Chapter 1010 - It’s Time for this to End

 Had they won? 


He looked around Dragon City. Corpses were scattered across the ground and the sky was stained red with blood. 


Behind them, some of the surviving beast clansmen were rejoicing, delighted to be alive, but others were like Ye Zichen; they silently gazed up at the sky, breathing the air still thick with the stench of blood. Their hands….. Their hands trembled non-stop. 


After sighing countless times, Ye Zichen’s gaze fell on a woman crouched low to the ground, her hair disheveled. 




When his hands touched her shoulders, he instantly felt a piercing chill emanate from his fingertips.


Li Min’e, crouched unmoving on the ground, looked up at him. She examined him expressionlessly, blood leaking from the corners of her mouth. 


Then she lowered her head once more. She stroked the diamond ring in her hands and said nothing. 


When he saw that ring, a typical wedding proposal, Ye Zichen felt as if someone punched him in the chest; he almost couldn’t breathe. 


At that moment, he didn't know how to comfort the demon woman in front of him. 


“My condolences.” 


After a while, all he could manage were those two words. 


Li Min’e’s slender frame trembled violently. A moment later, she let out a heartbreaking cry. 


Off in the distance, Little Lorie sat atop a shattered boulder, waving her little legs about. There was no longer any trace of the ferocity she’d had during the bloody battle. She looked docile and obedient as “the girl next door.” 


She was as pure as untarnished white paper. She was an herbman; she didn’t have complicated emotions like humans did.


She simply knew that Ye Ziche, the one who gave her candy to eat, told her those people were bad and she had to teach them a lesson.


Then, when the lesson was complete, was she going to eat candy? Or was she going to eat candy? 


“Little Lorie.”


At that moment, a low-pitched call appeared in her sea of consciousness. She batted here eyes and turned her head to look. Ye Zichen was looking right back at here.


“Hee hee, give me candy!” 




She ran like the wind to Ye Zichen’s side, then stuck out her hand. Just like a child, she looked up at him proudly. 


She didn’t say anything else, but her expression was saying…..


“I beat up so many bad guys, you have to give me a reward.”


Ye Zichen tousled her hair and smiled, then placed several bottles of medicine into her open hands. 


“Hee hee.” 


When she saw the pills she’d been longing for, she let out a silly laugh. She was just about to bounce excitedly away when she suddenly knit her brows and turned around.  


 “What’s wrong?”  


She was pure, but that didn’t mean she was ignorant. 


She could sense the grief permeating the air. It was particularly dense around Ye Zichen. Unlike the others, though, she couldn’t sense even the slightest will to live in him. 


Ye Zichen really was standing there. He was still alive…...


But his heart had died!


“Didn’t we win?” Little Lorie batted her eyes at him.


“We won, and you contributed quite a lot, Lorie.” Ye Zichen pinched her cheeks. She smiled a self-satisfied, silly grin. 


However, before long, she frowned once more. “Then why aren’t you happy?” 


“No, I am happy.” Ye Zichen forced himself to smile. “I’ve prepared a mission for you. This assignment….. Is worth a lot of candy.” 




When she heard she’d get candy, Little Lorie’s eyes lit up.


Her eyes glowed with hope as she looked at Ye Zichen and nodded repeatedly, like a baby chick pecking at corn.” “What’s the assignment?” 


As soon as she said that, her earlier questions were completely and utterly forgotten, banished from her mind completely. 




When Ye Zichen saw how lively and excited she was, he couldn’t help but sigh. Sometimes, this sort of pure-hearted temperament could save others a lot of trouble. 


 He pressed his lips into a smile, then pointed at Li Min’e, who was still collapsed on the ground, wailing. 


 “Take good care of this big sister. If anyone tries to bully her, tell them this is someone your brother Zichen wants to protect. Got it?”


“She…… but she’s a bad person.”


From Li Min’e’s aura, Little Lorie could tell that she was a demon. Earlier, Ye Zichen had told her that demons were all bad people. She really didn’t understand why she suddenly had to protect one of them. 


“She’s not the same,” said Ye Zichen. Then he took out a few dozen bottles of pills which hovered in the air.


“Take care of her,” he said. “This is your reward.” 


“Okay! Sure! Great!” Little Lorie excitedly gathered up the pills, then dashed towards Li Min’e.


 However, Li Min’e pushed her away, then staggered off into the distance. 


“Big Sister.” 


This was her assignment! If that woman ran, she might lose all of her pills. Little Lorie was frantic and wanted to chase after her, but all she got in response was…….


“If you get any closer, I’ll kill you.” Her eyes, blood-red and brimming with killing intent, startled Lorie, stopping her in her tracks. Once she’d intimidated Lorie, Li Min’e turned back around and continued staggering away. From time to time, she’d burst into inexplicable laughter.


Little Lorie stopped in her tracks and pouted, visibly aggrieved, and rested her head in her hands. 


“Nevermind,” said Ye Zichen. He was only looking after Li Min’e out of concern for Su Yiyun. If this was her choice, he wouldn’t insist. 


“Then….. Then…..” Little Lorie pouted and tugged at her lips. How could Ye Zichen not see what she was worried about? 


“I’ll still give you the pills.”


“Really?” Little Lorie. She couldn’t quite believe it. 




When she saw Ye Zichen nod in certainty, she rushed excitedly to his side and clung to him like a koala. 


 “You’re a good person.” 


“Enough, get down. I have other matters to take care of. How about you go play with Gou Yuzhuan?”  


“Okay.” She scampered away. Sensing her joy, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but envy her pure, uncomplicated life. 


Then his gaze grew cold. With a flip of his hand, he took out a hand-seal.


That hand-seal was none other than the Seal of the Master of the Three Realms


He squeezed his eyes shut. Instantly, dazzling light burst out of the hand-seal. Ripples of light spread outward as if enveloping the entire Three Realms within. 


The Cloudy Palace of the Golden Arches.


The ancestral mark between the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity’s eyes lit up. This inscription was a seal unique to their clan. It was capable of burning blood essence in exchange for absolute power. 


“Little Brother, you’re nowhere near good enough.” 


With a boom, suffocating spiritual pressure burst out of the Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity’s body. 


The North Pole Emperor stood facing him. Just like his brother, there was an inscription between his eyes burning his blood essence. However, his purple robes were already drenched with blood. Furthermore, he was being pushed further and further back…. 




Was going to lose.


But even so, the North Pole Emperor still didn’t retreat. 


Nor could he retreat!




He knelt on one knee. Instantly, his vast spiritual power penetrated the earth beneath him, shattering the ground of the Heavenly Court. 


He transformed into a bolt of electricity, then swung his fists with a bang. 




He missed!


 The other immortals of the Heavenly Court were struck dumb as well. The Heavenly Emperor of Supreme Polarity really had disappeared. However, before they could even react, they saw yet another beam of light surround them…...


Ye Zichen suddenly reopened his eyes. His gaze was sharp as a sword as he stared into the distant sky and said indifferently, “it’s time for this farce to come to an end.” 

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