Chapter 1015 - This Emperor Shall Grant Your WIsh

An explosion resounded through the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity’s consciousness. He suddenly recalled that, just before he led his troops to the Heavenly Court, an old man had tried desperately to stop him. He’d first encountered the old man many years ago while touring the countless races of the Three Realms. He saved the old man by chance. Then, when he realized that the elderly fellow had mastered the art of divination, the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity allowed him to live in his palace. 


In the countless years since then, who knew just how many treasures the old man’s divinations had led him to? He never would have guessed that someone he’d saved on a whim would grant him such great fortune. 


The old man had a strong sense of propriety. He knew when to press on and when to make concessions. As time passed, he became increasingly favored by the Emperor, who thought rather highly of him. 


However, just as they were about to go into battle, the old man had tried desperately to convince him to recall his troops. 


Everything he said was demoralizing and unfortuitous. The old man had even said this was a great calamity in his life and that he had to avoid it. Otherwise, he would invite his own doom. 


However, the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity had long since decided on this course of action. The old man had far overstepped the limits of propriety. Furthermore, he’d shaked the troops’ morale. 


In order to set the soldiers’ hearts at ease, he’d executed the old fellow. However, even in the face of death, the old man kept trying to convince him to withdraw and repeating the same warning as before: you must avoid this calamity. 


The Emperor had disdained his warning!


His armies stormed through the Heavenly Court’s Southern Heaven’s Gate, then broke down the palace doors. 


It had been smooth sailing the whole way. He’d never once encountered the “calamity” the old man had predicted. This only reaffirmed his convictions. 


He’d even snickered to himself: that geezer must have lost his wits. 


But at this moment, seeing the Seal of the Master of the Three Realms in Ye Zichen’s hands, his unyielding heart felt a sudden chill.


Ye Zichen naturally noticed the change in his expression. He smiled indifferently and said,


“You have supremely high status; none can compare with you. Unfortunately, I am the newly appointed Master of the Three Realms. Even though you’re the Lady Mother of the Chariot’s son, no, even if you were Celestial Emperor's son, so what? It's truly unfortunate: my lightning punishment is outside the scope of your invincibility, so I'm afraid your ‘invulnerability’ will be of no use."


The Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity's gaze trembled even more obviously. This was the first time since his birth that he'd felt so close to death.


He felt a chill, almost as if he'd been encased in ice.


His hands and feet grew numb as he stared dazedly at the seal in Ye Zichen's hands. 


“Since you’re asking to die, in accordance with your wishes: I shall grant you death!” 


The seal flew high into the sky, and, in the blink of an eye, merged into heaven and earth. 


Suddenly, the world around them changed. The wind and clouds drew back. 


Terrifying, ink-dark clouds blotted out the sky, bearing down on those below. They gathered above the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity’s head, rumbling as they crackled and boomed with electricity.


There was a flash of thunder. It seemed the end was near. 


This round of lightning punishment was far fiercer than the last. As the immortals who’d received good fortune watched, the weaker ones fell to the ground and trembled. 


When they looked at Ye Zichen, their gazes brimmed over with terror and astonishment. 


When the North Pole Emperor heard this, his expression shook. His older brother might have been able to ignore their former bond and lead his armies against the Heavenly Court, but the North Pole Emperor wasn’t that cold-hearted. How could he possibly sit still and watch as Ye Zichen laid hands on his brother? 


However, at that moment, Suiren pulled him back, a profound look in his eyes. He shook his head.  “Don’t bring calamity upon yourself.”


“What are you talking about? The Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity has committed crimes, but it’s not enough to warrant death. Should I just watch as my older brother dies beneath the heavenly lightning?”


“If you want the Heavenly Court to become a dragon without a head, go on.” As Suiren spoke, he relaxed his grip. His words cast the North Pole Emperor’s heart into turmoil. He glanced at Ye Zichen. To his surprise, he discovered that Ye Zichen was looking at him as well.


When their eyes met, the North Pole Emperor felt a cold chill run through his entire body. 


He forcefully swallowed his words and went back to his spot. 


When he saw the North Pole Emperor back down, Suiren let out a melancholy sigh.  “You saw it too, right? The current Emperor Ye is no longer the man we once knew. Right now, he is the Master of the Three Realms. All of our lives are under his control. The Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity’s repeated provocations were an affront to his imperial authority. Nevermind you, even if the Lady Mother of the Chariot came back to life and pleaded for mercy on his behalf, it wouldn’t change the end result.” 


It wasn’t just the North Pole Emperor and Suiren. The immortals closest to Ye Zichen, the God of Thunder, Nezha, and the others, sensed something different about him as well.


He looked down at heaven, earth, and all living things in creation from above, his gaze indifferent.


It was hard to connect him with the Ye Zichen they’d once known.


Was this really the same person? 


Thunder rumbled through the crowds. Fierce winds whirled about. 


As deep pressure bore down on him, the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity gazed up in despair. Then, shockingly, fiery determination blazed in his eyes.


“Try it if you dare.”


There was a boom.


Limitless spiritual pressure emanated from his body, resisting the incoming lightning. Light flashed through his silver eyes as the mark in the center of his forehead glowed even brighter. Valiant, vital energy poured out of him, filling the air.


The immortals were astonished. Remember, none of them could connect with the Will of the Heavens.


Yet the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity could. They truly couldn’t help but marvel. 


Ye Zichen, on the other hand, didn’t care at all. The Grand Dao of Destruction had always been unparalleled; it ought to have its own special privileges. 


Surging spiritual pressure roared like the wind. The Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity’s long silver hair fell to his sides as the wind tossed his sleeves about.


He looked directly at Ye Zichen, his gaze utterly unyielding. 


He could die, but there was absolutely no way he could tolerate going down without a fight.     


So what if you were Master of the Three Realms!?


So what if you possessed seventy percent of the Lady Mother of the Chariot’s spiritual power!?


He was still the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity, still the master of countless lives. His pride wouldn’t allow him to lower his head.


Besides, by now, he was no longer young. He was currently a proud son of heaven, master of the Grand Dao of Destruction. It was undeniable that the Seal of the Master of the Three Realms contained seventy percent of his mother’s power, but he didn’t believe Ye Zichen, some nameless figure who’d obtained the seal by chance, was capable of unleashing its full power.


He….. hadn’t lost yet!


Also, he really did want to know just how strong the Lady Mother of the Chariot had been back then. Right now, Ye Zichen was giving him the opportunity to learn exactly that. He was actually eager to test his strength!


He’d lived in the Lady Mother of the Chariot’s shadow from a young age. At this moment, he’d show everyone in the Three Realms….


He wasn’t just “the eldest son of the Lady Mother of the Chariot."




Was the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity!


"Come on!" His defiant shout resounded like lightning, shaking the world around him. Veins bulged in his silvery eyes. The bloody light around his arms and neck burst. 


His towering, valiant spirit seemed almost liable to disperse the storm clouds overhead. When he saw this, even Ye Zichen couldn't help but sigh in appreciation. 


The Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity lived up to his name. Wildly arrogant and self-satisfied as he was, at his moment, his monstrous battle intent......


...was enough to astonish anyone. 


His valiance seemed almost infectious; the onlooking immortals felt admiration for him rise up from the bottoms of their hearts. 


However, no matter what he did, his final result….


Could only be death!


Even so, his valiant spirit made Ye Zichen, who’d initially planned to humiliate him, change his mind.


Might as well give him a quick, painless death!


Ye Zichen focused, narrowed his eyes, and snorted, "strike!”


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