Chapter 1014 - Do You Know Who this Emperor is?

Ye Zichen paid little heed to the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity’s gaze. 


In just the time since they’d arrived, all the gathered immortals could sense his attitude in his words. They could see just what kind of person he was at his core. 


Proud and aloof? 


That was a relatively pleasant way of putting it. To put it less politely, he was wildly arrogant and considered all others beneath his notice. 


Ye Zichen (clearly understood) everything everyone present had done. From both a subjective and objective point of view, the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity’s actions didn’t actually warrant the death penalty.


Besides, at the end of the day, the Heavenly Emperor was the brightest and best of the Heavenly Court. More than that, the Ancestral Mother stood behind him.


That was true even if the Ancestral Mother had already transformed herself into the heavens and earth to provide good fortune for all living things. 


Ye Zichen simply stood from his seat and slowly walked towards the Heavenly Emperor, stopping about half a meter away.


When they saw him rise to his feet, the distant immortals couldn’t help but arch their brows. Although Ye Zichen appeared extremely calm, they couldn’t help but feel that whatever happened next wouldn’t be in line with his apparent indifference. 


“In truth, you’re different from the other traitors. I know that. In my heart, I absolutely have not sentenced you to death. The lightning punishment just now has already proven everything. I had actually planned to sentence you to face the wall in penance for three thousand years.” 


He looked calmly into the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity’s silvery eyes. He meant everything he’d just said; that really was how he evaluated the situation. 


However, the emperor’s response had changed his mind.


“But since you’re asking for death, I’ll give you what you want.” His words were still soft, yet they nevertheless slammed into the immortals’ hearts like a hammer. 


Suicide by imperial decree. 


They didn’t think Ye Zichen was only saying that to intimidate the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity. From the cold, terrifying light flashing through his eyes, they could see that he meant what he said.


There was no mistake. This was an order to commit suicide. 


Didn’t the Heavenly Emperor ask for death? Then they might as well just let him die. 


“Ha ha ha…..” 


Still bound within his cage, the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity suddenly started laughing uproariously. There wasn’t even a single trace of fear in his gaze. On the contrary, he looked ahead mockingly. 


 “I’m afraid that won’t be possible.” 


Make him kill himself? 


This was perhaps the most ridiculous thing he’d ever heard in his entire life. How high was his status? Ordering him to commit suicide, and in such a placid, carefree way…...


It was really a joke. 


“Do you know who this emperor is? I am the son of the Ancestral Mother, supported by a Grand Dao, indestructible and venerated by all of creation. Who do you think you are, ordering me to commit suicide? Young man, your methods truly are impressive enough to shock even me, but if you’re telling me to commit suicide, I’m afraid you’ve sorely overestimated yourself.”


The Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity’s gaze grew utterly dark, then he shrugged and snorted in contempt, “fine then, if you’re capable of forcing me to commit suicide, go ahead. I’ll be interested to see if I live or die in the end. I’ll repeat the same sentence as before. I ask for death. If you have the skills, use them if you dare. If not, just wait until the day I break free. I’ll inevitably come for your head to stabilize my dao heart.” 


He swung his sleeves in fury. Then, with that, he looked away coldly and no longer paid Ye Zichen any heed. 


For him, saying all that was already the great respect he could have given Ye Zichen.


As for “suicide by imperial decree!”


Just wait, you’ll eat those words!


He was the son of the Ancestral Mother. His body had been quenched in lightning since childhood. After one hundred thousand years of refinement, he’d long since reached the point of nigh-omnipotence. 


To him, heavenly lightning was nothing but a tool to refine his body, heavenly flame, nothing more than nourishment for his soul. 


Both his body and soul had long since become indestructible. Forcing him to die? That was nothing but the ravings of a madman!


The other immortals were visibly stunned. They hadn’t thought he’d be so obstinant and unyielding even at a time like this. 


However, the North Pole Emperor couldn’t help but sigh lightly. Of course, facing an ordinary person, this older brother of his would indeed be indestructible. 


But the one standing before him was Ye Zichen, the Master of the Three Realms!


“The son of the Ancestral Mother.” 


When Ye Zichen heard that, he nodded. No matter how sharp the Heavenly Emperor’s words were, Ye Zichen remained utterly unperturbed. 


“As the eldest son of the Lady Mother of the Chariot, you are worthy of speaking in such a way. In these Three Realms, you might truly be capable of invulnerability. However, to borrow the same words you used earlier, ‘do you know who this emperor is?’” 


“I don’t care about your status,” said the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity with an arrogant grin. 


When Ye Zichen heard his unbridled tone, he couldn’t help but shake his head. He put his eyes behind his back, his gaze pitying as he gazed at the Heavenly Emperor. The man was like a beast in a cage.


Ye Zichen couldn’t help but sigh, “Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity, you truly think too highly of yourself. Have you even once considered why this emperor is capable of manipulating heavenly lightning? Or how I was able to bring you all here? Or why your understanding of heaven and earth is of no use here? Or why even someone as strong as you has no choice but to sit tight and remain within my spatial cage?”


Within his seal, the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity’s gaze was profoundly disdainful. He knit his sharp, silvery eyebrows. 


“You’ve never even considered these things because, with your wantonly arrogant temperament, you consider all others beneath your notice. Your confidence and self-assurance is entirely based on your status as the son of the Ancestral Mother and your invulnerability, but have you considered…. That there’s a heaven beyond the heavens?” 


This line of questioning finally made the Heavenly Emperor forget his status a bit. He whirled around but just as he was about to rebuke Ye Zichen, he caught a glimpse of the object resting in Ye Zichen’s palm. It was an eight-sided command medallion, its upper portion embossed with gold-leafed characters which read “the Three Realms.” 


The Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity’s pupils instantly constricted. In order to confirm the seal’s authenticity, he stared at it openly. 


Ye Zichen didn’t try to hide anything. He magnanimously opened his hand wide, openly displaying the seal for all to see.




The Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity took a step back within the bounds of his cage. He reached out and pointed at the soul, his eyes brimming over with astonishment. 


Back then, the first Master of the Three Realms was his mother, Lady Mother of the Chariot. There was no way he’d be unfamiliar with her seal. 


Of course, he also fully understood just what the seal represented!


“The Seal of the Master of the Three Realms! How could it possibly have fallen into your hands?” shouted the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity. Back when the seal had belonged to his mother, the newly established Three Realms stood by intimidating countless others.


After she’d resigned from her position, the seal lay covered in dust, unused in some unknown place. It hadn’t appeared in one hundred thousand years. Why had it appeared now, and in this place? 


What he feared wasn’t the position of Master of the Three Realms. Instead, he feared the seal itself.


When the Lady Mother of the Chariot gave up her position and locked away her seal, she’d trapped seventy percent of her spiritual power within it. 


The Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity might be arrogant, but he knew full well: with just him, nevermind seventy percent of his mother’s power. Even just ten percent…….


Even that wasn’t something he could handle. 


You could say that the seal had cast his dao heart into turmoil. He stared at it, gaze brimming over with terror. Despite himself, he couldn’t help but murmur, “could it be that I….. am really going to die here?” 


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