Chapter 1018 - A Sudden Change

Chapter 1018 - A Sudden Change


He bit off his finger. 


A bloody mist spread from the severed digit. As it diffused upward, the Eight Trigrams Array above the Heavenly Emperor’s head started swallowing up his vitality. 


In the blink of an eye, the array flashed with unearthly light.


The lightning dragon roared through the skies. No matter how capable the Heavenly Emperor was, the other immortals present saw it as nothing but a desperate final struggle.


As the dragon came crashing down, the entire dome of the sky shook, the vibrations scattering the clouds. 


The dragon’s eyes glowed with brilliant lightning. It fixed its gaze on the Eight Trigrams of Supreme Polarity array, then charged tyrannically at it. 


In but an instant, the Eight Trigrams of Supreme Polarity cracked. 


Countless cracks spread across the circular array. It wobbled, already showing signs of imminent collapse. 




Eyes bloodshot, there was a spray of blood as he bit off yet another finger. The bloody mist seemed to nourish the Eight Trigrams array, however, it was already largely ineffective.


After just a few breaths of time, the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity’s face was white as paper. He no longer had sufficient vitality to sustain the array.




The array shattered. 


The dragon formed of tribulation roared as it surged forth, seemingly intent on swallowing him up. The instant the array shattered, the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity coughed up a mouthful of blood and fell listlessly to the ground.


He looked up at the incoming dragon, then, then his voice boomed like thunder as he shouted in fury, “I am invincible, immortal, indestructible! I refuse to accept this!”


As soon as this proud cry left his lips, he redirected all of his spiritual energy into his heart meridian. 




He self-destructed. 


The lightning dragon was right on the verge of swallowing him up when his self-destruction shattered it into pieces, turning everything within a thousand square miles into an electrical field. Electric serpents surged within this newly formed lightning pool, flashing with terrifying light. 


For a long time afterward, the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity’s final, furious death cry echoed through the immortals’ ears. 


When they saw that not even ashes were left behind, the immortals couldn’t help but feel forlorn. 


The Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity had once been a proud son of heaven, a supreme figure of his generation, a man admired by everyone in the Three Realms. To think his life would end in such a way!


“Supreme Polarity.” 


The North Pole Emperor watched this play out, a mournful look in his eyes. In particular, when he saw his brother self-destruct, his eyes grew involuntarily bloodshot. 


Until just recently, he’d always revered his elder brother. 


The people of the Underworld and Immortal Region weren’t in particularly high spirits either. The rebellion had indeed ended, and all the traitors had fallen after Ye Zichen sentenced them to death by tribulation lightning.


However, in their hearts, they somewhat resented Ye Zichen’s verdict. Most of the traitors sentenced to death were in the upper echelons of their realms. 


Executing all of them represented a dramatic reduction of each realm’s power.


“The traitors have been executed.” At that moment, a voice that seemed to have risen out the abyss echoed through their ears. “I ask that everyone avoids traitorous thoughts in the future. Remember how they met their end. Don’t walk down the wrong path.” 


His words reached the very depths of their souls. When they heard this, the immortals felt a cold chill rise unbidden in their hearts. They nodded repeatedly in assent.


Ye Zichen noted their expressions then waved his hands, opening a door within the pure white space.


“Please return to your realms and attend to your own business.”  


The immortals exited. Once they’d all left, the cold, emotionless look Ye Zichen had maintained this whole time was replaced with undisguised bitterness. 


He leaned against a stone pillar and looked first at brilliant patches of red dotting the pure-white space, then at marks the overflowing lightning had left behind.


Ye Zichen pulled a cigarette from his pocket, took a puff and murmured, “did that count as avenging you?”


He had indeed killed all those traitors, leaving none alive. 


And it was their existence that had prevented the forces of the Three Realms from reaching the Beast Region’s battlefield in time. 


He’d cut down both the demons’ Black Dragon and the traitors. Even so, he still lacked the confidence to say he’d avenged the fallen. He’d have to live with this regret for the rest of his life. 


Whenever he closed his eyes, images of Su Yiyun’s Eighth-level Spirit-boosting formation inevitably surfaced in his mind. 


Whenever he closed his eyes, he saw Keke brazenly resisting the heavenly lightning.


Whenever he closed his eyes…..


Images of those who’d sacrificed themselves, whether it was for him or for the greater good, echoed through his consciousness. 


All those scenes lingered in his mind, replaying without pause, impossible to get rid of. 


His bitter smile lingered until he burned all the way through his cigarette and searing pain emanated from his fingers. Finally, he stood up. 


But right at that moment…..




For the first time in a long while, his phone vibrated in his pocket. Ye Zichen fished it out and saw that Su Yan had sent him a message. 


After reading it, Ye ZIchen’s expression instantly darkened. 


“I didn’t go looking for you; you’re the ones who came looking for trouble.” 


Su Liu’er, clad in blue skirts, stepped into the sky above Dragon City, her stunning face flashing with cold light. Fierce winds picked up snowflakes soft as goose down and whirled through the air. In an instant, the territory outside Dragon City became a world of ice and snow. 




Spikes of solid ice shot out of the ground. As the countless beast clan experts of Dragon city looked at the ten-thousand foot-tall monster in the distance, their hearts thudded violently. 


A petite figure hid within this icy landscape, obscuring herself behind the icy spikes. She drew closer and closer to the incoming giant monster. 


“Falling flower fist!”


Her fair hands pressed ruthlessly into the monster’s back. As she swung her fist, flower petals fell to the ground and withered. 


The flower petals were extremely corrosive. However, when they landed on the monster’s back, there was merely a puff of white smoke. The beast wasn’t injured in the slightest. 




The giant monster let out a low snort, then swatted at it’s back. 


Sensing the incoming threat, the woman hidden on the monster’s back had no time to even consider why the petals hadn’t worked. She leaped backward, creating as much distance as possible. Su Liu’er knit her brows as she watched from above, then pointed with her right hand.


“Ice Tiger!”


The whirling blizzard instantly condensed into an icy tiger, which bared its teeth and lunged at the giant monster. 


When it saw the big cat attack, the monster lost interest in the woman. It swung its arm, shattering the icy tiger into pieces.


“Thank you, Empress.” 


The woman cupped her hands in greeting. Su Liu’er nodded back but said nothing. Instead, she stared intently at the distant monster.


It wasn’t just Su Liu’er. All of them felt an overwhelming sense of oppression when they looked at it.


“Lil’ Yan.” 


“I already sent Ye Zichen a message,” Su Yan replied, pursing her lips. “He’ll be here right away.” 


The moment the monster first appeared, Su Liu’er told her to contact Ye Zichen.


Even she, who’d successfully completed her divine tribulation, truly had no idea how to handle the beast. 


Besides, she could already dimly sense the call of the Upper Realms. She wouldn’t be able to stay here much longer. 


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