Chapter 1012 - The Unyielding Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity

Ye Zichen sat atop his throne, cold light flashing through his eyes. His awe-inspiring tone made everyone present feel as though they’d been cast into an endless abyss. They trembled in terror. 


The focus of his attention, the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity, felt his heart clench involuntarily. 


Beneath the weight of that gaze, the feeling deep within his heart was clearly….




In the hundred thousand years following his birth, he’d never tasted fear.


His fingers trembled slightly. His heart thudded violently and his back was coated in a thin veneer of sweat.


After a lengthy pause, he roared in fury, “shameless boasting!” 




He was the son of the Ancient Mother and cultivated a peerless Grand Dao. 


Starting from the moment of his birth, all of mankind had venerated him; hundreds of millions of joss sticks and candles had been burned in his name. Throughout the entire Three Realms, no one could compete with him in terms of natural talent. 


And now this kid from god-knows-where suddenly showed up and started spouting a load of nonsense about “judging” him? 






The ravings of a madman!


“You want to restrain me with a little seal like this? Such wild arrogance!” he shouted tyrannically. Immediately afterward, the immortals saw the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity’s silver eyes flash as his right hand gently knocked the invisible barrier.


A faint black vortex appeared above his palm, swirling with swallowing destructive power. 




Despite themselves, the onlooking immortals were struck dumb. As they watched the Heavenly Emperor attack, the seal restricting him really did start shattering. 


You ought to know: no one else present had any means of breaking their bonds. 


“The Grand Dao of Destruction lives up to its reputation” Although the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity stood against him, the North Pole Emperor couldn’t help but sigh in admiration. 


They were all outstandingly gifted. Without startlingly high natural talent, it wouldn’t have been possible to reach their current level. Even so, all of them still walked the path of ordinary Grand Daos. 


They had no other choice! The path of a Grand Dao was difficult to walk!

If they walked such a path, who could guarantee they’d have any results? 


Besides, the Jade Emperor was a living example: he’d walked the path of an ordinary Dao, but wasn’t he still the first among them to ascend to godhood? 


Even as they sighed with emotion, some of them couldn’t help but worry.


For instance, the God of Thunder, Nezha, and other immortals who’d befriended Ye Zichen in those early days. They were from the Heavenly Court. They knew just how capable the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity was. 


“Is that all you’ve got?” When he saw that the Grand Dao of Destruction was effective against the seal, contempt flickered in the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity’s eyes. “Just wait until I’ve broken through. I’ll definitely kill you and re-settle my Dao Heart.” 


The Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity’s words were unyielding, his gaze awe-inspiring as he looked at Ye Zichen. 


However, what really shook him was that since the very beginning, Ye Zichen was still looking at him with that same cold, aloof look.


It was as if Ye Zichen was completely indifferent to his actions. When he meticulously examined Ye Zichen’s gaze, he even found hints of encouragement. 


Of course, in his eyes, there was also an emotion the Heavenly Emperor couldn’t understand. 


What he didn’t know, what he hadn’t understood, was pity. 


In Ye Zichen’s eyes, this arrogant figure who held no others in his eyes, was merely someone to be pitied. 


The Dao of Destruction lived up to its reputation; it really was unparalleled amongst the Three Thousand Grand Daos. It was usable even in this space. 


You could spend your entire lifetime pursuing this sort of Great Dao without uncovering any clues. Even so, he’d decisively resolved to cultivate it. That alone was proof of his arrogant nature. Furthermore, the fact that he’d already opened the door and caught a glimpse of its true power proved just how talented he was. 


However, he’d ultimately never truly comprehended the true meaning of destruction.


Destruction meant annihilation. When he saw that the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity could only maintain a vortex the size of his fist, Ye Zichen lost interest in him. 


His definition and understanding of destruction were both too narrow.


“Hmph, just wait until I break through my bonds. I’ll be interested to see if you can stay seated then.” He raised his sharp brows. 


The black vortex continuously destroyed the space around it. In order to escape the seal as past as power, the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity focused completely, giving the vortex his all. 




As he tried to use the power of annihilation to break through his bonds, the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity’s heart suddenly shook violently. He’d just noticed that, although he’d poured an incalculable amount of effort into creating a hole in his bonds, the gap healed itself in just a single breath’s worth of time. 


After that, his destructive power couldn’t even keep pace with the seal’s recovery. 


Instantly, Ye Zichen’s gaze resurfaced in the Heavenly Emperor’s mind. To his shock, in that complicated expression, he realized that the part he hadn’t understood at first was pity. 


Was he pitying me? 


This emperor doesn’t need your pity!


He shouted furiously in his heart, then struggled even harder to break through his bonds. 


Watching him, Ye Zichen only smiled confidently. Then he retracted his gaze, no longer paying any attention as the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity madly tried to break through the seal. 


Instead, he addressed the immortals below, “this emperor already knows all that you have done. I know full well which of you are traitors, as well as who among you loyally defended your respective realms.”


As he spoke, brilliantly colored clouds and mists appeared above their heads. 


“I am the Master of the Three Realms, yet I didn’t immediately resolve this situation for you. This was my dereliction of duty, so I’ll grant you all good fortune. Your seals have been lifted as well. I shall no longer restrict your movements here.”  


Countless beams of multicolored light descended, enveloping the immortals who’d been injured defending their realms. 


 “So comfortable.” Little Nezha, whose face was splattered with blood, couldn’t help but mutter to himself. Heavenly King Li had been comatose since his fight with the Count of Wind and Lord of Rain. Now, the injuries healed at a rate visible to the naked eye. 


In just a few breaths of time, aside from the bloody marks still left on their bodies, there was no longer any sign that they’d ever been injured.


 It wasn’t just that. At the same time as their injuries healed, their strength shot up without pause. The shackles restricting their cultivation were unable to stop them; they broke through without any interference. 


More exaggerated than that, though, was the fact that quite a few of the major powers who’d long since reached the Immortal King level hit the wall separating them from godhood. 


However, this space obstructed the Will of the Heavens. If they left, they’d undergo divine tribulation.


“Thank you, Emperor Ye.”


The group of immortals kowtowed in gratitude. Ye Zichen wasn’t overly responsive. He simply waved his hands, separating them from the traitors. 


Now that he’d felt the extent of Ye Zichen’s capabilities, the formerly unbridled traitors couldn’t help but knit their brows and tremble violently. Even if they hadn’t been overly obvious, they knew in their hearts…...


Their path had already reached its end.


However, they still had at least some integrity; not one of them pled for mercy. 


History is written by the winners. They understood this principle. Since the moment they first stepped down this path, they already had no way to return. They also didn’t believe Ye Zichen would spare them just because they asked him to. 


If they were going to die anyway, they might as well die with integrity.


The traitors looked solemnly ahead.


“Emperor Ye, how do you intend to punish them?” asked the North Pole Emperor. “The Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity is my older brother. Furthermore, he wasn’t affiliated with the demons. Could you perhaps……” 


“That’s right, there’s also our Immortal Region’s……” 


“Emperor Ye, the Guardian Gods of the Underworld’s Heavenly Palaces are actually…..” 


One after the other, people from the Underworld, Heavenly Court, and Immortal Region pled for mercy on behalf of those on trial. 


All they got in response, however, was Ye Zichen’s heartless rebuke. 


“Shut up!”


The crowd immediately grew silent.


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