Chapter 1019 - Come Forth and Accept your Death

Snow billowed in the wind. 


A raging blizzard howled through the air, sealing everything within a thousand miles of Dragon City in ice. 


The people of Dragon City huddled up within its walls. It’s not that they hadn’t tried attacking the enormous beast but rather that none of their spiritual techniques had affected it in the slightest. 


They had no choice but to rely on Su Liu’er’s ice and snow to slow its footsteps. 


“What exactly is going on? Just where did this giant monster come from? Could it be the demons still had something up their sleeves?”


“The demons’ commander-in-chief already died in battle. If they really possessed such a vicious beast, why didn’t they send it out sooner?” 


“This monster is more tyrannical than the demons’ Black Dragon by far.” 


The group’s opinions varied widely. After surviving their recent trial, most of them didn’t even have time to adjust before this savage beast appeared and plunged them into endless despair.  


The monster was fully ten-thousand feet tall. Even amongst the Sacred Beast Clans, none but the Sacred Ancestors were worthy of comparison. 


“Wait a moment.” 


A feeble voice rose up from the crowd. They turned to look and saw Bai Di, head of the Tiangou Clan. He’d arrived at the city walls with his clansmen’s support. 


He was somewhat lucky; back then, Black Dragon hadn’t killed him. Instead, he’d only severely wounded him, sending him into a coma.


As soon as Ye Zichen killed Black Dragon, the Tiangou clansmen immediately went looking for Bai Di. When they realized he was still alive, the entire clan rejoiced. 


The clan elders spared no effort saving him. In the end, he woke up. 


When the people of Dragon City saw his approach, they greeted him respectfully. Of the peak-level clans, only the Tiangou Clan still had its clan head. 


As they greeted him, the White Emperor nodded slightly in response, but his gaze never left that distant, massive beast. As time passed, his complexion grew increasingly pallid. 


The onlookers noticed the change in his expression and couldn’t help but ask, “what is it, Your Excellency?” 


The White Emperor was silent. After a while, his expression darkened.


“If I’m not mistaken, that vicious beast…..” he said, knitting his brows, “I’m afraid that’s the Primordial Savage Beast, Denglong’s true body.” 


When the beast clansmen heard this, they were stunned. Even Su Liu’er, who was still maintaining the blizzard, felt her hands tremble involuntarily. 


The savage beast, Denglong. 


They were all citizens of the Beast Region. Furthermore, they belonged to peak-level clans. How could they not know Denglong’s terrifying name? 


This was a beast that had existed since the birth of heaven and earth, an existence even the gods themselves could do nothing against, a creature infamous for savagery. 


However, rumor had it that Nuwa had separated his soul into thirds. How could it possibly have reformed? 


“Your Excellency, are you certain?” 


Some of them frowned. If this was really the Primordial Savage Breast Denglong, what could they possibly do to stop it? Although they didn’t know just how strong it was, they could be certain: it absolutely wasn’t something the likes of them could handle. 


Bai Di knit his brows. How could he possibly want this beast to be Denglong? He hoped he was wrong too.




“I’m certain. My clan has records about the Primordial Savage Beast Denglong. His body is like a dog’s, icy blue throughout, with a purple tail and scaly limbs. This description perfectly matches the beast in front of us.”


   “Then what should we do!” 


The people of Dragon City were at a loss. This was a Primordial Savage Beast. They’d already suffered such heavy losses just to defeat the demons. Were their few remaining soldiers really enough to defeat the infamous Denglong?


That obviously wasn’t possible!




The beast’s heavy steeps instilled fear in the hearts of all living things. However, when it reached a point a hundred miles from Dragon City, it came to a stop.


“Call Nuwa down to see me!” Denglong spoke his true purpose, his words resounding through the air like thunder, so loud their ears rang. When they heard his voice, the weaker among them curled up on the ground, blood leaking from their ears. 


Before, some of the beast clansmen had still had hope, but when they heard this angry roar they sunk into the depths of despair.


Since he mentioned Nuwa, it was definitely the Savage Beast Denglong. 


That said, since it really was Denglong, that obviously meant he wasn’t associated with the demons. The one he was looking for was Nuwa…...


“Your Excellency Denglong, this is the Lower Three Realms. Lady Nuwa is not here,” said a citizen of Dragon City. Speaking those words had required every bit of courage he had. He only hoped that when Denglong heard those words, he’d leave.


“Then go contact her for me,” Denglong opened his mouth once more, his voice deafening, “Have her come down and see me.” 


As he spoke, everyone felt their blood surge through their veins and their spiritual seas tremble. The one who spoke up earlier coughed up a mouthful of blood essence and fell to the ground, unconscious. 


“As you know, your excellency, this is forsaken territory. Nuwa is a goddess of the Upper Realms. How could we possibly contact her?”


“Is that so?” 


“I humbly request His Excellency’s understanding. As a venerable divine beast, you naturally know more about this than we do.”


By now, even proud Su Liu’er was acting humbly. She even instinctively spoke pleasant-sounding words. 


In particular, calling Denglong a “divine beast” rather than a savage beast.


“Little girl, you can really talk.” Denglong looked up into the sky.


Su Liu’er didn’t hesitate. She cupped her hands respectfully and said, “please, let us go, o Venerable Divine Beast. We won’t intervene in your dispute with Nuwa.” 


“Why should I spare you?” 


Contrary to expectations, Denglong who seemed perfectly pleased moments ago, suddenly changed his tone. A sharp light glinted in his eyes. 


“It’s been such a long time since I’ve eaten anyone. You people will make a wonderful meal. Who knows? This might even luree Nuwa down to see me. As for who I’ll eat….. I’ll start with you, little girl.”


He opened his mouth wide. A seemingly limitless suction emanated from his gaping maw. As Su Liu’er stood in the air, she could sense the space around her being torn apart. 


 “Big Sister.” 


Su Yan cried out in alarm. The others clenched their fists and sweated nervously, but none of them took this chance to attack Denglong.


In truth, they didn’t have that kind of courage.


“You still want to resist? Just let me swallow you up and become part of my body. For the likes of you, there’s no higher honor.”


As he spoke, the tearing force became even stronger. Su Liu’er struggled to stay upright, her face wracked with agony. Clearly, she was about to hit her limit.




A moment's carelessness and she slid a hundred towards him.


At that moment, a beam of sword light appeared, cutting through the very sky itself. It spread out like a golden fan as it sliced towards Denglong. 




Denglong dared not be complacent. He turned away and fled in panic. As it flew through the air, sword light cut a massive chasm into the earth, so deep you couldn’t see the bottom.


Where the sword light pasted, it cut the ground in two, leaving a chasm so deep you couldn’t see the bottom


At the same time, aman carrying a sword appeared by See Liu’er’s side. The surface of the blade…...


...was emblazoned with the characters “Xuan-yuan.” 


“Emperor Ye!” everyone with Dragon City shouted for joy. 


Su Liu’er glanced at Ye Zichen, then said flatly, “I’ll leave this to you.”


Ye Zichen nodded slightly at her, then pointed his sword at the giant beast. “I didn’t come looking for you. You’re the one who came looking for trouble. In that case….. Accept your death!

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