Chapter 1008 - Reforging the Xuan-yuan Sword

The blade was still in its scabbard. From its surface, you couldn’t sense any spirituality at all. 


 Nevermind divine artifacts, even the weapons the Treasure Tower auctioned off on a regular basis had a clearly discernible spirituality. 


Yet this sword possessed no trace of a soul. You could say that, from an outsider's perspective, it was just a piece of trash. 


But when Black Dragon saw that soulless blade, a cold chill went down his spine.  


Because he saw the characters written on the blade’s surface. 




“Long time, no see.” 


Ye Zichen gently caressed the scabbard. For the first time since his return, there was a hint of an expression on his face. 


“I made you wait a long time,” he muttered once more, then stroked the scabbard. The blade trembled violently, then struggled free from his grip. 


At the same time, a golden longsword emerged from between Ye Zichen’s eyes. It circled around him several times, then flew towards the struggling blade.


They fused. 


Instantly, the longsword emitted an intense burst of light as dazzling as the sun. 


Everyone covered their eyes, not daring to look directly at it. When he saw this, Black Dragon knit his brows. 




A spike of bone emerged from between  Black Dragon’s eyes and blocked the light. Black Dragon took advantage of the harsh light and lunged like a ferocious tiger, sweeping at Ye Zichen’s chest. 




The sword hovering in the sky suddenly hurtled towards him. At the same time, Ye Zichen struck like lightning, grabbing the blade by the hilt. 




He held the blade to his chest, blocking Black Dragon’s attack. The next second, they saw Ye Zichen kick forward, pull the sword from its scabbard, and swing.


A beam of golden sword energy cut right through the falling raindrops. Black Dragon, sensing the danger, hurriedly retreated. 


White bones intertwined.  




With a loud bang, the sword energy collided with the bony shield. Countless cracks snaked up the bones’ surface, spreading until they shattered into pieces.


The shield broke. 


When they saw this, the onlookers paused briefly then shouted for joy. 


Earlier, none of them managed to leave even the slightest mark on Black Dragon’s white bones, but Ye Zichen’s sword light had directly shattered them.


He was sure to win. 


The same thought popped into all of their heads. After it appeared, this idea gradually became entrenched in their hearts. 


He was sure to win!


He was sure to win!


The moment the sword light landed, a woman’s joyful shout appeared in Ye Zichen’s mind. “I wasn’t mistaken, kid!” 


“I risked my life to save you. I knew you were a hard-working tyke and that you could reforge my blade. But I never would have guessed a little guy like you would give me such a pleasant surprise! You even fused it with your godhead Wah, I’m going to fall in love with you, what to do, what to do….”


This delighted shout naturally came from the Xuan-yuan Sword’s sword spirit, Xuan-yuan Xiang. Sensing her joy, a gratified smile tugged at Ye Zichen’s lips.


Then he said evenly, “enough, let’s talk about fun stuff later. Just now, your attack was too weak. It only broke his shield. With this next blow…. I want you to cut him in half.” 


“No problem.” The sword spirit Xuan-yuan Xiang put her hands on her hips and snorted, “just now, I’d only just been reforged and couldn’t quite use my full strength. This time, I’ll absolutely cut him in two.” 




Ye Zichen nodded calmly, then grasped his sword and ascertained Black Dragon’s location.    


“Heaven Plundering Strike!” 


He slashed upward.


Golden wings, fully one hundred meters wide, cut the grown below in two. The unstoppable sword energy swept towards Black Dragon. 


“This isn’t possible, it’s not possible……” 


At the same time, Black Dragon still seemed immersed in the dark shadow left behind by his shattered bone shield. He shook his head repeatedly and muttered to himself as a wave of gold entered his field of view.




The white bones on his body trembled, forming an interlocking net in front of him.




But his formerly invincible bones couldn’t black the incoming sword light.




He watched as the light tore his web of bones apart, then felt it land right in the center of his body and…..


Cut him in half. 


No one had ever imagined Black Dragon would die like this.


The onlookers watched dazedly. A long time passed before they came to their senses. 


 “Is it over?” 


They couldn’t help but look at each other. As their eyes met, they saw undisguisable astonishment in each other’s gazes. 


When the sword light crashed into the distant mountain range, when Black Dragon’s newly-separated halves fell to the ground, when his spiritual pressure disappeared from Dragon City…..


It was over.


It was really over.


Although there were still surviving demons off in the distance, now that Black Dragon was dead, they couldn’t cause any more trouble. 


However, none of them could smile.


To get this result, they’d lost far, far too much. 


The heads of the Sacred Beast clans perished and many of their clansmen died in battle. The instant Black Dragon fell, they recalled all those they’d lost.


Now they could rest in peace. 


We’ve secured our future. 


Quite a few of them cried. Some stealthily wiped away their tears while others knelt to the ground and wailed. 


But no matter what, in the end…..


Everything was over. 


Ye Zichen stood in the sky. Surprisingly, as he watched Black Dragon die, he let out a self-deprecating laugh.


If you wanted to talk about “loss…..” 


He might have more than any of them.


He turned his head indifferently. Xuan-yuan Xiang chattered on his sea of consciousness, but when she sensed that Ye Zichen seemed downhearted, she docily shut her mouth and didn’t disturb him.


“Your Excellency!” 


The demons shouted, eyes bloodshot. They gnashed their teeth and lunged furiously at Ye Zichen. 




They were greeted with countless waves of sword light that cut each and every one of them in half. 


With that, the demons met their end. 




After watching Black Dragon die, Gu Li fled practically by instinct. However, he soon realized that the Zombie Progenitors fled even faster. 


“How did he get so strong? How is this possible!” As Gu Li ran like mad, images of Ye Zichen cleaving Black Dragon in half flashed through his mind repeatedly. That was Black Dragon! A sky supreme!


To cut a sky supreme in half in a single blow, just how strong was Ye Zichen? 


Even if he’d used the Xuan-yuan sword, he couldn’t possibly have reached such a level.


He had to run away.


Given his relationship with Ye Zichen, he would inevitably die if he lingered here.


“Dammit, why didn’t the lightning tribulation kill him?” Over and over again, Gu Li furiously cursed Ye Zichen in his heart. If the tribulation had killed him, things would be so much simpler!


And Black Dragon too. Did he have nothing better to do than show off?


Villains died of talking too much! Didn’t he know that?


Words alone could no longer fully express Gu Li’s complaints. His feet stirred up winds as he ran like mad towards the lands outside the Beast Region. 


However, before long, a voice echoed through his ears, filling him with despair.




In an instant, he could no longer take even a single step forward. 


At that moment, he saw a man in tattered robes land in front of him. When Gu Li saw him, he couldn’t help but close his eyes.


He was here! That meant his own life was about to end!

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