“Bring him away.”

Lin Xiyue looked at Liu Qiang coldly, while the two policemen she brought immediately brought him to the police car.

“Xiyue, how is it? What did you guys talk about?” Zhao Ziming walked over after a glance.

Lin Xiyue smiled like usual, “We just asked him if anyone instructed him to do it?”

“Then what did he say?” Zhao Ziming’s tone clearly seemed nervous.

Lin Xiyue shook her head, “He didn’t say, he just said that he has a grudge with Ye Zichen.”

“I’ll just treat it as me getting unlucky, but Officer Lin, you have to give me justice,” Ye Zichen sighed, then grabbed Li Jiayi, who was beside him. “There doesn’t seem to be anything else related to me, so I’ll be leaving first.”

Li Jiayi couldn’t help but ask the moment they left the police station, “Ye Zichen, why didn’t you guys directly arrest that person called Zhao Ziming when Liu Qiang admitted everything?”


Ye Zichen knocked on her head, “You really are dumb, there is no solid proof, how are we supposed to arrest him? Although Liu Qiang admitted it, it wasn’t recorded, so it can’t be used as evidence.”

“Oh,” Li Jiayi rubbed her head with a pout.

Ye Zichen smiled and stretched lazily, “This afternoon tired me out so much. Do you want to grab a bite together? I know that there is a western restaurant nearly that serves really good steak.”

“Steak… Ugh…”

Li Jiayi, who were fine until then, suddenly puked.

Ye Zichen quickly held her, and patted her back as he comforted her, “What happened? Are you okay? Do you need to go to the hospital?”

Li Jiayi raised her head and looked at him with a complex expression, before biting her lips, “Even now, you still don’t want to admit it?”


Ye ZIchen was completely confused, “Admit what?”

“I-I might be pregnant.”

Li Jiayi bit her lips, then stared straight at Ye Zichen’s eyes with her beautiful clear eyes.

Ye Zichen was stunned, then said frantically, “Who’s child, is it? Who’s the child’s father? Why haven’t I seen him, he’s too irresponsible.”

After a long time, Li Jiayi looked at him with a complex expression, “Isn’t he you?”




Ye Zichen was completely confused.

Why did he randomly become the father of another man’s child? Tiantian had leaped into his arms and called him daddy when she saw him.

Now Li Jiayi got pregnant and actually said that he was the father of her child.

What? Could it be that he has some sort of aura that made him become the father of another man’s child?

Disappointment flashed across Li Jiayi’s eyes when she saw Ye Zichen’s frantic look. However, she still remained strong, “I don’t need you to take responsibility, I can abort the child, all I need is your word.”

“My word for what? I didn’t even touch you, how is the child mine?”

Ye Zichen opened his eyes wide. He definitely would admit it without saying anything else if he did it, but he didn’t, so he couldn’t just take the blame, right?

“You…” Li Jiayi bit her lips in anger. “I was drugged that day, and you stayed with me. The two of us laid on the bed together the next day, and I was naked. There were blood stains on the bed as well. You still want to tell me that it isn’t yours?”

Li Jiayi couldn’t care about that much anymore, she can’t possibly abort a child for a man so randomly.

At the very least, she needed Ye Zichen’s recognition.

Contrary to her expectations, Ye Zichen, who was confused a while ago, suddenly laughed.

“Is it really funny? Do you think that I’m funny?” Li Jiayi roared in anger. “I know you’re still in school, and I didn’t think about making you take the responsibility. I can slowly earn the money for the abortion, but at least you have to make me abort the child, while knowing everything.”

Ye Zichen reached out his hand with a smile and caressed Li Jiayi’s hair, “You thought too much.”


“I didn’t touch you at all that night,” Ye Zichen smiled helplessly. “You did get drugged that day, but I didn’t do anything. As for the redness you saw on the bedsheets the next day, isn’t that your period that came so coincidentally?”

“Impossible,” Li Jiayi shook her head, she had suspected that the bloodstain could be her period before.

But she searched online and found that the only way to cure the drug was to…

“At the time, I actually just…” Ye Zichen suddenly blushed and smile coyly. “Actually I’m a judo master!


The way of rubbing! [1]


Li Jiayi’s face instantly turned bright red. At the same time, Ye Zichen also grabbed her wrist, then let go of it very quickly.

“As I thought, your spleen and stomach is a bit weak recently. That’s why you puked so much. As for wanting to puke when you hear about oily stuff, that could be said as a psychological issue. You just have a bit of pregnancy delusion.”

Li Jiayi bit her lips and was unable to utter anything for a long time. She never could have imagined that it had all been caused by her thinking too much.

“Uhmm… If you’re still worried, then we can go and check at the hospital,” Ye Zichen chuckled off to the side.

Li Jiayi shook her head, “No need, I believe what you said.”

That caused the atmosphere to instantly turn awkward.

“Oh yeah, I have to hurry back to the shop, otherwise the shop owner will get worried,” Li Jiayi suddenly spoke up in the midst of the silence.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows, “Then I’ll send you back.”

“No need, I’ll just go back by myself.”

Then, Li Jiayi reached her hand out to stop a taxi, before disappearing from Ye Zichen’s sights.

Ye Zichen, who remained on the sidewalk, couldn’t help but shake his head with a smile. No wonder she would say such random stuff before.

So it was just a misunderstanding.

But that was nothing. The most important thing was that Zhao Ziming.


Ye Zichen’s fist couldn’t help but clench when his thoughts moved onto him. That grandson was definitely a villain.

Tiantian immediately leaped into his arms when Ye Zichen returned to his mansion. That little fellow was rather happy staying there. Since Lil’ White would play with her, she became a lot brighter.

Ye Zichen with Tiantian in the living room for a while, then bought Lil’ White some dog food.

Speaking of that, the Heavenly Court’s Dog Food was truly expensive in the Treasure Shop.

It was 100 cultivation experience per pack.

However, Ye Zichen still spent a lot in order for Lil’ White to become a Divine Beast in the future like the Howling Celestial Dog.

Ye Zichen directly bought 20 packs, which was enough for Lil’ White to eat.

However, this also meant that he had pretty much used up his cultivation experience.

Ye Zichen clicked open his celestial plate as he laid on the bed.

Celestial Plate: Sky Sovereign Nameless (Cultivation Experience: 3612. Level 4 Celestial Official)

He used the cultivation experience, but his celestial official level didn’t drop. However, he still didn’t know what this celestial official position did.

At the same time, he was also still searching for the method of promotion.

Ye Zichen rubbed his throbbing head, then got ready to quit WeChat and sleep.


His phone suddenly rang.

The only one that talked to him at this time of the day everyday was only that Miss White Impermanence.

As Ye Zichen expected, when he looked at the chats, he saw that it was White Impermanence, who was looking for him.

“Uhm… Are you there? I want to trouble you with a matter.”

  1. 柔道 (Judo) and  揉道 (the way of rubbing) are homophones.

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