Chapter 1017 - Fighting Supreme Polarity


Boom! Boom! Boom!


Oppressive, terrifying lighting rumbled and crackled through the heavens. The instant Ye Zichen gave his command, a purple lightning dragon came crashing down, cutting through the very air itself. 


Judging from the way it roared, it was clear: its only purpose was to obliterate the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity. 


“The Eight Trigrams of Supreme Polarity!”


Eyes bloodshot, the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity clapped his hands. Instantly, an awe-inspiring Eight Trigrams array, fully one thousand feet across, appeared beneath his feet. 


However, as soon as the array appeared, the spatial seal restricted it. In just a breath of time, it shrunk down to a mere ten feet across. 


As he watched the restriction forcefully compress his array, the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity steeled himself and bit right through his lip. 


A drop of purple, somewhat unnatural blood dripped onto the end of his index finger. He smeared the blood onto the mark in the center of his forehead.


Instantly, it was as if a third eye had opened on his forehead. His aura grew, becoming incomparably imposing. 


“He’s burning his soul,” the North Pole Emperor gasped, the blood draining from his face. His heart trembled violently. 


This was a secret art of their bloodline. They could burn their blood essence and souls to increase their strength.


However, while it was possible to replace blood essence, burning their souls meant using up their very life itself. 


Even if the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity really managed to block the lightning dragon, he’d have to give up on making even the slightest progress in his cultivation in the future. 


“Unleash my true power!” 




Shockingly, the moment he activated his third eye, the spatially compressed Eight Trigrams array really did break through its restriction, growing well over ten thousand feet wide. 


The Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity stood in its center, the diagram beneath his feet rotating clockwise. 




As he shouted, the veins in the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity’s arms bulged. 


His hands remained in the air. The array passed right through his body, stopping above his head. The two eyes of the formation, one black, one white, landed atop his hands. 


He was truly going all out. Regardless of whether he considered his dread of seventy percent of his mother’s power or the terrifying chill the roaring lightning dragon struck into his very soul, he had no choice but to go all out. 


Although it took some time to describe this all, everything happened in an instant. 


Ye Zichen stood, not far away, watching this play out. Despite himself, his sharp brows arched in surprises. He couldn’t help but be impressed by  Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity’s actions.


That Eight Trigrams Array above his head stood proudly in the sky, a lofty, indomitable mountain. 


“You’ve achieved enlightenment in the Great Dao of Destruction, yet also mastered the Eight Trigrams of Supreme Polarity? Combining strength with gentleness, that Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity is truly ambitious. No wonder even with his monstrous talent, he’s been unable to proceed down the Path of Destruction for such a long time. If he’d purely focused on the Grand Dao of Destruction, he might have long since ascended by now.” 


Inwardly, Ye ZIchen sighed appreciatively. This sort of existence was actually wonderful news for the Three Realms. It’s just, the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity was too conceited and had no concern for propriety. His overwhelming ambition had turned this blessing into a curse.


“I can’t leave him alive!” Ye Zichen snorted, his hands forming seals and burning several symbols into the sky.


 As soon as the symbols materialized completely, they broke away from the sky, rushed towards the lightning dragon, and fused into its body. 


Those symbols were used to strengthen the lightning dragon. Without doing so, Ye Zichen was somewhat concerned the dragon wouldn’t be enough to kill the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity in a single blow. 


“Awooo!” The lightning dragon roared. 


As the symbols entered its body, the roaring, skyward dragon seemed to open its eyes. It circled around in the air, its roars endlessly assaulting their ears. The dark clouds recede. It almost seemed like the end of the word. 


As the onlooking immortals watched the dragon roaring, their faces paled, turning white as paper. The dragon’s sudden, explosive burst in strength shook them to the core. 


Now that the dragon had opened its eyes, they dared not look directly at it. Their hearts thudded in terror.


When the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity’s strength exploded outward, they’d already felt an unending sense of helplessness. The North Pole Emperor in particular had fought with the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity earlier. Now that he saw the Eight Trigrams array, he understood: back then, the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity hadn’t used his true strength at all. 


If the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity had activated this sacrificial array earlier, the Heavenly Court might have already fallen at his hands. 


When they saw Ye Zichen unleash the lightning dragon, they felt a profound sense of helplessness. They couldn’t help but sigh to themselves….


This was a true battle between immortals!


Compared to Ye Zichen and the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity, their earlier fights seemed like nothing more than children playing house. 


“I am still invincible! My soul is still indestructible! All living things must bow beneath my feet and the laws of heaven and earth itself are merely my playthings. I have achieved enlightenment in the Grand Dao of Destruction and mastered all five elements. You want to destroy me? Ludicrous!” the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity shouted unyieldingly. Then, shockingly, his hands met. 


When the black and white eyes of the formation met, they fused together. A pitch-black orb, glowing like the sun, emerged from his hands. 


“Want to die? Then just die!” 


The immortals looked towards it. As they gazed upon that black sun, they felt it contained endless sadness. 


A mountain of corpses, a sea of blood, shattered skies. 


That was obviously what would happen after that black sun set. In an instant, they could no longer sit still.


In truth, the longer you lived, the more you feared death. They’d already sensed their own impending deaths. How could they possible remain seated? 


“Destroy that sun!” someone shouted from the crowd. Instantly, his words stirred up a massive commotion as countless immortals responded to his call. 


One after the other, they unleashed treasures and spiritual techniques in an attempt to shatter the setting sun. 


To their surprise, at that moment, Ye Zichen glared at them.


He shouted, “impudent!” then waved his hand, shattering all their treasures and techniques. The distant immortals coughed up several mouthfuls of blood. They stared back at Ye Zichen, their gazes both bitter and terrified. 


“Hmph, your eyesight’s not so bad” the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity’s silver hair fluttered madly in the wind.


When he saw Ye Zichen destroy all their attacks, he chortled, “you knew the sun would explode and destroy this world if it hit anything containing spiritual power. But so what? That sun is a battle technique, the culmination of my painstaking research into the Grand Daos of Destruction and the Supreme Ultimate. Do you really think you can break it? Only I can destroy it. If you want the Three Realms to survive, you have no choice but to let me live.” 


The Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity’s tone was light, yet Ye Zichen paid him no need. He simply smiled indifferently, his expression cold and aloof. “Is that so?” 


 With that, he pointed at the setting sun. Massive hands blotted out the skies and ruthlessly wrapped around the sun. It vanished completely.


“This isn’t possible!” 


When he saw this, the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity trembled from head to toe, almost as if he were suffering from a sudden bout of malaria. He couldn’t believe Ye Zichen had destroyed his practically invincible battle technique in such a way. 


“I won’t submit!” He let out an angry wail, then, as if he’d gone completely mad, he bit his finger right off…..


Instantly, limitless fury surged out him as his body was enveloped in an endless bloody mist. 


“I still haven’t lost!”

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