Chapter 101 Old Lord Taishang the Evil Merchant

Chapter 101 – Old Lord Taishang the Evil Merchant

“Ye Zichen, you scared me to death!” Li Jiayi hugged Ye Zichen’s neck rightly.

Meanwhile, Lin Xiyue also watched worriedly from not far away.

Ye Zichen panted loudly and feebly raised his hand to rub Li Jiayi’s hair, “What are you crying for? Aren’t I fine?”

“Just now, you…”

Li Jiayi sobbed silently once again when she thought of the situation just now. Ye Zichen licked his lips, then sat up and leaned against the wall with a struggle. He raised his head to look at Liu Qiang, whose face was pale, and Zhao Ziming, whose face was as dark as a thundercloud.

When he looked towards Zhao Ziming, the guy actually showed a worried expression.

A playful smile instantly flashed across Ye Zichen’s face, causing Zhao Ziming’s heart to leap.

He’s really good at pretending.

Ye Zichen twitched his mouth in disdain, while Lin Xiyue also spoke up, “Ye Zichen, believe me, I will definitely bring you justice.”

“None of you are good people,” Li Jiayi bit her lips, then cursed with red eyes due to crying. “Don’t think I don’t know what you want to do. You just want to bring him away, then when everything calmed down…”

With that, Li Jiayi cried again. Hearing that, Lin Xiyue was unable to muster a reply.

Words could not be used as proof. It would be truly very difficult to get Li Jiayi to believe her after the situation just now.

“Ye Zichen, you should believe me, right?” Lin Xiyue asked in anticipation.

Ye Zichen nodded in affirmation, “I do trust Officer Lin, but I want to deal with this myself.”

Saying that, he looked up and eyed Zhao Ziming with a smile, “I turned the tables, didn’t I?”

Zhao Ziming smiled dryly as if he didn’t know the situation, while Lin Xiyue looked back with confusion in her eyes.

At the same time, Ye Zichen also took out his phone and found Old Lord Taishang’s chat.

“Geezer, do you have a pill that can recovery stamina and cure wounds?”

“Yes,” Old Lord Taishang replied instantly.

“Send one over to me.”

“500 cultivation experience.”

If Old Lord Taishang was placed in modern days, he would definitely be an evil merchant. After such a short while, this geezer already realized the importance of cultivation experience in the future, and directly asked for it. What’s more, it was so f*cking much.

“Don’t have any.”

It was very hard to earn cultivation experience, while Ye Zichen did act like he didn’t care about anything else besides the money. However, he merely wanted to decrease the price, who would have thought…

“Then never mind.”

Old Lord Taishang completely ignored Ye Zichen’s bullshit.

Ye Zichen was truly shocked.

This bastard was definitely an evil merchant.

Although 500 cultivation experience wasn’t little, for his body…

“Alright, I’ll send it!”

“It rose to 1000 cultivation experience now.”

F*ck you!

Ye Zichen was extremely ticked. This geezer was too unfair, he doubled the price in such a short time.


Ye Zichen nodded to himself in his heart, this this geezer was going to be like that, then don’t blame him for doing the same to the geezer in the future.


Ye Zichen directly sent 1000 cultivation experience from his celestial plate. When Old Lord Taishang received the red packet, he also sent the pill to Ye Zichen.

You received Old Lord Taishang’s red packet.

Three-striped Body Recovery Pill x1

Three-striped Body Recovery Pill x1: Level Three Celestial Pill. It can quickly recovery a person’s lost stamina and simple injuries.


Ye ZIchen intentionally turned around when withdrawing. He couldn’t afford to leak his secret out there.

The Body Recovery Pill was green with three stripes on it.

It was rather sweet in his mouth. The moment it entered his stomach, Ye ZIchen felt that  fire rose from his dantian, while his bodily functions started to recover.

In a few moments, Ye Zichen, who was feeble beyond comparison completely recovered and stood up.

“Ye Zichen…”

Both Li JIayi and Lin Xiyue were shocked. Ye Zichen looked like he was about to die just a while ago.

But how long had it been? He actually looked fine.

“This can’t be the clarity before death, right?” With that, Li Jiayi cried once again.

Ye Zichen reached out to caress her head with a chuckle, “Can’t you wish something good for me?”

After Ye Zichen comforted Li Jiayi’s feelings, he turned around and slowly walked in front of Zhao Ziming and Liu Qiang.

“Young Master Ye… Let me go this time…”

Liu Qiang could only shout helplessly under the restraint of the policemen.

Ye Zichen ignored him, and instead laughed lightly towards Zhao Ziming, “What does Captain Zhao think?”

Zhao Ziming was a bit worried from the start. When he heard Ye Zichen’s slightly meaningful question, his shoulders trembled as well.

Lin Xiyue looked at the two of them with half squinted eyes, for some reason, she felt that Ye Zichen had been focusing on Zhao Ziming.

“Captain Zhao?” Ye Zichen called out once again when Zhao Ziming didn’t say anything after a long while.

“What is Mr. Ye saying? You are Xiyue’s savior, it is all my fault of managing my subordinates poorly, causing my team member to actually make a move against you and accuse you of such a huge crime. Xiyue is also here, so I feel like it’s very logical to let her handle it.”

“Is that so?” Ye Zichen nodded without disagreeing with anything. “In other words, Captain Zhao doesn’t know about this at all?”

“Of course, I was also shocked when I just got the news,” Zhao Ziming replied with a coy smile.

“He clearly knows, this guy…” Liu Qing cursed as she floated in midair.

Ye Zichen nodded with a smile, “Then can Captain Zhao leave first and leave this place to us?”

“This…” Zhao Ziming revealed a terrible expression.

“Zhao Ziming!” Lin Xiyue frowned.

“Alright,” Zhao Ziming laughed softly when he saw Lin Xiyue’s look and walked out of the room.

“The two police bros should go out as well,” Ye Zichen pointed at the two policemen that Lin Xiyue brought.

“Those are my people,” Lin Xiyue quickly said, thinking that Ye Zichen misunderstood.

“Mhmm, they have to go out as well.”

When the policemen left the room, only Ye Zichen, Li Jiayi, Lin XIyue and Liu Qiang were left.

“Ye Zichen, what exactly do you want to do?”

“Help you see a person for who he truly is,” Ye Zichen smiled at Lin Xiyue and walked towards Liu Qiang.

Lin Xiyue stood on spot with a confused expression, then her expression suddenly changed.

Hopefully it wouldn’t be like she imagined.

Liu Qiang, who was lying on the floor, grabbed Ye Zichen’s leg and begged while shaking his head like a madman, “Young Master Ye, let me off this time.”

“Sure, but you have to let go first,” Ye Zichen’s face was full of a gentle smile. Everyone in the room thought that something went wrong with their ears when they heard it.

Li Jiayi also shouted, “Ye Zichen, you can’t let him off, he did that to you…”

Ye Zichen showed Li Jiayi a calm gaze and squatted in front of Liu Qiang, “I can let you off, but you have to answer a question for me.”

“Say it, Young Master Ye.”

This could be said as Liu Qiang’s final chance. He had to grab hold of it, otherwise, his entire life was ruined.

“I need you to tell the truth. Who exactly told you to do this?”

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